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    Hey guys, Custa here we're about to come check out the new Torb that's on the PTR
    See what he's like and see how get some initial thoughts on how we think he's gonna affect the meta and how he's gonna play
    out so let's see what we've got
    So I guess we can go on like a little like brief introduction of what changed so he now has an E ability
    Which kind of looks like Molten Core which gives him 150 armor
    For about four or five seconds and he runs faster and shoots faster
    So it's essentially like a mini Molten Core that he just gets. Another interesting change
    is that instead of having a turret that uh
    Goes from level one you hit with your hammer and it
    goes to level two you you can now actually toss it out which is kind of fun and
    It builds for three seconds and then it's out like a normal level three turret. Level two turret, sorry
    There is no molten core as well. So this turret is forever like this, this bad boy
    I think he's gonna be more of a one- More of a fighter I think with his E ability here as well
    I think he's probably one of the best 1v1 classes in the game.
    You know he gets 150 armor which is super hard go through
    His shotgun if you can hit shots is super valuable, which I cannot
    But so here's his ultimate right now
    So you sort of throw- you get like ten shots
    over the course of this time and you put it on the ground and it's kind of like a dot you can see just
    How much damage it does so it's more of a zoning ultimate more than anything
    So you'll see it get value if the team is moving
    The enemy team is moving through the thing, but in these like wide open fights, it won't be that valuable
    so it's gonna be interesting to see how
    Teams and players utilize it and how valuable it is
    I think he's... he's a bigger counter to dive I think dive...
    He's gonna do a really good job of shutting them down his ability to just instantly deploy a turret
    Which the enemy team is gonna have to deal with I think his armor
    amazing against Tracers, cause Torb is already not bad against Tracers. You have this every time they try and dive
    Super valuable. He's not gonna be diveable
    I think he will lose to tanks
    But I think he'll be very good against these DPS classes because he actually does a ton of damage. His left click
    You know, it's kind of awkward to shoot at times
    But if people, if you get good at it, you seen a couple players they get really good at his left click
    It is very valuable. And there's a lot of damaging. I think it's equivalent to McCree's damage
    If not more so
    If you're landing shots, then you're gonna be golden
    Oh, you want 12 man Torb game? All right. Well, I'm gonna show these Torbs who's boss
    I'm the superior Torbjorn. You ready for this spot?
    That's not it either
    They're flanking!
    Oh, oh my I just got destroyed! Yo, all right
    so here's the play I chill here and I'm gonna pop ultimate and just
    blast 'em.
    Blast 'em!
    I'm gonna get it in front of them. Oh, all right. So apparently that might not have been the play
    The superior Torbjorns have won
    Torbjorn is gonna be he's gonna be the troll pick still
    But it's gonna be it's gonna be terrifying now
    It's not gonna be like a meme. I think he's actually gonna do damage
    So it's gonna be interesting to see once he comes into live
    I know I'll be playing Torb. I just assumed everyone else is gonna be playing Torb as well
    So it's gonna be a race for the insta pick. Alright guys, tthank you very much for watching
    I hope you guys enjoyed my initial thoughts of Torb bit of fun
    I think it's gonna be a lot of fun coming into the live server as well. So I'm looking forward to it
    Thank you very much for watching like and subscribe
    Peace out!
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