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How To Make A Youtube Video 🎬 | How To Research Keywords For Youtube | E3

How To Make A Youtube Video 🎬 | How To Research Keywords For Youtube | E3
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    The easiest and fastest way to get thousands of views on Youtube
    Even when you're a small channel
    Is to make videos for the keywords that people are searching for.
    When we visit Youtube we are most likely searching for the videos we want to watch
    Using keywords in the search engine.
    So before you even consider the content of your video
    You need to know what the title is going to be that people are searching for.
    This will give you a solid focus
    And a good starting point.
    So if you want to learn how to make pancakes
    You go on Youtube and you type
    "How to make pancakes."
    Or more specifically
    "How to make chocolate pancakes."
    "How to make banana pancakes."
    Or you may want to know
    Should you buy the latest iPhone XS
    So you go onto Youtube and you type
    "iPhone XS review."
    Or "iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max review."
    Or "Best camera phones 2018."
    Or maybe you want to go on holiday to Barcelona
    And you're looking for inspiration on what to do.
    So you go onto Youtube and you type
    "Best things to do in Barcelona."
    Or "Top 10 things to do in Barcelona."
    Or "Best places to visit in Barcelona."
    Chances are there are more people looking for the same thing as you.
    And there are soo many keyword variations for the same topic.
    So how do you know which keywords to go for?
    But before I answer that question
    Here are some things that you need to think about.
    What is my niche as a person or business?
    What problems can I solve that other people have?
    Maybe you're Vegan and you live in London.
    So you could make a video about the "Best Vegan Dishes."
    "Best Vegan Food."
    Or "Best Vegan Recipes."
    The same video could have any of these titles.
    But is one title more effective than the other?
    Let's go to Google Trends to find out.
    Google Trends is a tool that shows you a visual representation
    Of what people are searching for on Google.
    And what keywords are trending.
    You can also compare keywords against each other.
    So let's type "Best Vegan Dishes."
    Since I am based in the UK
    And most likely to attract a UK audience
    I am going to switch the search to UK
    And I am going to change the timeline to 2004 - present.
    Now lets compare "Best Vegan Recipes"
    To "Best Vegan Dishes."
    Now look at the difference of how "Best Vegan Recipes"
    Is trending over "Best Vegan Dishes."
    Your video is more likely to be found through "Best Vegan Recipes"
    Rather than "Best Vegan Dishes."
    Because more people are searching for it.
    Now lets compare "Best Vegan Food" as well.
    Pretty similar results to "Best Vegan Recipes."
    But trending slightly higher recently.
    It's pretty obvious that the best title for our video
    Is either "Best Vegan Recipes"
    Or "Best Vegan Food."
    So let's take a look at the competition on Youtube.
    And see what videos are coming up
    For these keywords in the Youtube search engine.
    Let's take a look at "Best Vegan Recipes" first.
    The first video has 825K views
    Made a year ago
    8 minutes long.
    Second one
    3 weeks ago
    18 minutes long.
    Don't let these big numbers put you off.
    If you can make a better video
    Or should I say a more focused video.
    Then you can top this list.
    This one is interesting.
    It's a list type video saying
    "My 16 favourite healthy vegan recipes."
    With 2.3 million views.
    List videos are very popular on Youtube.
    The most popular list videos
    Are Top 10 this, Top 10 that.
    So these Youtubers have made some fantastic videos.
    So let me tell you some secrets of how you can make a better video
    And top that list.
    First of all, have a more focused, eye grabbing, video title.
    So call your video "Top 10 Best Vegan Recipes."
    Like I said before, list videos are a winner on Youtube.
    It informs the viewer that this is a curated list of recommendations.
    And viewers are always curious to find out what is the number 1 recipe.
    Now don't get me wrong. Your video still has to be really good to reach the top of the list.
    But I will teach you how to do that in the upcoming tutorials.
    Moving onto the next tip.
    I think these videos are way too long.
    So why are they soo long?
    It's because Youtubers like to talk a lot.
    Time is precious.
    Show me. Don't tell me.
    Sell me a recipe in 20 seconds.
    And then show me 10 recipes.
    So that's 20 seconds times 10 recipes.
    That's 200 seconds.
    That's a 3 minutes and 20 seconds video.
    If you can inspire your viewers with 10 new recipes
    In about 3 minutes
    Don't you think your viewers will love you?
    And I know most people starting out on Youtube are camera shy.
    But in this video
    I want to see the food. I don't need to see you.
    So you can either have a voice over explaining what it is
    And how easy it is to make.
    Or you can write text on the screen.
    And when this video gets plenty of views
    Then you can make a longer spin off video
    Showing how to make this recipe starring yourself.
    Let's take a quick look at "Best Vegan Food."
    The top video only has 27K views.
    Even though the second one has 448K views.
    This is because people looking for videos about "Best Vegan Food."
    Are looking for videos about Vegan meals eaten out.
    Youtube will put the most relevant videos at the top
    Oppose to the most viewed videos.
    That is why it is really important to focus your video
    On the keywords you chose as your video title.
    So if you made a video called
    "Top 10 Best Vegan Food Restaurants In London."
    Using the same strategies as before
    Sell me a restaurant in 20 seconds.
    And show me 10 restaurants.
    Then your video can be at the top.
    So now that you know how to get your videos searched for
    And the strategies to make good youtube videos that rank at the top
    And get thousands of views.
    In the next video, I will show you how to define the goal of your video.
    And how do you define your target audience.
    Make sure to subscribe
    Hit the like button if you learnt something new.
    Drop a comment if you have a question.
    And I'll see you in the next video.
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