How Parents Are Influencing Their Teen Daughters – And Not In A Positive Way

How Parents Are Influencing Their Teen Daughters – And Not In A Positive Way
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    People have a personal truth.
    Everybody out here- everybody at home-
    Everybody in this audience has a personal truth.
    And I look at you and you are in a marriage
    that is mentally and emotionally abusive.
    And you put up with it because
    that's what you think you deserve.
    That's all I know.
    And believe you me, you are teaching them how men behave.
    You are teaching them what to expect.
    You are teaching them what they should expect from a man:
    That he is going to lie, that he is going to cheat,
    that he is going to steal, that he is going to be deceptive,
    that he is not to be trust- they will go find someone
    in your image. And they will marry that son of a bitch.
    And get exactly what you're getting to your wife.
    My older daughter has already done that and that's
    what I'm trying to get her away from if it's not too late.
    Well, then that validates what I'm telling you
    so you need to change what you're doing.
    Whether you two stay together or whether you don't,
    you need to change what you're doing.
    You need to teach these girls that you are not the
    image of what they need to be seeking in a partner
    and the best way to do that is to change your game.
    Now, should you guys get a divorce or not?
    I don't know because you've never worked on this marriage.
    I never worked on it.
    You've never worked on this long suffering
    and working are not the same thing.
    Give me 90 days of... no kidding...
    seriously working on this relationship
    and not being a prima donna diva,
    and hearing what is said by a hand-picked...
    therapist that I am going to arrange for the two of you.
    I am going to give you both a copy of a book I wrote
    a long time ago called, "Relationship Rescue."
    And that book is a lot of work.
    And it actually has a workbook with that book.
    And I want to give you a copy of that book.
    I'm going to give you a copy of that workbook.
    I'm going to give you an audio of that book
    so you can listen to it in your car,
    you can listen to it when you go to bed.
    I want you to immerse your- I want you to learn
    that book so much, you can teach it.
    Then I'm going to do the next level
    of something with you, I'm going to send you to a retreat
    as a couple,
    to a place called, "Onsite"
    Yes, sir.
    in Tennessee.
    Where you can really hit the reset button.
    Onsite is the worldwide leader in intensive workshops
    and they will work with you as a couple.
    They specialize in those that have been through
    emotional trauma and have mental health issues
    that invade their lives, invade their families.
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