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✅ How to earn money online 2018 (How to earn $250 daily online) ✅

✅ How to earn money online 2018 (How to earn $250 daily online) ✅
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    John Kriss, Donnie, how'd I do?
    Right successful entrepreneur with an incredible story that all started in Thailand
    And I'm so happy to welcome him to the show this morning and share his story with you
    So great to have you on the show this morning. I'll be happy to be here. Oh my gosh
    I just absolutely am so inspired by your story. You've been featured in Forbes magazine, by the way
    I read a little article about you on Forbes and
    You went to Thailand with the Bible?
    Hindu Scripture and a book about how to kind of break free from that 9 to 5 and that's truly where your journey began
    Right. Yeah. Well, I was just I was kind of finding myself
    this is on a semester abroad during college and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and
    Just seemed like entrepreneurs had the most freedom and the most fun so I was like this
    This is what I'm this is where I'm going. Yeah
    Well, I love that that was kind of your idea and you went for it
    I mean you went for it all the way and I think a lot of us in our early twenties are right there with you
    We can relate we're all kind of trying to find out who we are and where we want to be
    Where we want to go in life not all of us head off the tile and though to figure that out
    So pretty brave at 20 years old
    What was it like when you got there? I mean, I assume you didn't know anybody. Where was there a language barrier or?
    How did you survive? You know, there's there's a lot to figure out
    Traveling but I love that kind of rush of backpacking and just you you kind of you kind of go around and you meet people
    And you see how different cultures do things and it really it really kind of you know
    I like to think of things from a first principles perspective like just you know, what?
    You know and it you know, it just clarified everything, you know, really just shocked the system
    I love that and that's really what got you here today and you're kind of known for traveling now
    So, where are you off to next?
    Well a little crazy, but we're actually I'm actually off to Burning Man
    Next month, which is yeah. It's it's it's pretty crazy. I
    Everybody should try it once in their life. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. What is a wife and baby?
    Think about this by the way, are they trout? You know Globetrotters, are they kind of more homebodies?
    It's a little - it's a little too dirty
    You know, there isn't as much sand, you know, it's it's its wife and baby are staying home. Okay?
    Well how you know, let's talk about education. You've had a lot of successful businesses. But today you're really trying to focus on education
    What do you want to change? What do you want to do?
    I you know, I think there's so much there's so much change that can happen in the education system
    You know for one, I think it's I think it's a lot
    First of all, it's way too expensive, you know, look at the average
    20 year old starting off in life and they're saddled by hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt
    It's not it's not that fun either
    You know you you you look at you know
    I was I remember I was in college and you look around and everybody's on Facebook on there
    No, I noticed that drives me crazy and now it's at dinner tables and everywhere you go
    But yeah, I mean it is everybody's just on Facebook. And so it's it's not that fun. It's it's way too expensive and
    It's you know
    Basically, you know, we need to make it more engaging you need to make it cheaper and we need to make it more convenient
    Too because right now it's you have to drive a far away. You have to go to a whole different state and
    You know, it should be being able you should be able to do it on at home on your TV
    And how do you want to change it? You know, what do you want to do? Sure
    So we're you know, what I'm this is not you know, this is a little startup
    I'm working on but basically we're working on creating an app
    adaptive education platform that people can basically get free education from top quality instructors through the TV and
    We're really
    We're really charging hard on this and we want education to be free
    But at the same time I think we need, you know, we're creating a monetization model for teachers
    So because teachers I think are you know?
    they should be some of our best paid people in our society and there's so many I mean it's it's funny because
    College is so expensive yet. Teachers are underpaid the whole system
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