My Best Tip For Trading Penny Cannabis Stocks on The Rise

My Best Tip For Trading Penny Cannabis Stocks on The Rise
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    - Today I'm gonna teach you about marijuana stocks,
    weed stocks, CBD stocks.
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    The question I'm gonna answer right now is,
    what do I think about weed stocks?
    I've made millions of dollars going long, hot stocks.
    I've made millions of dollars going short,
    meaning I bet against the same hot stocks.
    It doesn't matter what sector they're in.
    I've seen so many hot sectors.
    Right now weed stocks are high.
    Different countries, different states are in different,
    I guess, different times of acceptance.
    I don't know what the right wording is.
    More and more countries and more and more states
    are making it legalized.
    I don't care.
    I'm not here to tell you to smoke weed or not to smoke weed.
    I'm not interested in the legal issue.
    What I'm interested in is patterns.
    I love, I love, I love patterns.
    And weed stocks fit my patterns
    because they can go up exponentially
    in two, three, four days.
    And then they can also crash in two, three, four days.
    So, I look for that volatility, both sides.
    I'll give you an example, two recent stocks,
    IGC and NBEV.
    They're both rumored, or now they have press releases.
    Before they were a rumor, but now they have press releases
    saying they're getting into the CBD drink space.
    Cannabis beverages or CBD beverages.
    So, is it weed?
    Is it cbd?
    Is it cannabis?
    Is it hemp?
    I don't care.
    This sector is so hot because you have all of these
    big companies like Molson, Coors, Diageo, Coca-Cola
    getting interested in potentially investing
    in CBD based drinks.
    So, these have been the hottest stocks.
    IGC, I think, went from one to 10,
    Now it's back down to three when I'm making this video
    or it's in the fours.
    NBEV went from like two to like 12.
    Now it's back down to, like, five or six.
    Actually it just bounced to like eight.
    So, it's all over the place,
    and that's what I want you to learn to love.
    Not like is this a good company?
    Is this a scam?
    That's what non-students think like.
    That's what most penny stock traders
    and investors think like
    and this is why 90% of traders lose.
    Because it's not just, is this a good company?
    Is this a bad company?
    Is their product good?
    Focus on the patterns.
    I'll give you one example, okay?
    Do not buy any hot stock.
    I don't care if it's in the weed sector or any other sector,
    on the third green day.
    If it's been up two days in a row, the third green day,
    statistically, usually it fails.
    Either it's going to fail right in the morning
    and have a big drop or it's going to fail in the afternoon
    and have a big drop.
    If it's in the morning, I actually like to dip by
    the morning panic on the third green day.
    Even if eventually is gonna finish red,
    that first big crack, if the panic is big enough,
    it usually offers up a nice bounce.
    It's kinda like a bouncing ball.
    The first bounce, is the best.
    If it happens on the third green day, fantastic,
    or the fourth, or the fifth, or the sixth.
    The longer a stock is up, usually the bigger the
    crash it will have, and the bigger the bounce,
    after the bigger the crash.
    So, I'm waiting for the patterns, to come to me.
    Weed sector, fine.
    CBD sector, fine.
    Bring it on, whatever you wanna fucking call it, okay?
    I don't care why the stock is up.
    I don't care about the hot sector.
    I'll give you a little tip here,
    no matter how much you love any sector,
    it's going to fail eventually.
    Everybody thinks, oh, this time it's different.
    This is different.
    I've heard this about weed.
    I've heard this about biotech.
    I've heard this about cryptocurrency.
    I heard this about Blockchain, oil, gold, China, low float,
    police equipment stocks, ebola stocks, medical stocks, Y2K.
    I mean the list goes on and on.
    We see these little hot sectors
    and they pop up for a few days, or weeks, or even months.
    And everyone gets all riled up and not one of them,
    not one of them, has ever actually lasted.
    The stocks go up and down, a lot.
    There's a huge amount of volatility,
    but not any one of these hot sectors has ever just said,
    you know what?
    We're gonna stay a hot sector.
    We're just gonna keep going up.
    All these stocks, they go from one, two, three, four
    to 10, 12, 15, 20.
    They go up three, four, five, six times
    making five or six times your money
    in a few days on the way up.
    That is usually best case scenario.
    Obviously there's outliers sometimes.
    You'll make thirty times on your money,
    but if you make these kinds of exponential returns
    in a few days, trust me, take profits.
    I don't care if you sell too soon.
    I care much if you sell too late
    because too many people have these big profits.
    They're like, I believe, I believe, I believe
    and then the stocks crash and they never take their profits,
    and trust me, it's a terrible thing
    to have unrealized profits and not take them.
    It's probably better that you didn't
    even have any of the profits, and gotten your hopes up,
    in the meantime.
    Just be dubious, be doubtful, be suspicious of any stock
    that runs up exponentially in a few days or a few weeks.
    Obviously I have a problem with my patience.
    I usually sell these stocks too soon,
    but I would rather err on the side of caution
    and I would rather you err on the side of caution too.
    You can always get more aggressive later on
    once you have a lot more experience or a lot more money.
    In the beginning, play it safe.
    Take singles.
    Don't go for home runs if it's in the weed sector,
    or anything else.
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    Let's hear what you think.
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