3 Easy Shoe Shining Steps that Work like a Charm!

3 Easy Shoe Shining Steps that Work like a Charm!
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    Oh yeah!
    Guys, it takes three things to be a man.
    One, you gotta take care of your family.
    Two, do not overcook your steaks.
    Yeah, it's about right.
    And three, you gotta know how to shine your own shoes.
    I'm not talking about professional shoe shine, like high gloss finish.
    Just a basic shoe shine to keep your shoes looking sharp and in good shape.
    So, this steak needs to rest a while before breakfast. Let's go inside and I'll show you
    how to do that.
    So for a basic shoe shine we just need three things.
    We need a damp rag. Not wet just slightly damp.
    We need some shoe polish.
    And then a brush or a very soft rag we use at the end.
    So the first step is just clean off the shoes.
    That's what the damp rag is for.
    And it can't be wet.
    It just needs to be ever so slightly damp.
    Just gets off any surface dirt and things like that.
    And I should say it's important when you're shining your shoes, keep the shoe trees in
    That way it kind of keeps the leather taught and gives you something to press against.
    Really your shoes should all be kept with shoe trees anyhow, right?
    We've talked about this before.
    If you're not doing that by now you're kind of screwing up.
    You're kind of a bad person.
    And then we work with the shoe polish.
    So there's all sorts of different products that you can buy out there.
    They all say that they're the best.
    Pretty much I just like something that has some color plus some kind of shoe conditioner
    in it.
    That way it kind of takes two steps and combines them into one.
    Part of the deal with the shoe polish is that it helps reinvigorate the color, right?
    And the other part it does, it helps condition the leather.
    So over time the leather will dry out and we don't want that.
    Or it will start to crack, not good.
    So this one has a kind of applicator pad.
    You just pour it out a little bit.
    Maybe the size of like a aspirin tablet or something like that.
    A little bit goes a long way.
    You don't want too much.
    And then we just spread it all around.
    So it will just take a second.
    And so what this does, it kind of conditions the leather again, moisturizes it.
    If there's any parts of the shoe that are particularly scratched up or scuffed, you
    know, work on that area a little bit more.
    And this is probably what takes the most part of a shoe shine.
    Super fun stuff.
    And what this does, this is all just kind of a quick shoe shine.
    There's a whole bunch of other ones we can do: heel dressings and different layers of
    wax. But that all just takes more time and this will suffice for something easy.
    Pretty much as long as you have dark brown, light brown and black that will pretty much
    cover all the shoes you have.
    So last step is to take the brush or the soft rag.
    I prefer the brush.
    And that just kind of brushes off the excess.
    So it's kind of like waxing a car.
    Where you kind of buff off the excess wax at the end.
    And this will just kind of reveal a nice shine.
    And guys might ask, "Well, how often should I do this?"
    And this is kind of a tough question.
    Basically I would tell you, "When it looks like it needs it."
    So if it looks like it's dirty and finger prints all of there.
    Great, shine them up.
    Otherwise, since part of what this is for is to keep the leather in good shape, I would
    still say, even if you are not wearing your shoes at all, still have them shined maybe
    once every three or four months.
    Just by sitting in your closet the leather is going to dry out over time.
    So that's about it.
    Have fun shining your shoes.
    I think my steak is properly rested and ready for breakfast.
    Oh yeah.
    Hah, maybe I did overcook it.
    If you have any ideas of any topics I should do future videos on, let me know.
    I'm always looking for them.
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