How To Wear A Dress Shirt Casually - 5 Outfits

How To Wear A Dress Shirt Casually - 5 Outfits
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    What's up
    Everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today's video you guys I'll be showing you how to wear a dress shirt
    Casually before you get into the video
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    Linked in a description if you guys want to skip around the video now
    My first tip on this list is to actually swap out your dress shirt for an Oxford
    The Oxford's are still in the dress shirt family. However, they are much better at being worn
    casually great thing about Oxford's is that they can be worn both tucked in and
    Untucked this is because they are usually cut a lot shorter in length than your typical
    Dress shirt now the first outfit on this list is one of my absolute favorites
    We're going to start it off with a pair a low top black and white Vans
    We're gonna pair these with a black pair of denim jeans
    Now, mine are personally tapered at the bottom and I highly recommend this if you want your jeans to fit perfectly now
    Go ahead and throw on a dresser and wear it untucked in this case
    I am using the Oxford as mentioned in tip number one
    Go ahead and leave the top two to three buttons undone and make sure the collar is standing up go ahead and unbutton the cuff
    in the forearm
    Button and fold and roll up your sleeves to about midway up your forearm or on a great or white watch to compliment the black
    And white combination that we have created now for outfit number two
    We're going to start it off with a pair of navy blue trousers
    We're going to wear our dress shirt tucked in into the trousers and we're going to leave the top two to three buttons
    Undone now, the sleeves will remain fully buttoned up and fully rolled up next
    We are going to layer this outfit with a lightweight v-neck sweater
    Make sure here that the cuffs are on either
    Standing up on the inside or on the outside of the v-neck sweater with the top two to three buttons
    I'm done a little bit of the cuff underneath the sweater exposed for a little more style points and lastly
    We're gonna tie all this together, but you don't want to pair off all white sneakers now
    I am personally wearing the high-top white converse sneakers because I personally feel like they are a very underrated sneaker
    I think we're going to cuff our pants
    To the level about the bottom of your ankle bone just to reveal a little more the sneaker maybe with socks your or in this
    case to show off a logo outfit number three
    We're going to start off with a pair of light wash denim jeans that they can be distressed or non distressed
    It's up to you. Now throw on the dress shirt and wear it untucked again
    Leave the top two to three buttons undone to make sure that the collar is standing nice and proud
    Leave the sleeves at full length and buttoned up now
    We're going to throw on a pair of red and white vans or any red and white low top
    Because it complements the light washings very well lastly
    We're going to layer our dress shirt with a olive-green bomber jacket, but this is a bit more of an experimental other
    But I personally think it is amazing to pair needle
    Especially a lightweight bomber jacket with a dress shirt because it adds another
    layer to your outfit and it's this is one is actually very experimental, but I personally think it's a great fit because
    Everything matches the white with the denim Gina magic because white matches with everything
    The red and white provides a nice contrast in the stripes master dress shirt
    Beautifully and the olive green ties it all together and brings it a little more of a fall and still a casual vibe
    Which I personally think give this outfit a try. It may seem a little out there, but I personally think it's worth a try
    It's an experiment and get out of your comfort zone when it comes to putting new outfits together now for the fourth outfit on this
    List . We're getting we're getting spicy
    It started off with a pair of slim fit black
    Trousers stuck in your dresser into the trousers and make sure you leave the sleeves fully cuffed and rolled up and make sure the two
    Top two two three buttons are undone, and the collar is standing next
    We're going to pair our trousers with a tan pair of chelsea boots is where the Alpha starts to come together
    We're going to layer our dresser with a lightweight tan v-neck sweater
    However, this is a bit of a darker sheet and you want a darker shade because you'll see why next last thing
    We're going to lay the dresser and the v-neck sweater with a tan overcome
    This outfit provides a great complement and contrast
    We have a great contrast between the black and white of the dress shirt the tan and black and we have an amazing
    Complement between the tan gel see boots the tan and white and in two different shades of ten that we are using
    To layer a top hat now for the fifth and final outfit on this list
    I'm going to try to incorporate pieces from almost every single outfit previously in this video. Let's start it off with the Pens
    We're gonna start again with a light wash denim jeans, and we're actually gonna pair these with the tan suede Chelsea boots here
    Make sure you should wear the dress untucked make sure the collar is standing and where the top two two three buttons
    Undone and make sure that the sleeve is fully cooked and not rolled up here
    We are going to finally layer the dress shirt with a 10
    Now this outfit is basically the most casual outfit and these simplest to do in my opinion everything here just matches beautifully
    The denim jeans will complement every single thing
    You wear the tan and white match?
    Beautifully and even the tan and light blue match beautifully and this adds a little bit more of a casual
    Element because of the jeans they're not super formal and they're not super distressed and just beat up
    But you can wear those and make it even more casual
    I feel like this is a nice middle ground for wherever you fall on your
    style whether you like
    Dress up a lot or you like street wear your guys have a how to wear a dress very casually a few tips and five
    Versatile and amazing outfits you guys have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments
    I will always answer your questions if there are actual questions
    Thank you so much for watching
    If you guys enjoyed this video and would like more content like this
    Please consider subscribing to the channel and I hope you guys have an amazing day. Peace
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