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How to Simulate Film Grain Using the Photoshop Camera RAW Filter

How to Simulate Film Grain Using the Photoshop Camera RAW Filter
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    Hello I'm Robin Whalley welcome to Lenscraft today I'm sharing the first of
    two videos explaining how to simulate
    film grain using Photoshop if you need a
    fast and easy method to add film grain
    this is the video for you
    I'm starting with this image as it
    allows us to see the effects of the
    grain on the sky and the fine detail in
    the trees the color image was converted
    from a RAW file. I've added a curves
    layer and also a black and white
    adjustment layer in Photoshop but I
    haven't added any grain possibly the
    easiest way to add grain to this image
    is using the Photoshop Camera RAW filter
    you may already be familiar with using
    Camera RAW to convert RAW files into an
    image but you can also use it from
    within Photoshop if you've already
    converted your RAW file the first thing
    to do is create a stamp layer this
    consolidates all the other layers into a
    new layer at the top of the layers
    window to do this click on the top layer
    in the layers window then hold down
    shift option command and press E on your
    keyboard you can now see the new stamp
    layer at the top of the layers window
    this is a pixel-based layer so we can
    apply filter adjustments directly to the
    layer with the layer selected in the
    layers window I can click on the Camera
    RAW filter in the filter menu I'm going
    to zoom into a hundred percent
    magnification so that I can judge the
    grain effect now
    select the effects tab here you can see
    the grain adjustment controls I'm going
    to increase the amount slider to around
    I can then adjust the size of the grain
    to suit the image you notice if I
    increase the grain size too far it
    starts to blur the image I can also
    increase the roughness setting to help
    the effect look more like film grain
    once I had the effect looking right I
    can click OK to apply it this applies
    the grain effect directly to the layer
    that we created you can then adjust the
    opacity of the layer as well as turn the
    effect on and off the
    this approach though is that we can't
    adjust the grain effect further if we
    haven't got it quite right you can avoid
    this quite easily by applying the
    adjustment as a smart filter I'll show
    you how to do this first I'm going to
    delete the layer we've just created and
    then I'll recreate it using the shift
    option command + E shortcut this time
    before I apply the Camera RAW filter I'm
    going to convert the layer for Smart
    Filters using the filter menu I'm then
    going to apply
    the Camera Raw filter to the layer as it
    did before
    notice the camera raw filter now appears
    as a smart filter below the layer when I
    double-click the Camera Raw filter now
    it reopens and I still have access to
    the effects that I apply previously I
    can now
    these as I want to and then when I'm
    done I can click okay I can also turn
    the camera raw filter off and back on
    again in the layers window and adjust
    the overall layer opacity this is
    probably the easiest and quickest way to
    simulate a grain effect for your black
    and white images in another video I'll
    explain a more complex approach but one
    that gives you greater control over the
    effect I'm Robin Whalley
    you've been watching Lenscraft I'll see
    you in the next video
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