4 SIMPLE Steps To Make Money Online

4 SIMPLE Steps To Make Money Online
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    Mr. here in my garage Tai Lopez has mastered the way of making money online
    owning multiple supercars in living a rock star lifestyle Tai has been able to
    create a high standard of living for himself through selling items online in
    this video I will outline the four steps Tai uses to make over $100,000 a day
    from his online businesses step number one find common household items to sell
    many people believe that to be successful online you must sell
    innovative items however this is simply not the case
    - I recommend selling common goods like candles and books as these are the most
    sought-after items since they are used on a day to day basis for example Tai
    has taken his own advice and has recently created a business selling
    glasses called sejuani's also by selling common items you avoid the challenge of
    convincing buyers of the benefits of your products since they already use
    them in their own lives step number two use Shopify click funnels or Amazon to
    sell your goods now that you've chosen a product you
    must find a channel you can use to make sales while it is entirely possible to
    sell through your own personal website getting enough traffic to make sales can
    be difficult instead it is advised that you leverage the pre-existing traffic of
    sites like Amazon or harness the power of click funnels to drive sales
    therefore step 2 is to sign up for a Shopify click funnel or Amazon account
    and create an e-commerce shop that will host your products which can then be
    seen by the millions of users on these sites step number 3 connect your
    accounts to a credit card processor and business bank account once your shop is
    set up you need to ensure that you can collect proceeds from your sales to do
    this you must set up a credit card processor to start for people who are
    new to online business a processor like stripe offers a low-cost method of
    collecting payments and services like PayPal can offer extended services for
    more intermediate users once your payment processor is set up you must
    open a business bank account doing this allows you to transfer the cash that is
    collected on your stripe or PayPal into physical currency finally opening
    a business bank account will be required for tax reporting purposes if you decide
    to incorporate your newly founded business step number
    four white label your products and dropship them the final step in making
    money online as explained by Tai Lopez is to white label your products and
    dropship them white labeling involves sourcing the products you want to sell
    and putting your own brand label on them which the suppliers can do for you once
    this is done your products are now complete and ready to sell well many
    people who sell online store hundreds of items at their house or in their garage
    drop shipping offers a more flexible and hassle-free way to sell online once
    purchase orders are placed at your ecommerce store you can then notify your
    supplier to ship your products directly to the end-user effectively eliminating
    any storage fees that normally come with selling physical products once the goods
    are received and the payment is finalized step four can be repeated over
    and over generating you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day thanks for
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