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How to Grow Money plant-Ship Style | Money plant Decoration | Money plant Growing Idea//GREEN PLANTS

How to Grow Money plant-Ship Style | Money plant Decoration | Money plant Growing Idea//GREEN PLANTS
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    welcome to my channel
    today i'm going to show you
    ship style table top planter making process
    using waste material as a beautiful planter
    it's a piece of dried coconut husk
    first we have to remove the inside coir fiber
    to remove the inside coir fiber
    just hold husk and peel off the coir
    if peeling is too hard
    spray some water in inside of the husk and leave it for a few minutes
    after few minutes we can peel the coir easily
    do not soak the full husk in water
    if husk soaked in water we can't get the base shape of the planter
    and also we can't use this planter long time
    so do not soak the husk completely
    carefully remove the coir fiber
    i just removed a coir fiber
    cleaning and shaping
    with a sharp blade or knife cut and remove the remaining coir
    i just use the lighter to burn the small fibers
    this is not necessary you can skip that step
    now ready
    to stand the husk planter i just use a small cement pot
    in this planter
    i'm going to plant a money plant it's a pothos plant
    three different varieties of pothos they are already probagated
    golden pothos
    neon pothos
    and marble queen pothos
    place a plant in the husk
    and put the coco peat
    coco peat holds water and keeps moisture
    it's best growing medium
    you can use sand instead of coco peat
    this planter is best for indoor planting
    place this planter in window side that will growing very well
    Spray water every two days
    do not pure more water or over water
    put the stones on the top layer
    stones hold the coco peat and keep soil moisture
    and gives neatness to the table top planter
    and also looks very beautiful
    you can also use colored stones or pebbles or colored sand
    after planting
    decorate your planter
    it's a ship style planter
    so i just use mini wooden ship accessories to decorate my planter
    you can doctorate whatever you like
    use spray water for every two days
    thanks for watching
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