4 steps to double your creative income & charge what you're worth

4 steps to double your creative income & charge what you're worth
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    - Hey friends, are you still charging
    way less than you should be?
    Yeah, a lot of you are.
    So meet me in the video and let's figure this out.
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    Let me tell you a story about a designer
    than early in her career, she really was seeing already,
    maybe year three or four that she just was never
    going to get there financially at the rate the was charging.
    And so she hired a coach and in a very short time,
    she quadrupled her income, huge game-changing moment.
    Guess what?
    That designer was me and in year four of my business,
    I hired a coach and I remember how terrified I was
    to charge the way she taught me.
    And it was such a huge amount of money
    compared to what I had charged in the past, but guess what?
    I pitched it and instantly the client said yes
    and I thought, I left so much money on the table.
    So I raised my rates on the next job and the next job
    and the next job, and before I knew it,
    I had gone from a measly hourly rate
    to five and six figure design fees
    and getting the jobs of my dreams.
    So what happened, what changed, how did that work?
    Let's break it down together, okay?
    First, let me tell you
    about one of my favorite quotes on this topic.
    Alan Weiss who wrote a book called Value-Based Fees
    says in his book that consultants
    don't really charge what the client will pay
    based on the client's value of what you do,
    but instead, they charge based on the consultants,
    that's me and you, based on our low self-esteem, right?
    So we're really not even thinking
    about what our worth is to the client,
    we're thinking about our worth as our self worth
    and that's a really tricky spot to be.
    So you've gotta really dig in and figure out
    what it is you do of value
    and then start charging for that.
    So let's think about this for a minute,
    are you charging the going rate in your area?
    Did you just look around
    and see what other people are charging or did you think,
    well, that guy is charging X amount of dollars
    and I'm way less experienced than him
    so I have to charge a fraction of what he charges.
    Well let me tell you something,
    charging the going rate often means
    you're charging the going out of business rate
    because you have no idea
    what that person's business looks like,
    you aren't looking at his books,
    you haven't seen his financials,
    you don't know if he's barely hanging on by a thread
    or he's actually making money.
    So that is definitely not the way to decide your fees.
    The other thing I want you to think about
    is possibly the reason
    you're not making the money that you'd like to
    is because you aren't putting anything
    of really high value out into the world.
    If you're creating designs like I would in interior design
    and what you're doing is just taking things
    that are readily available in the market
    and maybe making a pretty room out of it,
    that's not that valuable.
    Clients can find those products
    and that kind of help all over the place.
    A lot of times, even the help, the labor part is free
    so you've gotta really think, what can I do
    that's gonna change my clients' lives?
    What can I do that's gonna create
    an emotional impact for them?
    What can I do to really solve my clients' key problems?
    When you do that, charging what you're worth
    becomes so much easier.
    And you have to remember that the consumer
    is always changing,
    today's consumer or buyer as we call them
    is far different than they were
    just two or three or five years ago.
    So you have to stay on top
    of who your ideal consumer or client is
    and what it is that they really want or need
    because if you can stay on top of that,
    if you compare solving their problems
    with charging your worth,
    that's when the magic really happens.
    So a few years ago,
    I decided that I didn't need to be the only designer
    with all of this great pricing information,
    I wanted to share it with the world
    and our industry and that's when I created
    my signature course,
    my most popular course ever, Designer MBA,
    and now Designer MBA is only available
    inside of my Design You Coaching Program and in fact,
    it's all new content based on today's consumer
    that I just created recently
    and it's definitely a course you don't wanna miss
    if you're still struggling with charging what you're worth.
    So join me in the Design You Program
    because you can't afford to wait another minute
    to start charging what you're worth.
    Let me be that coach that I had for you.
    So thanks for watching today
    and I'll see you again really soon.
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