How to Make your Business Legal in 5 easy steps

How to Make your Business Legal in 5 easy steps
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    Well Hello! My name is Renee Lamb and I am your job exit strategist. You will learn how
    to become a legit company, painless. Cause you don't want your SSN floating out there
    or the IRS wanting to talk to you. What she said! Watch till the end to get a surprise
    to help you even more and its Free.
    Step 1. Pick a Business name. Pro-tip: Name it after yourself and then register a Dba
    (do business as) for that clever name or a product that you can market out. Doing it
    this way is if you do not like the DBA, you can stop using it and never go through the
    hassle of changing your legal business name.
    Step 2. Get Tax ID - also referred as EIN (Employer Identification Number). This number
    will be crucial when you open your business bank account. It is also much safer to have
    out in the internet, than your social security number.
    Step 3. Registered Agent. You do this if you do not want your home address out there in
    the public. This applies to homebased business (online business). Some options to get business
    address (which must be a physical address, not a P.O. box if you do a LLC)
    A. Virtual office spaces, or�virtual business addresses�provide you with a professional-looking�mailing
    address B. USPS's Street Addressing for PO boxes
    C. Co-working Space- co-working spaces provide you with a more professional mailing address
    to use for your business and meeting and conference rooms you can use.
    Step 4. Choose your business structure and register with your Secretary of State office.
    The business structure should start with is an LLC (limited Liability Company). It gives
    you great protection and the easiest to handle with paperwork. You can always move to S-corp.
    or Corporation later down the line.
    Step 5. Permits or License � depending on what your home-based business you may have
    to have a permit. For instance, if you are a cupcake baker, health inspections or zoning
    rules. Check it out to be on the safe side.
    Let's quickly recap the steps: Step 1. Pick a Business name
    Step 2. Get Tax ID Step 3. Registered Agent
    Step 4. Choose your business structure and register with your Secretary of State office
    Step 5. Permits or License
    If you are still wanting more information on making your business legal in your specific
    state. Find my Legalize Your U.S. Business below. There's a link below this video
    where you can download it entirely FREE Thanks for watching! Go ahead and like, comment,
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