OASYS: How-to Find your Meter Reading (Konica Minolta)

OASYS: How-to Find your Meter Reading (Konica Minolta)
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    Providing regular meter readings helps us and you track usage and supply needs for your machine.
    There are two ways to access your meter readings,
    one is directly from the machine or two is from your desktop computer.
    For getting a meter reading directly from your machine press the menu button on or near the
    main screen of your device. Select the tab that says counter and the meter
    count will appear on the screen. Depending on the type of machine you
    will see total black or total color. If you have a service contract with Oasys
    you will need those meter readings as well as the equipment ID number
    located on the front of your machine. We hope this made it simple and easy.
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