How to Grow On Twitch - Stream Coaching

How to Grow On Twitch - Stream Coaching
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    Do you need help growing on twitch YouTube mixer or any streaming platform
    out there in this video right here I'm gonna offer up my personal services to
    help you grow or get started right now
    Hey it's me it's wild coming at you for my stream support playlist where I
    bringing the best tips and tricks and if this is your first time here and you
    want to learn how to grow and improve your stream make sure you hit that big
    red subscribe button and tick that bell so you know in my videos go live for you
    so I've been putting something off for quite some time now and it's the biggest
    question I always get asked on streaming platforms regardless if you're on twitch
    youtube mixer caffeine hitbox all of the platforms out there everybody wants to
    know how to grow and can I check out their channel to help refine and
    evaluate it so that way I can break it down and show them what parts they fail
    at what parts they exceed at and where they can refine and grow and make it
    more efficient and to be honest I never really had the time because at twitchcon
    hey but twitchcon is over now and now I have a lot more free time so I'm gonna
    open up some personal services for stream coaching that's right I'm gonna
    offer my own personal services to help all of you grow out there regardless of
    whatever platform you're on and I'm gonna offer it up in three different
    tiers in fact I'm gonna tie it straight to my twitch account that's right
    depending on what tier you sub at tier 1 tier 2 or tier 3 will break down the
    service that I'll provide to you per month to help you with your channel
    growth so that way you can see where you fail or where you succeed at what's a
    concentrate on and what to drop so that way you can start growing more
    effectively and efficiently on any streaming platform out there and this is
    going to be an awesome chance for you to grow a little bit quicker because it's
    kind of a shortcut because I'm going to show you basically what you're doing
    wrong now there's nothing to show you what to do right because there's a
    billion trillion different reasons that you can do right and succeed on Twitch
    but I'm gonna cut out the fat for your streams
    so that way you can see what's kind of holding you back so let me show you what
    tears I'm gonna offer so if you sub at tier one which will cost you five
    dollars on twitch I'm gonna offer the service that I'm gonna call a channel
    overlook this is where I come into your stream really quickly take a look at
    your channel and see what you excel at and what you don't excel at and let you
    know what you can make small tweaks to that'll help you grow and refine your
    stream quicker so that way you can avoid some pitfalls along the way if you
    subscribe at tier 2 which cost you $10 you will get the overlook as well as a
    full channel review where I'll take into consideration your panels where you can
    make improvements or what you should add or what you should take away plus I'll
    watch at least 30 minutes or an hour of your stream and see how you interact
    with your audience and take some of those refinements and show you where you
    can improve upon those now if you'd like to go for the Big Daddy and subscribe at
    tier 3 which cost you $25 I'm gonna give you a full channel breakdown and review
    and show you in depth ly what you really excel at what you don't excel at what
    you should concentrate on what you should totally drop and I'm gonna let
    you know from an analytical and stat side to of what the numbers show on how
    well you're growing now just to let you know you would have to be streaming for
    at least 3 to 6 months for this tier to work for you because if you only have
    about a month worth of data it's not really gonna help me help you show you
    what do you excel at so this one's if you've had a little more churn within
    your stream but this one's gonna be the best one because it will show you
    literally by fact what you're doing correctly and what you can double down
    on to help explode your growth even faster and I'm gonna give you some
    one-on-one time too so that way if you have any personal questions or concerns
    you can lay them on me and I'll help you through my Twitter account there through
    direct DMS and maybe even discord too if that's easier for you so those are
    the three tiers that I'm gonna offer and I'm gonna do them once a month for
    everybody that signs up for these so if you guys are interested in this I will
    put a link down below of where you can go to twitch
    dot and you can hit that sub button and when you
    do I'm gonna have a Google sheet that will be down in the description below of
    the show notes here and that will also be on the panel page of my personal
    twitch page that you'll fill out so I way I can get all the information and
    get my ducks in a row for like your name your Twitter handle what time your
    stream what kind of games you like to play do you do multiplayer games what
    platform are you on these are all things are gonna help me refine and help you
    grow quicker and faster that way you have a little more enjoyment on stream
    now I don't know how long I'll leave this open for if I get flooded I may
    start closing it or if I don't have any that's fine too
    I still love doing all of these videos for you and trust me I'm not gonna stop
    I'm gonna still continue to bring you high quality content for free on the
    channel as long as you guys keep watching I'm gonna still keep producing
    it if you guys like to keep up with me and everything that's going on with me
    and now my stream coaching as well make sure you follow me on Twitter and
    Instagram so that way I can keep in contact with all of you and you guys can
    keep in contact with me and if you like to go above and beyond just for fun you
    can always watch me paint and play games on twitch at
    and maybe even hit that almighty sub but thank you guys for checking out
    this video I will be back real soon and in full force with my next stream
    support video coming up real soon take care all peace
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