class:-4 Undo single or multiple steps & History panel.(learn Photoshop in basic English language)

class:-4 Undo single or multiple steps & History panel.(learn Photoshop in basic English language)
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    Photoshop gives you lots of flexibility to change the edits that you make in
    this video we'll explore how to undo redo and step back in time as you're
    editing you can follow along with this file from the practice files for this
    tutorial or an image of your own let's start by making some paint strokes on
    this image select the brush tool in the tools panel then go over to the swatches
    panel and click on a color there you can use any color that you like move into
    the image and make a brush stroke by the way if your brush tip isn't big enough
    go up to the options bar for the brush tool click on the brush picker and set
    the size there I'll click off of that picker to close it let's make a couple
    more strokes go to the swatches panel again select another color and stroke
    and let's do that one more time so let's say that you want to get rid of the last
    action that you did in Photoshop in this case making that pink stroke the quick
    way to do that is to use a keyboard shortcut command + Z on the Mac or ctrl
    + C on Windows which I'll do now and the pink stroke goes away I can bring it
    back by pressing command + C again or ctrl + C again so that keyboard shortcut
    is a toggle for undoing and redoing the last action that you took if you prefer
    to use a menu command rather than the shortcut you can go up to the Edit menu
    and there you can choose undo and Photoshop even tells you what action
    you're going to undo and then edit and redo now what if you want to undo more
    than just one step in that case go up to the Edit menu and this time choose step
    backward and you can do that up to 50 times by default and each time your
    stepping back one action one step in time similarly
    you can step forward one step at a time edit step forward edit step forward
    edit step forward there's one more way that you can step through time in
    Photoshop and that's using the history panel the history panel is located here
    in this collapsed column of panels if you don't see it go up to the window
    menu and choose history I'm going to expand this panel by moving down to its
    bottom bar until I see a double pointed arrow and then dragging down so what we
    see in this panel is a separate bar for each action that I just took on this
    image open and then three strokes with the brush tool keep your eye on the
    panel as I make another stroke my fourth stroke was just recorded in the history
    panel - now let's use another tool to see how it's recorded
    go to the tools panel and this time select the dodge tool which is used to
    make things lighter the Dodge tool also has a brush tip just like the brush tool
    to make the Dodge tool tip bigger go up to the options bar for this tool and
    there you have a size slider that you can drag and then click in a blank area
    to close the brush picker now come into the image and let's drag over the leaf a
    couple times each time I release my mouse and then drag again another Dodge
    tool state is recorded here in the history panel the beauty of having these
    states in the history panel is that you can step back through them one by one
    like this or you can jump to a particular state like this and each time
    you do that everything in the image changes to the way it looked at that
    state at that point in time you also can step forward or jump forward in time in
    the history panel like this two things to keep in mind about the history panel
    if you do go back to a previous state let's go back here and then you do
    something else let's say I dodge in this area of the image keep your eye on the
    history panel and you'll see that everything after the state I'd gone back
    to disappears it's as if you went back to a fork in the road and took a
    different path everything on the first road beyond the fork disappears and the
    second thing to keep in mind is that when you close the image whether or not
    you save it your history disappears the next time you open the image the
    history panel will be cleared out and we'll start again with a fresh history
    now if the history panel isn't your cup of tea you can rely on the simple
    commands in the Edit menu instead undo for single undos and step backward for
    multiple undos either way you have lots of flexibility to correct any mistakes
    or try new approaches as you edit an image
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