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    Hey Guys, Custa here
    This is going to be Climb The Ladder
    It's going to be a new informational video, I'm going to be doing Mercy, so I'm going to be giving a few tips and tricks
    about Mercy and about a few of the little things you need to know when starting to play Mercy.
    Ok so first thing you are going to want to look at is the settings you have for Mercy.
    Me personally I have it on toggle beam connection on.
    What this means is when you're healing you only have to click right or left mouse button to heal or damage boost once
    and then it will continually heal until you click again or it breaks because you're too far away
    so that means you're not going to have to hold down the button
    the whole time which is a nice little thing to do I think it allows you to focus on other things other than just holding down the button.
    and it's a little bit of a mid max thing where it will just go until it is broken.
    the next one is guardian angel prefers beam target
    so the difference here is I'll show you within the game
    Here I can only ever shift when it's off
    you can only ever shift to whomever you are looking at
    if you're looking at the person then you can shift towards them.
    I can be healing this person and shift up
    or shift anywhere I want to go
    and that's the value of this one
    when you have it on, what it does, it means that you don't have to be looking at the target.
    to shift towards them.
    When you're doing it this way, when you hit shift, you can look around.
    while healing and flying back towards the target that you are healing.
    and moving around that way, which can be valuable when playing a character
    connected to a character like Pharah.
    But the difficulty is if you're healing someone
    If you want to fly to someone else you have to connect your heal to them.
    or break your heal
    to get to your friendly character.
    The next tip is toggle guardian angel
    This is another one that's not 100% in all Mercy's.
    I like to have it off.
    So what this means is that I have to hold shift when I'm guardian angeling anyone
    If I ever let go of shift I will just stop moving
    and I will stop guardian angeling anyone which is the shift that brings you closer to the target
    I like using it so that when I toggle it I hold it down
    because I think it allows me to manuver with my jump/cancel
    so if you press jump you cancel your guardian angel
    so you can hover away from the general direction of the person you were going towards.
    if you're toggling it, it's a lot of clicking up and down.
    and I think it gets a little complicated
    but some people do like doing it, because they don't like holding it down when they're doing it.
    so it's not a personal preference thing, so I use it a lot.
    so the next tip and trick I have is the super jump by Mercy
    If there's a target that you are quite close to, and you have some sort of low ground on them.
    sort of hovering around them like this
    if you go a short distance and break it
    you can get a super jump which is actually super useful
    to surviving and getting away from enemies.
    it's kind of awkward to get at times, but there are some perfect situations where it really helps.
    that is a bit more of an advanced kind of tip there.
    but if you can manage to get that in your kit, it's very useful.
    So now we're going to talk about Valkyrie which is Mercy's ultimate ability.
    It allows her to do a lot of different things.
    So she becomes really strong in a lot of different aspects.
    As you can see here, it allows you to fly
    in a lot of different directions, this is super valuable.
    Makes you pretty much unkillable.
    You're getting constant regeneration.
    Makes it really hard to die so you can pretty much do anything you want with it.
    You can fly around really fast as well.
    The thing that is more interesting is that you kind of have a branching heal.
    which is super useful when you have multiple targets sort of close around.
    so you can either damage boost or heal.
    you can use at your own discretion either one of those things
    I think a thing that a lot of people don't really realize or utitlize is
    as Mercy as well is the pistol.
    When you are in Valkyrie form you have infinite ammo
    which is a super useful thing
    when you're in the game
    You are actually one of the best damage dealing classes when you're in the Valkyrie
    you can really start to frag out because you know, sometimes you don't really want to heal.
    sometimes you want to kill the people that want to kill you
    this is probably the best opportunity to do that.
    If you can just go with it and hold down left click and go in that general direction
    which is what I like to do, usually things die.
    so keep that in mind.
    alright guys thank you very much for watching the video
    I hope you enjoyed it, please like and subsribe
    comment below on what you want to see next
    and thank you very much for climbing the ladder with us.
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