Stock Market for Beginners. Trade Alerts & Investing in the Stock Market

Stock Market for Beginners. Trade Alerts & Investing in the Stock Market
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    David Jaffee with where i earn around a million
    dollars a year by trading stock options and in this video you're gonna learn why
    you are costing yourself money by not being a subscriber to my trade alerts. So if
    I transferred all of my knowledge to you, you still would not have my experience
    you would still not have my obsessive desire to become the absolute best
    trader in the world so even if you had all of my knowledge and you learn
    everything you would still....You get paid by selling option premium for making
    good decisions and I can tell you that the reason why my subscribers to the
    real-time trade alerts maximize their profits and minimize their mistakes is
    because their entry and their exit points are significantly improved based
    upon my experience and my desire for constant improvement and to be the best
    person that i possibly could be so even if you had all my knowledge you still
    don't have my experience and you're still costing yourself a tremendous
    amount of money and increasing the number of losing positions and headaches
    that you have because you're just simply making bad decisions and not optimal
    decisions when you enter positions and when you exit positions that's the
    reality so a lot of people I know that they don't want to spend $349 / month
    $349 / month they want to try to do things themselves they want
    to punish themselves they don't want they don't believe that they deserve it
    that they're worthy of the investment you know they feel like a badge of honor
    by doing things themselves but the truth is that you're costing yourself a lot of
    money because even if I transfer all of my knowledge to you you get paid when
    you sell options by making good decisions and the decisions that you
    make without my guidance are not going to be the same decisions that you make
    with my guidance you're not going to know how to roll the positions correctly
    you're not going to open the positions as optimally so if you think that you
    can do things yourself and more power to you but I can tell you with absolute
    certainty that by not being a subscriber to my real-time trade alerts you are
    costing yourself money you're costing yourself
    opportunities and you are increasing the number of mistakes that you're making in
    problematic positions that you have. Watching these videos are fantastic
    but once you really get serious and you want to be the best trader that you
    possibly can be then the best way that you can do that regardless of whether
    you listen and tastytrade or anyone else the best way that you could possibly do
    that is by following my alerts and increasing your skill level and
    mimicking the decision making process that I make because it doesn't
    matter if you analyze high IV or Delta or Vega or any of those things the way
    that you get paid is by making trades and making optimal decisions this is
    David Jaffee with you can enter your email at you'll receive $400 worth of free information and if you have any
    questions let me know please like comment and share and subscribe
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