How to Make Appetizer Trees By Rach's Culinary Team

How to Make Appetizer Trees By Rach's Culinary Team
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    So we're gonna make this mayonnaise
    and then the last element is heat
    and for that we have some croutons.
    But first, let's make a little mayonnaise.
    This is just an egg yolk, and I think people probably,
    have you ever made a mayonnaise before?
    I have not.
    Are you terrified?
    That is next-level.
    (Instructor laughs) I am terrified!
    And so, the way to,
    and a mayonnaise is an emulsion, which I like.
    Would you hold this bowl for me while I pour?
    Which I like to describe as
    a peace treaty between oil and water.
    So, if you just put oil and vinegar in a glass
    to make a vinaigrette, the oil will float to the top,
    And they stay separate. It'll separate, yes.
    But to come together and stay together
    and make a creamy third thing, you have to emulsify it,
    which is to convince them to stay together.
    You know, with a peace treaty.
    (Rachael laughs)
    It's marriage counseling, yeah (laughs).
    Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    Oh, that's another good way of describing it.
    So, one really important thing to do
    is to add the oil really slowly to the egg yolk.
    Yeah, yeah.
    Can you see that it's coming together?
    Yeah. It's barely
    drizzling, but see how
    beautiful that is It's much
    creamier. Yes.
    So, this is how we would make an emulsion
    and each egg yolk can hold about six ounces
    or three quarters of a cup, or a cup, of oil.
    Of oil.
    So, we're making one cup of mayonnaise here,
    but I'm gonna actually ruin this on purpose
    to show you how to fix it Okay.
    Because people are terrified.
    So, adding the oil too quickly
    There you go. pull the yeah, yeah you go.
    Yeah Yeah.
    Is what's gonna ruin it.
    So, you'll see it sort of Oh my gosh.
    It's all of sudden looking messy, oilier.
    Yeah, see.
    It all separates It separated, yeah.
    So, to bring it back together, one classic way
    is to use a whole new egg yolk.
    I don't love doing that because then you have to
    double how much mayonnaise you make.
    This is something one of my chefs taught me, a little trick.
    If you just put the whole thing into
    a pitcher and use the same dirty bowl
    with a little bit of the original stuff.
    I get a little bit of hot water from the tap
    (water running)
    Oooo. (laughs)
    Or room temperature water.
    Or room temperature water.
    I'm like, "Oh, nobody told Sabine
    "there's no hot water on the set."
    Or room temperature water, yeah, that's fine too.
    I think the real hot, hot water was a superstition
    Then you just do this thing that's funny.
    You make this... look there was barely any water in it,
    but it's just this foamy base because part of why
    they fell apart was there wasn't
    enough water for the two of them.
    Then you just add this back in-
    So, they started fighting again.
    Yeah, so I gave em some counseling.
    (audience applauds)
    It's like getting your kids to get along.
    Yeah, yeah.
    Once you do this, you'll see, it'll start
    to come back together into a nice creamy, creamy sauce.
    This becomes the base of our sauce.
    That's one of the reasons I love Caesar salad
    is it's based with mayonnaise.
    We're gonna add a little garlic,
    because all Caesar needs some good garlic in there.
    Then we have a bunch of different acids.
    We have some lemon juice here.
    Which, I love this sauce because it's so fatty, I feel
    like it needs to be balanced with quite a lot of acid.
    And Worcestershire, I adore.
    Let's add- You're my buddy.
    You can add some of that.
    You're sexy.
    Here's some vinegar.
    A little splash of Worcestershire.
    There's no such thing as too much Parmesan
    so we'll start with-
    Oh, yeah.
    We'll start with that.
    We basically added a little bit of everything.
    In fact, I put two... let's put all the...
    No such thing as too much anchioves.
    Anchovie's a natural salt.
    I'm just gonna finish it
    with a little pinch of salt and dress it
    with my hands, which is my favorite tools.
    You wanna throw some My mom always said...
    croutons in there for me? Yep.
    My mom always said the two most useful tools
    in the kitchen are attached to your arms.
    (audience applauds)
    I love you so much.
    Thank you.
    (audience cheering)
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