How-To Draw Sally From Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

How-To Draw Sally From Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’
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    - Hi everyone, I'm Stephen.
    I'm an artist here at Disney's
    Art of Animation Resort in Florida.
    Seven days a week here in the resort lobby,
    an artist teaches guests how to draw
    some of your favorite characters.
    Anyone can join in on the fun.
    You don't even need to be a guest at the resort.
    This is the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton's
    The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    In fact, if you love the story of Jack Skellington
    as much as I do, you should know
    there's a 25th anniversary edition,
    both digital and Blu-Ray,
    with an all new sing-along mode that includes pop-up lyrics.
    Today we're going to draw Jack Skellington's
    very good friend in Halloween Town, Sally.
    Like a lot of characters,
    we're gonna start off by drawing a circle.
    We'll just very, very lightly,
    just draw a circle the best you can.
    Don't worry about it being too perfect
    or too exact at this point
    because we're going to use this shape
    as like a reference shape or like a construction shape
    in order to build our character's head.
    We're actually going to oval-out our circle
    and turn it into an upside down teardrop shape.
    From there, we're gonna add
    what we call axis lines and guidelines,
    so we're gonna draw one that goes up and down,
    right in the middle.
    As you draw these lines,
    make sure you draw them very, very lightly.
    Now we're going to draw three horizontal guidelines,
    the first one being about a third of the way down
    from the top of Sally's head.
    The second will be just beneath the half-way mark
    of the overall head shape, and then the final
    will be about a quarter of the way up from the bottom.
    With the horizontal guidelines complete,
    let's now work on Sally's shoulders.
    Using the vertical guidelines,
    let's draw a half of a circle
    to help set up Sally's shoulders.
    Let's work on Sally's neck.
    So, we're going to draw in two curved lines
    that come down from the head shape on down to her shoulders.
    Now let's move on to our line work.
    So, we're going to switch to a darker pencil.
    We're going to start with her facial features,
    and start with her eyes.
    In order to draw the eyes,
    we're gonna work on drawing a couple big ovals on each side,
    and her eyeballs are going to hit
    the top and middle guideline.
    Then work on her other eye.
    Because Sally is a rag doll,
    her eyes are not a hundred percent symmetrical.
    Let's now thicken up the top curve of Sally's eye
    in order to add some eyelashes, and on that line,
    we're going to add five small curves for her eyelashes.
    Then to finish up the eyes,
    we're going to add a simple little circle
    for the pupil or the dark part of the eye.
    From here, we're going to work on Sally's jawline,
    so start about where the middle of the eyes are
    and curve on down, then swoop on up
    for the right side of our character.
    I'm drawing her jawline
    on the inside of our construction shape
    just to help define her face a little bit better.
    After that, you're going to draw a big curve line
    that goes on down and curves back on up
    in order to give us the baseline for her mouth.
    For her actual mouth, we're going to draw a little dip
    that comes on down and curves back on up for her lower lips.
    Then for the upper lips,
    we're going to draw a really wide but curvy letter M.
    For the nose, we're going to draw a really short
    but really wide letter V.
    Now let's refine Sally's shoulders, neck,
    and some of her clothing.
    So let's trace over
    our neck and shoulder construction lines.
    Let's draw Sally's shirt collar by drawing a really curvy
    and really jagged letter V.
    We're going to draw two curve lines
    to define Sally's sleeves, then move up to her hair.
    First, start off by drawing a curve line that comes on over
    from the middle of her forehead
    and just work your way down along the side of the head
    as you draw straight lines on down to her shoulders.
    With Sally, you have quite a bit of freedom
    to do as you wish with her hair.
    If we work our way around.
    Now, since she's a rag doll,
    you can really make out her hair the way you want it to be.
    Then draw the right side and draw almost like an S-curve
    that wraps around her forehead.
    Do a couple overlapping lines that merge on down.
    And for the top part, just draw a line
    that comes on down and over,
    and just sketch your way down, again, to her shoulders.
    Since Sally is a rag doll,
    we have quite a bit of freedom to draw her hair,
    so you can make it as messy as you'd like.
    We've drawn the hair that goes on the front of her head,
    now let's draw the hair that goes on the back.
    Adding more lines is going to add
    more shadow and depth to Sally's hair.
    We don't want to scribble or color it in,
    we just want to add lots and lots of lines.
    With the main line work done, let's add some detail.
    Draw a small curve line under each eye,
    followed by adding some stitch lines around her mouth.
    That's just little straight lines and Xs.
    Then we're gonna add a stitch seam
    across the top of her face that crosses behind her left eye.
    Don't forget your little lines and Xs.
    Then we're gonna add a couple stitch lines to her neck,
    one that goes up and down,
    and one that curves left and right.
    For these, I'm just going to draw straight lines and no Xs.
    Add one that goes down from the collar,
    and a stitch line there.
    Don't forget her shoulders as well.
    As we near the end, let's add some details to the clothes.
    On the right-half of her body, maybe add in a couple swirls.
    On her sleeve, she has quite a few pinstripes.
    Now let's add some shading touches.
    Start with the neck, add a little shade that goes on down.
    Also, let's shade in the lips.
    For our final step, we have to sign our work.
    I'm writing Stephen, but you wanna write your name.
    And there she is: Sally, the Resourceful Rag Doll
    from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    If you want to learn more,
    come see me or the other great artists
    here at Disney's Art of Animation Resort.
    See you next time as we draw another favorite character.
    Sketch ya real soon.
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