How Has Eminem Influenced Juice WRLD? | Genius News

How Has Eminem Influenced Juice WRLD? | Genius News
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    JACQUES: It's no secret that Chicago MC Juice WRLD is a huge fan of fellow midwest
    rapper, Eminem.
    In October 2018, Juice made it clear during an hour long freestyle over Shady's beats.
    JUICE: All his old shit..
    That's like a part of who I am, I wouldn't be who I am without Eminem's music.
    JACQUES: Taking his first name from 2Pac's 1992 movie, 'Juice,' the rapper also follows
    Slim Shady's footsteps, especially how he mocked pop culture's establishment in the
    late 90s.
    JUICE: At first I used to want to be like Eminem or Tyler, the Creator.
    I used to say wild ass shit to get people's attention.
    JACQUES: Drake reportedly laughed off that bar.
    JACQUES: Another inspiration is Juice's extensive references to prescription drugs
    - found throughout much of Em's early work.
    JACQUES: In April 2018, Eminem celebrated 10 years of sobriety, which is a long way
    from the addiction that almost took his life.
    EMINEM: Xanax, Valium, tomato, tomato, you know what I mean?
    The same thing.
    It's all in the same family, fuck it, take it.
    Had I got to the hospital two hours later, I would've died.
    JACQUES: Juice has his share of wreckless drug use on his own raps.
    JACQUES: But in addition to making an effort to stay sober, Juice seeks to highlight the
    realism of drug addiction.
    JUICE: I try not to make it completely a positive, like, connotation about it?
    Because realistically doing drugs you'll die.
    JACQUES: And like Eminem, this leads him to explore his own mortality.
    JACQUES: The rehab setting in "Lean Wit Me" appears to take inspiration from Eminem's
    "When I'm Gone."
    COUNSELOR: Alright, so we'll get into the big book and the twelve steps a little later
    tonight but I always love to hear everyone's stories...Why don't you talk tonight?
    COUNSELOR: Is there anyone else who would like to share with us tonight?
    EMINEM: Uh, yea.
    JACQUES: Finally, Eminem's influence can be found in Juice WRLD's lyrical violence
    against women.
    JACQUES: "Fine China" isn't the only instance of Juice saying something of this nature.
    JACQUES: For the record, Juice WRLD has not been accused of any violence against women
    and these seem to be fictional metaphors.
    Eminem, on the other hand, has had to grapple with the real life effects of his lyrics - notably
    on his song, "Kim," which he performed at a show with his ex-wife in the audience
    to disastrous results.
    KIM: I got into a car accident on the way home I was so upset.
    And um, I made it home and I just, I couldn't not gather my senses, I just...and I went
    upstairs in my bathroom and I slit my wrists. And ended up in the hospital.
    JACQUES: Eminem explored Kim's suicide attempt
    on the aforementioned "When I'm Gone."
    JACQUES: Eminem apologized later on in his career.
    JACQUES: Juice WRLD wears his influences on his sleeve and we'll see where his path takes him.
    JACQUES: I'm Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge
    behind the music.
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