How Safe Is The Camera On Your Device? | The Threat Report News

How Safe Is The Camera On Your Device? | The Threat Report News
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    How safe are our personal devices cameras?
    From smartphones to tablets and laptops we have a personal camera with us at all times.
    So what are the potential dangers?
    It's entirely possible that apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Instagram can gain
    permissions to access your camera, and potentially do some of these things:
    • Record you anytime the app is in the background and potentially live stream it to the internet
    • Take videos or photos without your knowledge and upload them immediately to the internet
    or any number of devices • Run real-time face recognition software
    Cybercriminals can then use footage and images to their advantage, to bribe, coerce, or threaten.
    Best way to protect yourself is consistently review what permissions you give to your apps
    and to only download apps from reputable sources.
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