5 Ultimate Steps For Choosing The Right Career

5 Ultimate Steps For Choosing The Right Career
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    Careers. This is a seriously important topic. I recently came across several
    videos about finding the right career path and they all focused on one main
    thing sustainability while sustainability is valuable I can't help
    but feel that they missed some of the most important things everyone should focus
    on when it comes to their career I mean it's only the most important decision of
    your life. No big deal so in this Sign of Life video I'm gonna
    share the five steps for choosing the right career but first intro
    okay so I gotta get something off my chest first - I resent the word career. I
    just don't like what it represents. There - I said it
    it's an unpopular opinion I know - but try to hear me out
    career: an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life
    and with opportunities for progress. There's this acceptance that everyone
    needs to have a career. So what's so wrong about it? To begin with young
    adults feel extremely pressured because society expects them to choose a career
    path as early as possible. The longer they wait the more likely they are to
    compromise just to get it over with. The financial struggle that comes with being
    independent and the unavoidable comparison to others: I heard
    Jacqueline's son is going to be a doctor! those are two other key factors that
    forces young adults to make a rushed decision. This burden is felt by
    teenagers too! I bet all the teenagers watching now are like - "he's right!" parents
    and teachers both tell them that without good grades they'll never get into a
    good college and they'll have limited options for their career
    Jacqueline's son got very good grades! the funny thing is we enjoy waving the
    its 2019 flag every time an all school behavior that should leave this world
    appears yet at the same time we ignore our own old-school way of life. Seriously
    how does it still make sense to pick and stick to one occupation throughout
    your entire life? Is it just because we're looking for self-determination?
    saying I'm a doctor or I am a writer does feel nice because it gives a sense of
    purpose to your life but it's also very limiting. Are you just a writer? are you
    just a doctor? 200 years ago people used to follow their father's profession. It
    served a very clear purpose - survival. Then universities were established and
    those who could afford them were finally able to acquire a different
    occupation than their parents and now I feel like it's time to wave that it's
    2019 flag again we no longer need to commit to one
    occupation for the rest of our lives! But it's hard to think otherwise especially
    if you already chose your career path and that means you're already invested
    in her book "What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20" Tina Seelig says that we tend to
    convince ourselves that all the years we devoted to something must be worthwhile
    even if we feel miserable at work. Many people feel unfulfilled in their current
    occupation. Maybe you're one of those people - counting the minutes till the end
    of the workday. Sounds familiar? but because you're already invested you
    don't dare to ask yourself should I change my occupation? Instead we'd like
    to believe that there is something wrong with our workplace - the pay isn't good
    enough or maybe it's the terrible boss and the boring colleagues. There are two
    reasons why we're not open to the idea of changing our occupation - firstly it
    means to start all over again and secondly it's that shame. The truth is
    there's nothing wrong with having one occupation throughout your entire life
    that's if you're staying passionate about it of course. But there's nothing
    wrong about having multiple occupations too. We're all individuals and there isn't
    one concept that simply works for everyone. So without further ado here are
    the five steps you need to follow in order to choose your best career path
    number one don't limit yourself. Avoid the annoying question "what do you do?"
    which implies that anyone can just sum up their entire life into one title. In
    fact stop doing anything that can limit your self belief. You are allowed to
    change and you owe explanations only to yourself
    number two define your passions. Work takes the majority of our time so we
    better be thrilled about what we do. A good paycheck might seem exciting but
    that excitement fades away within weeks you need to be excited every day when
    you wake up. This can only happen once you know what your passions are and it's
    much simpler than it sounds. Deep down you know what drives you and in case you
    don't or you're not sure - here's a good rule of thumb: think of the things that
    you do or used to do that are interesting and fun so much that you can
    skip a meal by accident or stay up all night. Number three what is your dream
    workday? allow yourself to imagine. What would you
    like to get up to? What would you like to do every day? Do not focus on why your
    ideal day isn't realistic or why it's impossible to earn any money from it
    that's just your granny talking in your head. Have I told you about Jacqueline's
    Son? While she has good intentions she and Jacqueline's son are not you. Write
    down your fantasy - how your ideal workday will look like. Get specific in terms of
    the actual work you're going to do, your desired flexibility, the people you're
    gonna work with and the goals you're going to achieve. Step number four get
    going! There's no need to compromise. You don't need to become a butcher just
    because your father is. If you know what your ideal work day is then you have a
    clear vision of what you actually want to pursue. Now if you're not sure whether
    this type of work is actually real then try to consult with people who work in
    that field. You know what? There's a good chance that your ideal concept of
    occupation actually exists. Wait - but what if it doesn't? Well then you'll be the
    first one to do it take Veritasium for example - a guy who is
    passionate about both video making and science. Two different things. Today with
    YouTube it might sound trivial but for a long time back when he started he
    couldn't find a way to pursue his passions but he didn't give up
    eventually he found a way to combine both his loves and he started a YouTube
    channel which we now know as Veritasium this is the true essence of
    entrepreneurship - defining your ideal occupation and making it happen. Step
    number five it's never too late to change. Whether you worked as a PA in a
    law firm for the past five years or recently decided to enroll to medicine
    studies - it's never too late to change understanding this step is as crucial as
    all the previous ones. Any expert investor knows that you don't want to
    hold on to a bad investment. At some point you have to accept your loss. Life
    is very much the same. Changes and new investments are required for continued
    growth. Before I finish this video I'd like to stress out the importance of
    being occupied with something you're truly passionate about
    obviously this is the best way to live a fulfilled life but there's more to it
    it's quite simple - if you're not passionate about what you do then you're
    not gonna be motivated to do it either unmotivated people can never excel. We
    need a world full of entrepreneurs doctors engineers web developers
    teachers politicians musicians writers who are all pioneers. We need people who
    do groundbreaking work who advanced the world forward with new ideas concepts
    and inventions. So let's not forget one thing before we choose our path: It's
    2019. Thanks so much for watching this Sign of Life video. If you think this
    video will help anyone that you know someone that is looking for the right
    career path or wants to change their occupation please share it with them
    just before you go I'd like you to comment below and tell me what your ideal
    occupation is. Also click all the right buttons if you want to see more videos
    like this one and don't forget it's never too late to fulfill yourself
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