How A Woman’s Body Reacts To Not Being With The Right Man

How A Woman’s Body Reacts To Not Being With The Right Man
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    how a woman's body reacts to not being
    with the right man at every moment of
    every day your body is constantly
    speaking to you unfortunately because
    many people live a stressful and chaotic
    life they don't fully understand their
    own body language there are three types
    of body materials mental emotional and
    physical but we are much closer to the
    physical aspect of our body for example
    how a woman's body reacts to being with
    the wrong man strains from physical body
    material this video will show you some
    examples of how a woman's body reacts to
    being with the wrong man
    before we show you how a woman's body
    reacts to not being with the right man
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    about the human body now keep watching
    to find out how a woman's body reacts to
    not being with the right man number six
    you're witnessing a relationship instead
    of being in one many people get to a
    point in their life where they let life
    happen instead of living it the way they
    want this is especially true in
    relationships many people succumb to the
    feeling of being taken so they go
    through the motions of remembering
    anniversaries and buying gifts for their
    man but a lot of this is just
    information remember and not coming from
    passion says psychology today passion is
    a huge part of relationship if you feel
    like you're just going through the
    motions and have lost all of the passion
    in your relationship it may be time to
    try to bring back the passion and life
    to your relationship if you can't do
    that it may just be that you two aren't
    right for each other
    never let your relationship get dull or
    boring do what you can to constantly
    improve it
    now that you know some things to look
    out for when a woman is not with the
    right man do you know what signs a man
    might show if he's not with the right
    woman stay tuned until the end to find
    out number five you're smiling less when
    you're alone according to The Huffington
    Post one of the body signs that you're
    with the wrong person
    is if you're not smiling when you think
    about the person while you're spending
    time alone you might be able to lie to
    other people regarding your happiness
    but the one person you cannot lie to is
    yourself they add that if you are
    feeling down when you're not around them
    not because you miss them then it could
    be a sign that you need to be true to
    yourself about your real feelings
    towards them when someone is with a
    person who is right for them the thought
    of them makes them smile although they
    may be sad that they aren't around the
    person in question just by country up
    memories and thoughts about them can
    make them smile this is something to
    watch out for if you're not sure if
    you're with the right person number four
    no self-esteem not only should a woman's
    man make her feel happy but he should
    also make her feel good about herself
    he harmony states that when a woman is
    with a man her self-esteem should be at
    an all-time high so if her confidence is
    completely destroyed and she's doubting
    herself constantly it's a sure sign that
    she's not with the right man our body
    only wants the best for us which is why
    it sends out signs and signals to warn
    us and when a woman is with the right
    man the man usually does and says things
    to boost her confidence like telling her
    she is beautiful or telling her how
    special she is although having a
    boyfriend or husband won't necessarily
    defeat a low self-esteem all together
    that comes from within after all it can
    definitely improve a person's
    keep watching as we continue to count
    down to the number one sign that a woman
    is not with the right man number three
    you are emotionally exhausted if a woman
    is in a thoughtful and healthy
    relationship she should feel energized
    with her man if she is emotionally and
    mentally drained her body will begin to
    feel exhausted as well and won't portray
    the slightest bit of energy around him
    according to The Huffington Post if
    you've ever been in a toxic relationship
    you can probably understand and relate
    to this toxic relationships are
    emotionally and mentally draining they
    can cause anxiety stress and kill a
    person's mental well-being when a woman
    is in a toxic relationship and is
    constantly feeling these draining
    emotions her body will let her know this
    is a huge sign that a woman is not with
    the right man and should consider
    parting ways number two a mind in denial
    every woman looks at their relationship
    carefully not one woman can say that she
    hasn't convinced herself that something
    is right when it is clearly not says II
    harmony if a woman is in a healthy
    relationship with her man she should
    never have to convince herself that
    she's doing the right thing by staying
    with him but if she's constantly trying
    to convince herself to stay chances are
    she's likely with the wrong man our mind
    can play tricks on us but our body can
    feel when something is wrong although it
    is normal to have doubts about things in
    life if you begin to notice that you are
    constantly doubting your relationship
    and trying to rationalize your partner's
    behavior it's a sign that you're just
    not with the right person when someone
    is in a relationship it should be happy
    and sure about who they are with and
    what the future has in store if you are
    constantly worrying about your
    relationship your future and whether or
    not the relationship is right for you
    newsflash it isn't
    number one you neglect yourself when a
    woman is in a relationship with a man
    she also has to maintain the
    relationship with herself but if she
    ends up choosing the man over herself
    she is either given in or given up on
    the relationship she had with herself
    according to Psychology Today this ties
    into denial
    maybe she's convinced herself that being
    with this man is what will make her
    become a better person so she uses this
    to justify why she's changed yourself
    remember self-care is extremely
    important to our overall mental health
    and well-being never put anyone else
    ahead of you your mental health comes
    first if you notice that you are
    neglecting your mental health or are
    constantly choosing your partner over
    yourself even if it's a detriment to
    your own good then you probably aren't
    with the right man a good partner will
    encourage you to do things for yourself
    and practice self-care so that you are
    constantly improving and growing as a
    person and as couples - so now that you
    know how a woman's body reacts when
    she's not with the right man here are
    three ways a man may react when he's not
    with the right woman that's right we
    didn't forget about you gents number
    three he stops going out with you and
    starts going out more with his friends
    if you notice that you haven't had a
    date night in a while and that your
    boyfriend or husband is suddenly going
    out for a boys night with the crew all
    the time and he didn't before it could
    be a red flag it is important for
    couples to get out and go on dates and
    do fun things together it keeps a
    relationship exciting and let's couple
    step outside of their daily often boring
    routines this is why if a couple stops
    going on date nights or doing fun
    activities together it could be a sign
    that a relationship is ending if you
    notice that your man know
    wants to go out with you try to talk to
    him about it and establish a routine
    date night number two he no longer cares
    about his appearance around you if you
    notice that he doesn't seem to want to
    get dressed up shave or even shower when
    he's around you or when you guys go out
    but he does when he goes out without you
    he may no longer be interested in you
    see how he dresses or takes care of
    himself when he goes out and compared it
    to when he's with you do you notice a
    drastic change has he let himself go if
    he has try to talk to him about it
    before jumping to conclusions remember
    folks communication is key number one he
    no longer asks you about your day or how
    you're feeling one of the most important
    parts of a relationship is talking to
    each other about your lives your worries
    fears goals and more if you notice that
    your partner no longer seems to care
    about your day or what's going on in
    your life or if meaningful communication
    starts to cease out of nowhere he may
    have fallen out of love Psychology Today
    states that when a person is in love
    they want to hear about your day and
    your life so if you notice that your
    partner has stopped doing this it could
    be a red flag so what do you think do
    you recognize any of these man yer isms
    that either men or women show when they
    are not with the right person
    what other signs are there that someone
    may not be that into you let us know in
    the comment section below enjoyed this
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