Investing In Stocks: VITAL Trading Tips [2019]

Investing In Stocks: VITAL Trading Tips [2019]
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    Investing in stocks. This is probably one of the most valuable videos that I'm going to make
    so I would definitely I know that a lot of people are overwhelmed with
    information and I would highly recommend that you save this video and either
    internalize the message that I'm going to convey or refer back to this video
    every three months or so in order to reinforce the information so first I
    want to go over the trades that expire today we had four contracts of Blackrock
    the strike on that was either I think it was 395 next we had the calls on
    Electronic Arts then we had five puts on Facebook the strike was around 146 or
    146 and a half 20 contracts of Lockheed and then three contracts of Baidu
    then we get into the trades that we made yesterday you can see that we actually
    made money on Apple so the funny thing was on Thursday we sold 195 put on Apple
    and then even though Apple was down around $12 at the open yesterday we were
    able to close that out for not a big profit but not a loss you know
    considering that we sold the initial put on Thursday I think at around 2 dollars
    and 30 cents and then we closed out the trade on Friday at around $1 80 and
    Apple was down $16 and a lot of people lost money on Apple and that's going to
    that's going to segue into what I really want to discuss today I think one of the
    most important aspects for us too as we continue our journey to being you know
    incredible traders and consistently profitable like day in and day out
    we're not day in day out I mean that's not possible but like month in month out
    irrespective of what the market does is we have to be quick to close and slow to
    open in 2017 well actually prior to February 2018 I had made money 20
    consecutive months and I think that that is not
    recurring being that in February 2018 I lost a little bit of money and then last
    month even though it was the worst month in seven years I don't want to rest on
    that fact because just because it was the worst month in seven years doesn't
    necessarily mean that November can't be worse than October was or that January
    can't be worse so I really want to reinforce that it's vital to be quick to
    close your positions and be slow to open you really have to set those limit
    orders upon opening and wait for the position to hit and trigger a specified
    price that you want so a good example of this where I made a mistake was
    yesterday with Google I had an opening position in Google and you know that
    trade is showing me a decent loss because I forget what we sold it at
    maybe it was around two dollars and 40 cents and at one point yesterday when
    the market was at its low we could have sold that same position for around four
    dollars and gotten almost twice as much premium now I know that we're not market
    timers and no one can tell the future but I also think that it would have been
    better if I had not put that trade on when Google you know I should not have
    forced that trade in because I was scared of missing that opportunity
    instead what I should have done was set the limit price at a specific price that
    I thought was fair like let's say three dollars and 60 cents and then if that
    trade executed great if it didn't execute then there'll be other
    opportunities there's no point to force trades and I think I'm pretty good at
    that but that's something that I need to improve upon so remember you want to be
    quick to close and slow to open obviously you have to trade small I
    think that is something that almost everyone does some of my students even
    message me this past week that they're up money that that the amount of money
    that they made this past week more than compensated for the amount that they
    lost in October which made me feel really good so you know hopefully not
    many of you guys got hurt or if you did get hurt then it's probably only going
    to be like a month or two of profits we is not unsustainable so remember you
    always have to trade small don't get greedy because the people who did get
    greedy in October they ended up getting
    slaughtered I want to also address something two trades Electronic Arts and
    Alibaba this past Monday I closed out Electronic Arts for a pretty big loss
    and the reason I did that was I just it was so stressful and I just got tired of
    managing that position and consistently seeing it go the opposite way of what I
    was trying to do so yesterday I had some calls expired worthless but I closed out
    the puts on EA you know this past Monday at a pretty big loss and you know
    remember that you always have to take care of your health because when you're
    healthy you can always make more money and we're profitable on 90 to 95 percent
    of our trades and I'm not saying that it was a good decision
    definitely financially it was not a good decision to just get tired of that
    position and close it out for a big loss on Monday but my thinking was that this
    position is stressing me out and I just want to get rid of it and if it cost me
    two weeks worth of profits then I'm ok with that because at least it'll relieve
    me of the stress and anxiety that comes along with constantly looking at that
    position and Alibaba it's the same thing you know I just I should not have gotten
    involved in that and and actually I'm gonna address that later on but the
    point that I'm trying to make is that you should definitely not underestimate
    the stress and the emotional toll that goes along with trading October was the
    worst trading month in seven years and you should definitely strive to close
    out your positions early especially when volatility is extremely high because had
    I closed out positions early and pruned my positions I never would have been in
    a situation where I had to close out EA for a relatively large loss and honestly
    like I don't even care if EA like I don't even care if EA goes up $20 on
    you know next week I'm not gonna have any regret because I know that I closed
    it out at a relative low I close that eye one year was trading around $90 a
    share and I'm just so happy that i relieved myself of that position of that
    stress that um you know I'm okay with that
    but do I think that financially speaking I should have ever put myself in that
    position no I should not have and that's what this video is about it's about
    avoiding placing yourself in those stressful situations where you have
    positions that you don't want in your account so you know remember the top
    priority I think that over the next few months over the next few weeks we are
    going to adjust some of the ways that we trade it's gonna be a minor adjustment
    but I definitely think that we're gonna we're gonna make some slight adjustments
    and the top priority should be to find positions to close that should be our
    top priority you know we should really make our top priority find positions to
    close and I think that one way that we can get in a great habit of doing this
    and I challenge everyone to do this is that um sorry about that is um for every
    new position that we're putting on we should close a position so for example
    if we open up a new position next week we should then scan all our existing
    positions and then close out another position so again if you want I really
    want to start building very good habits for everyone and remember closing out a
    position early is a great habit that's going to save you a lot of stress and we
    make money on ninety five percent of our trades the only time that we lose money
    is when we have a situation like February 2018 or October or yeah or
    October 2018 you know if you don't have a great position on or you have a bad
    feeling about it like Alibaba where you're concerned about Chinese tariffs
    just close that position out close it out
    don't even bother about rolling or like that if Ally but if you're
    concerned if you have a 150 put on in Alibaba and then Alibaba falls from 160
    to 145 in a week and then you know two days later is trading at 155 just close
    it out close it out when it's trading the next time it goes up so what's
    generally gonna happen is about let's say Alibaba was trading and this
    happened numerous times it closed now I also understand that in July when a
    developer reported earnings it spiked up to like 184 and we could have closed out
    the position then and that was a mistake but you know even recently we had an
    opportunity so if you told a pudding you were sure to put in 150 then in Alibaba
    fell from like 160 to 145 I'm not necessarily encouraging you to close it
    out at the at the relative low but what you could have done is you could have
    figured okay look Alibaba fell from 160 to 145 there's
    obviously going to be some type of bounce right meaning like some type of
    retracement of the losses so when Alibaba climbed back up to around 155
    that's the time that you should have taken off that tree so if you have a bad
    feeling about something because you're concerned about the Chinese tariffs or
    anything like that and I remember when I made the trade in ei when ei fell from
    like 127 to 115 I said okay this is probably a bad trade I have no idea why
    I did that that was not smart and those are the type of trades that I'm not
    gonna make in the future so remember if you have a bad feeling about something
    just close it out so the top priority is should be to find positions to close
    don't worry about maximizing your gains on every single trade because we make
    money on 95% of our trades so if you take a tiny loss on something like an
    Alibaba that falls from like 160 to 145 and then you close it out when it hops
    back up to 152 that's completely okay but you don't want to be in a situation
    like I was with Electronic Arts where it fell from 127 to 115 and then I sold a
    put and then it went back up so then I sold a call and then I got whiplash and
    then it fell all the way down in 90 and I just got so sick of it that I just
    closed it out for a loss that's like 10 times as much as I should have just
    closed it out for originally like two months per or even a month prior you
    just don't want to be in that situation so to recap the top priority is to find
    position to close and what I'm going to do and
    implement oh you know starting from now on and I don't know how long I'm gonna
    do this for but I would highly recommend that for every new position that you
    open we're going to close one okay so for every new position that we open
    we're going to close one and we're gonna we're gonna choose a position that we
    think we're at least comfortable with or that we just feel we need to close out
    so if a trade has like three months left until expiration and there's only like
    fifty cents a premium left in that tree we're gonna close that out if it's not
    if we have a trade on a security that we're not really that's on a Plus
    opportunity and the stock is acting weirdly or like it's underperforming the
    market then we're gonna close that out so remember the top priority is to find
    positions to close for every new position that we open we're going to
    close one we have to be quick to close and slow to open so that way we monitor
    our we monitor our entrance and when we open new positions we make sure that we
    get the absolute best opening position so that we maximize our premium now
    obviously we can't tell the future but you know we're not going to jump into
    positions like I did with Google so that way we can try to receive more more
    premium and get better entry points and I guess the last thing is because we're
    still not certain and we are still in a very volatile environment where the VIX
    is around 20 I am going to start trading more verticals and the reason is that
    even though I'm not necessarily a fan of verticals I do think that when you trade
    verticals now it does give you some protection against huge draw downs in
    the stock market like if the market Falls 3% then and you trade a vertical
    that's okay because it does have a defined risk and also the put that you
    buy ends up increasing in price so it offsets the loss from the short put that
    you sold so that's pretty much it so to recap be quick to close slow to open
    trade small which is something that we do you know I used the example as a EA
    and Alibaba don't underestimate stress and the
    anxiety that goes along with had with having a really bad month like October
    2018 which was the worse than seven years for
    now I challenge you guys that for every new position are you open you should
    close one close your weakest position and a top
    priority is going to be to find new positions you should you should seek new
    positions to close you should seek and find positions to close all right if you
    have any questions let me know hopefully you guys didn't take I know that some of
    you actually are are up money now over the past five weeks which is amazing so
    you know keep it coming you know I'm very excited that people are doing well
    and if you have any questions then let me know and I'm here to help you
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