How to identify a font from an image

How to identify a font from an image
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    - Have you ever been on a website,
    read a magazine,
    seen a business card, a flyer, a poster,
    that contains a font that you think
    you might like to use in a project as well?
    Slight problem, you don't know the name of that font.
    Well, today, I'm going to show you a great app
    that you can instal on your smartphone
    that will allow you to identify
    the names of fonts.
    Okay folks, so here's the app that I want to show you today.
    It's called WhatTheFont,
    and the first thing you're going to need
    is a smartphone and it can be iOS or Android,
    it's covered by both.
    You need to instal the app,
    and then once you've installed it,
    fire up the app.
    And you can see here, it's got a live camera mode.
    There's my hand.
    And there are just three icons across the bottom.
    Left hand side is access
    to your image library on your smartphone,
    the middle button's for taking a photograph,
    and the right hand button is to turn the flash on or off.
    So I'm going to show you a couple of examples
    of how this works today.
    First one, let's say I like the font
    which is on my Waterstones membership card.
    And I want to use that font for another project.
    But I don't know what it's called.
    So how do I find out?
    Really simple.
    You simply line up
    the thing that you want to identify,
    hit the centre photograph button,
    and the app will identify any typography in the image.
    It will then highlight those areas
    with some dashed boxes.
    It may not do it perfectly,
    and you can actually use the icon now,
    which is is now appeared on the right hand side
    to make your own selection boxes.
    But as you can see here, it's done that for me.
    So all I do is I tap the one that I want,
    it highlights it,
    and you can see now
    that there's a blue circle with an arrow.
    I will hit that,
    and it will try to identify that font.
    Here we can see, it's given me
    a big list of results
    of font which are very similar
    but actually the first result is bang on,
    and it's New Baskerville Standard Roman.
    So if I want to get that font,
    I just tap on it,
    and it will take me to the MyFonts website,
    where I can get that font.
    Let's look at another example.
    So let's go back to the live screen again.
    And this time, I've got a magazine cover.
    And I'm going to line it up,
    take a photo,
    and let it do it's thing.
    Let it identify some of that typography.
    See it's identified,
    you can see that it's identified all of the text there,
    and I'm going to hit marketing,
    hit the blue circle,
    bang, it's identified that typeface as Edo Pro.
    But the great thing is,
    maybe I don't want to use that exact one,
    maybe some of the ones in the results that it's given me
    are more suitable for the project I have in mind.
    So again, like the previous one,
    I just tap on the image,
    and it will give me a link
    to either share that font with someone else via email
    or I can click on the Buy It Now at MyFonts site.
    It may be that you can also get
    the typeface from other websites,
    so you could just go to Google,
    knowing name of the font now,
    type it into Google
    and it will give you a list of results
    where you can get that font.
    So how cool is the WhatTheFont app?
    Really simple to use, and good results.
    I hope you found the video useful, folks.
    If you have, make sure to give it a like,
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    that I put out there.
    Until I see you next time, stay creative, folks!
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