How Long Should A Guy Last In Bed?

How Long Should A Guy Last In Bed?
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    Tripp Kramer here from I get a lot of
    questions on this channel and this one seems to come up all the time. How long
    should a guy last in bed or you're asking how long should I last in bed?
    Well here's the thing, sex has a wide variety. Sex can be
    super quick and still fun. Sex can last hours and still be fun. But you probably
    want to know what is the average time that sex actually lasts? It all depends
    on what the mood is and the situation but a new study revealed that sex that's
    too short is 1 to 2 minutes, sex that's adequate is 3 to 7 minutes, sex that's
    desirable is 7 to 13 minutes and too long is anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.
    This study was taken by some psychologists who basically did a survey
    who worked at thousands and thousands of patients to get an idea of how people
    view sex and of course what we're saying here what is adequate, what is desirable.
    Here's where I would try to lead you. I would say that you should probably
    shoot for anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. This doesn't have to be every
    single time. Like I said earlier, sometimes it's meant to be very quick
    and sometimes it's meant to last for hours. But at the very minimum,
    anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes because these people are saying "hey that's
    when it's the most desirable" and I believe that the more experience you
    have in this, the better. Here's what you have to understand about sex. Sex is not
    just penis in vagina. Sex is the whole experience. Everything from the
    beginning of foreplay all the way till the point where you guys are done being
    intimate with each other. So don't think ok "okay
    everything has to last these certain minutes that I just said." Really look at
    it as a whole. Look at it as a whole, meaning that you
    guys could be doing some foreplay. You guys could be kissing for 10 to 15
    minutes and then you guys could be cuddling in bed and kissing for another
    10 minutes and then clothes come off and you're still kissing for another 10
    minutes and then finally you guys are doing some oral and you're doing that
    for a little while and then finally you're actually having
    sex and that last maybe 10, 15, 20 minutes and then maybe in between those points
    you're going back and forth and doing more oral sex. You got to understand that
    this is a whole experience in itself that can be broken down into many parts.
    It can be as long or as short as desired. What I like to preach on this channel
    all the time in a lot of my videos is that guys are too caught up in the
    outcome. That's why guys are asking this question "how long should I last in bed?"
    You just asking that question out of any kind of fear anxiety like you need
    to know the perfect time is already ruining the sexual experience because
    you're too much in your head. The more pressure you're putting on yourself, the
    less enjoyable the experience is gonna be. Here's a little technique I want
    to share with you and this is a win-win situation. When you're with a woman in
    the bedroom when you guys are having sex, focus on her pleasure. What is this
    gonna do? If you're focusing on her pleasure then you're not so much focused
    on your pleasure and then you can prevent things like premature
    ejaculation, things like erectile dysfunction so you can be focused more
    on her and not so much on you because that's what we do when we freak out or
    be anxious. We're all about us up in here. Try to focus more on her. Of course
    that's gonna be a win for her and a win for you. To give you some more tips on
    how to last longer in bed, if that is an issue for you, I want to cut real quick
    to another video that I did where I interviewed one of my favorite sex
    coaches who is a wealth of information. Her name is Caitlin V Neal. Check this out.
    Another thing that you can do is to slow down. A lot of men think about
    sex as a penis centric activity. Like everything is
    foreplay and then there's what is called PIV penis and vagina intercourse.
    If you think about sex as everything from eye contact, like really think about
    sex as the entire process, a build that you were creating, women's brains don't
    make the same kind of divisions between sexy time and not sexy time than men's do.
    So you might have done something earlier in the day. Maybe you
    screamed at someone in traffic or maybe you screamed at her. I mean who knows.
    That could be a turn-off for her that's still pushing on her sexual
    brakes hours later. Everything between you and the one
    that you're getting with is sex. It's sexual in nature. Sex doesn't just
    start the minute that the condom goes on or that you enter her. Sex is
    a process. It's the whole thing. Caitlyn also wrote a very in-depth
    guide which I put on a blog post about the ten mistakes that men make in the
    bedroom and this is gonna teach you how to be an amazing lover. Here's what I
    want you to do. Go to the description down below, click on that link and check out
    that guide. It's free. It's just a blog post on my site and you're gonna learn
    everything you need to do to be amazing with your next woman. Check that out and
    I'll see you on the next video.
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