How We Met, Interracial Couple Love Story 我们怎样认识

How We Met, Interracial Couple Love Story 我们怎样认识
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    Hey guys, hi guys Sam here,It's Danny here. So thanks for tuning in to our Channel today
    We have a special video, higly requested video today
    A lot of you guys are asking this question on our Q&A video that we put up a few weeks ago
    And that is how did we meet?
    So we're gonna be answering that for you guys today. Yeah, so looking back
    I guess we've known each other for almost five years now
    Yeah, so I mean obviously there's two different perspectives when it comes to how we met
    Let's just listen to her side of story first. Okay, so I'll just
    Well, yeah backtrack to the the first day that we met
    So during this time, I think it was late
    2012,I started going to salsa with one of my friends and I went to this local spot
    I'm in Vancouver at this German restaurant called Alpen
    And I remembered Danny very clearly. He was the only kind of young Asian guy and he had a really
    shiny satiny orange dress shirt on and he's just kind of like walking around like he owned the place and
    He was a really good dancer and I felt like it was a little bit
    Knew that. He was a good dancer just the attitude that he
    And yeah, I don't remember if we danced that
    particular day or
    If it was a few date like a few times later because me and my friend start to go every week
    So I'd see every week
    But what I do remember is that he usually would ask my friends to dance and family asked me to guys that much
    So I was just like that. All this guy is just like whatever not really interested and
    Yeah, that was kind of my my first impression
    well, so
    so I met somewhere just like she said
    I'm Eric about five six years ago at this German restaurant called Alvin Vancouver and when I first met her and
    August at a time. I've been I was I had been dancing for about five six months and I I got pretty confident
    I learned all my moves and everything and I you know, I thought I'm pretty smooth and everything
    so when I first met her I found a very attractive but at the same time I found her really shy I
    remember clearly that
    I remember pretty I remember clearly that she actually came with her friend and her
    girlfriend as Ashley was very active very
    very outgoing easygoing
    So I introduced myself and the Oscar dance and I found it both very attractive and I from you know, some was particularly more
    attractive and but she's very shy and
    You know and at the same time, I'm just I try to play cool
    so instead of asking her to dance so I actually asked her friend to dance and
    I didn't really pick her down as I felt like, you know, if I play pool maybe you know
    what piqued your interest a little bit maybe she would start talking to me and I guess that didn't really work out because I
    Only watch her dance once after a friend and I felt oh, she's she's a beginner
    She wasn't she wasn't that great
    Yeah, it wasn't it wasn't in any immediate attraction there
    Even though I found her really attractive so no chemistry exactly. There's no chemistry it were just
    Hi, how are you? Yeah, nice to meet you. Yeah
    Hopefully we can see chair again. I think we did like see each other a salsa
    But again, it was just very like hey, I was going he was just like all that that Chinese back from salsa
    It was very service level we were just kind of acquaintances
    Like that so and he wasn't even really like a friend or anything
    So that was back she went off for a couple years
    Guess like timing is very important on when it comes to relationship or even marriages. I think timing is everything
    So now after two years we've all kind of went different ways and I think she went to a different city
    So I was I was basically working and you know
    Isn't I met someone but I wasn't really really not interested. And you know, I was kind of
    single for a while and
    Yeah, again, two years two years after we met with first met and one one night. I guess we are
    Like this time for some reason we actually started talking having look at people conversation, you're a bit more connect
    We're feel more fit. I think yeah, we went outside for a bit just to get fresh air. It's really on there
    I used Tommy bought this trip recent trip to Portland showing you pictures and
    Just pregnant his jokes making me laugh and I was like, oh this guy's actually really interesting
    So yeah, then I started to get intrigued by hand. Yeah, exactly because I felt that time. I'm obviously
    More confident we're all going and I was you know, obviously one
    at the time I've been dancing for for a very long time and then I was you know, I know a lot of people and
    When I you know when I saw her again, I would just I feel like what there's a little bit
    Yeah, especially we haven't
    For a while
    yeah, so we started talking more and I fell you know, what I
    Might have a chance. Like I really like this girl and I might have a chance even though she's shy and
    You know, she's not Chinese. I have a chance and
    like I said, it's like and I just tried to
    just trying to like, you know, we talking and
    Then he like grabbed my phone and like secretly called himself ma
    Give you a number I think yeah, so yeah, and then she claimed that in
    On the dance floor when yeah when we went out for a little bit
    Fresh air and came back and she said I tried to kiss her
    No, I think which is like ectric like I tripped yeah, she's just short she's very shy
    Yeah, I think I made this trip, so that's that's protocol actually I didn't convenient again I didn't really kiss her
    I don't think I kiss
    each other but I guess like after that and I really felt that she might she might actually like me so
    Instead of instead of making that as a thought
    You know what I did was, you know, I called her to the next day. I was like, you know what?
    Maybe I should you know, maybe I should text her or whatever
    But that doesn't really show my true intention is a little bit wishy-washy. I really want express how I feel about her
    So I was like, okay, so I'm like, you know, like do you want to you want to go out for you know?
    I didn't say a day. I just say hey, I'm actually goal. My goal is I've actually go crabbing
    I'm actually go crabbing like I'm gonna fishing so if you want to call me show you should come, you know, like I guess you
    If you're interested in coming see some cool stuff and I'll show you around
    Next thing that he called me I was actually missing my friends over in class
    So yeah
    Montes and following day, I think it was after salsa again
    To go crabbing and I was like, I've never dated anyone or that goes crabby or even did an activity like that
    So I was like hey, this is actually really fun and interesting. So yeah. Yeah, it was different
    So like I said, it's like perfect for all you guys out there if you guys really want to true want to show a girl
    How you feel about them and taking on a day and just take initiative?
    Don't just don't just like, you know play those text games and stuff doesn't work out. You gotta just go after what you want
    See yourself like so just like TV that you actually really gonna try to kind of be something
    You're not exactly every you know, what everyone is
    you know worthy of other people's time to be honest with you like
    You should just go put yourself out there and show who you are
    And just really true show who you are and
    Someone were coming all the way and it might be becoming your wife or your girlfriend. I just go after what you want. I
    Dr. Tortoni, I went crabbing
    It was really fun. And then yeah after that we basically started seeing each other more dates. Where's talking more off? Yeah
    came official boyfriend/girlfriend
    Exactly and then we just after a while and I
    I guess this whole like Chinese person thing. It's not it's not important
    Like anyone can make it work love has no love has no boundaries love has no boundaries
    so we make it work and we told each other we met with men each other's family and our family both love each other very
    to a point that I decided to
    Just copy it enough and I I'm saving
    So I propose on the Persian New Year
    So me and my family
    robust my parents my mom my dad and me we
    And used so huge so onerous that day. I thought I'm gonna go to the back and forth of the back of my camera. I
    Got something about pocket, so I want to make sure you know our
    First child in for ya gonna have a little baby boo. I'm gonna be a daddy
    Yeah, so guys that's all the love story. If you like this video give this video a big thumbs up
    leave a comment below and
    Like I said, we both are hopeless romantics
    And we really curious about your story and please share your stories about how you met your significant others
    How you guys fell in love? And I'm really curious about that
    So, you know, feel free to make a comment and share your stories and let's be friends
    And if you have any other questions about
    Our love story or lives or anything
    Leave a comment ask me honest be try answer every question every comment that you guys do that
    We might even make a baby for you just like this exactly so
    Yeah, thanks for tuning in
    We have a lot of videos coming up your way
    Where we're going to post a three times a week one is gonna be pregnancy. Really?
    everything about this baby and we're gonna have two more videos just
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    Or do a couple challenges just a lot of fun stuff. So yeah, make sure to subscribe to follow along
    We'd love to have you come on our journey
    Thank you guys. You guys you guys stay tuned until next time. Yeah
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