3 Steps To Better Wifi in NYC

3 Steps To Better Wifi in NYC
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    - Wi-Fi in New York City offices is the WORST.
    Here's what you can do to make yours better.
    First, density.
    New York City offices are small,
    giving the impression that one router
    will cover the entire space.
    That may be true, but each device is going
    to get very little airtime.
    Rule of thumb for a single access point: is 50 devices.
    Anything more than that
    and you'll suffer performance issues.
    Second factor, signal issues.
    All of those cool materials that you love about your office,
    that brick facade, those glass cubicles,
    those are blocking your wireless signal.
    For the best performance,
    your wireless access points should be mounted
    out in the open where your devices can see them.
    Final factor, internet service provider.
    Many businesses use cable
    because that's been the standard for 50 years.
    The wiring's already in the building,
    it's good to go, it's easy.
    But you are actually sharing that connection
    with your neighbors.
    For a more consistent internet experience,
    get yourself a dedicated connection.
    These three factors are just the beginning
    of having excellent Wi-Fi.
    There's so much more to know,
    and you really owe it to yourselves
    to call the pros at JS Tech:
    We're here to help.
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