How To UNLOCK ALL Smash Bros Ultimate Characters FAST!

How To UNLOCK ALL Smash Bros Ultimate Characters FAST!
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    What is up guys our GT 85 here and today on the channel I want to show you guys a
    little trick on how to unlock Super Smash Brothers characters in Super Smash
    Brothers ultimate in a very fast manner so when you start out Super Smash
    Brothers ultimate you are pretty much set with the original n64 roster of
    characters at your disposal and you can play the world of light missions and
    unlock more characters but that sort of takes a lot of time I've heard it takes
    you know several several hours in order to unlock all these characters and
    honestly I'm a very casual Smash Brothers player I just like to play
    Smash Brothers just to play as the different characters I want to check out
    things like the Belmonts and I want all the characters as quickly as possible so
    doing something like that is cool if you like things like that but if you want a
    little bit of a quicker way Evon from the spawn cast actually helped me out
    with this and told me the fast way to unlock characters and I've been trying
    it and I've been building up my roster very quickly so I figured I would share
    this information with you guys now I don't know like I said I'm not big in
    the smash community this could be very well known this could be old news by now
    and maybe nobody will even care about this but if you do care hey here's a
    video for you so as you can see we are playing smash we have a new foe
    appearing which is obviously the squid inkling from splatoon 2 or 1 I guess
    doesn't really matter so we're just doing a stock I'm just doing stock
    battles right now 1v1 this game looks absolutely gorgeous by the way I'll be
    doing a full review of the game eventually but like I said I'm a very
    very casual smash brothers player so don't don't laugh at my abilities or
    lack thereof at Smash Brothers I'm not good at it I just have fun playing it
    and since then Tendo changed their YouTube policies I don't have to edit
    any of this I can just do this straight up no cuts no edits and show you guys
    how to do this so we're almost got rid of her we've almost got rid of our
    little inkling girl here get on up there we go game so now we have unlocked the
    inkling and we are going to close Smash Brothers now you might be saying
    yourself why would I close the game if I just got a new character well let's open
    the game up once again and maybe you can see what I'm doing here so by closing
    the game after unlocking a new character you then sort of get the game into a
    groove where it will just let you unlock characters one after another so I'm
    gonna show you guys pretty much what I mean by that we're gonna go right back
    into the game obviously and we're going to go right
    back to our stock missions just one stock battles come on game the intro is
    really cool in this game I really do like it so get right back into it and
    you can do this at any difficulty level as well from what I've seen so far so
    now you can see whenever it comes up alright so we've got our new roster we
    got our inkling girl added to the Forte and we have the characters that I've
    unlocked so far so we'll just go it smash again our Fox again let's let's do
    a level to make it easy as possible and we're gonna battle link so let's get
    link out of the way peek though chat god I remember that that was actually fun on
    the DS I remember me and my buddy used to go like when we go out to eat with
    his family we would bring our DS's and we were just like talk smack about
    people in the restaurants Peto chat because i mean why the hell not right no
    one no one knew what we were saying get out of here link link of mr. Chomsky
    alright so that is the end of that simple one stock nice quick easy 10 and
    then ready for the next battle what's this another FOA piers and now you can
    see so you basically just have to battle one person and then you get a new foe
    you beat the new foe you exit out of the game you go back into the game boom
    rinse and repeat baby it saves you a hell of a lot of time versus you know
    actually going through the world of light which is super fun like I like the
    world the light mode I think it's pretty cool and unique and I like getting all
    the different spirits and stuff like that but it's like I want as many
    characters as humanly possible at the start especially just to play around and
    do you know different missions or different battles and things like that
    just I just want to play as the character so
    this for me is very very handy one thing is if you do die on these you do kind of
    screw yourself and you got a got to restart the process but you know it's
    not a huge deal you can always just exit out and then you will be right back into
    it so not a huge process I'm being as cautious as possible here come on
    villager but the villagers giving me some trouble here get out here got a
    beat them clothes whoop alright so we're going to get the villager now villager
    has joined the battle let's close and we'll do it one more time just to show
    you guys that yes you can do this yes it does work and yes it is very very
    freaking handy so yeah that's that's pretty much it if you guys want to stick
    around and just see further proof that this method does work I urge you to do
    such I'm just gonna play a little bit more and show you guys this but yeah it
    definitely seems like a hell of a lot of a quicker route than actually going
    through the world of light mode which I think it takes like 30 to 40 hours if
    you do world of light in order to unlock all the characters and like that's cool
    but I would like for my review to be done sort of in a timely fashion
    obviously so as quick as possible is always good for me to get these
    characters so once again we're going to go to our menu here and you can see that
    villager is now available go with our good old buddy Fox I don't want to put
    it on one because then I feel like people will make fun of me in the
    comments I feel like if I'm level 2 like at least you can't bash me - too hard
    because you know flow - like it's not it's not complete noobs
    and you know I probably wouldn't win online maybe if I went up against like a
    five-year-old or something you know I could give them some business but I
    didn't want to check out the online because obviously the online and uh and
    something previous Smash Brothers has been questionable questionable at best
    as far as like latency and lag or concern like good lord some of those
    some of those missions were there some of those
    battles were damn near I'm playable whoo all right let's see its third time a
    charm will we get another character to unlock I believe we will Dona Ana no new
    foe so there you go folks that is all you have to do so this video has been
    going for like seven minutes and we've already gotten three new characters in
    just seven minutes so obviously this is a surefire method this is a very quick
    method to get all the characters unlocked in a very quick fashion so now
    I will have a formidable team of characters to play as and that makes me
    very excited so yeah like I said this is coming to us from Evan from the spawn
    cast I don't think spawn wave is gonna do a
    video on this so I was just you know I'm just gonna take it from him I guess but
    yeah very very cool I'm very happy that this exists and I am very happy that I
    will be able to have all these characters a lot quicker than first
    anticipated in the game but the game is awesome like Oh No well I screwed myself
    so that's kind of apropos but supposedly supposedly I can quit and then get right
    back into it so let's check that out and then we'll wrap up this video that's one
    thing I haven't told me if I lost that I could just still rinse and repeat get
    right back into it and I will have a character battle unlock so let's check
    that out real quick because if that's the case then that's really cool too
    because I shouldn't have lost that battle I wasn't I wasn't you know super
    weak damn you smash brothers damn you smash brothers
    let's get into it
    random don't care so I believe we still will have to fight one person first and
    then we get the and then we get the unlock battle alright so let's take out
    Sheik real quick and then we will see if we get the unlock battle and then I will
    if I get the unlock battle I'll just wrap up this video cuz there's no point
    in watching me do another unlock battle and potentially losing because I'm not a
    good smash player where's Pikmin 4 by the way ah you got
    saved do you know that I've never really gotten into the Pikmin series I've never
    really played any of them oh there we go alright so let's see if we get another
    battle another character unlock
    hopefully we do because that would be really cool awesome so now we have
    another character battle looks like Toon link so yea this method is tried and
    true if you want to unlock characters or young link excuse me if you want to
    unlock characters very quickly this is the way to do it so simply put you do a
    stock you get whenever you get a new challenge or battle you beat the new
    Challenger you exit out you go to the menu you close Smash Brothers you open
    up Smash Brothers just do a 1 stock and then you will get after your first fight
    you'll get another character to unlock so I just wanted to share this with you
    guys I hope this is still pertinent information hope this is valuable
    information and as always thank you for checking out this video if you're new to
    the channel make sure you subscribe we'll have a Smash Brothers review up in
    a couple days and as always I will catch you guys on the next video later
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