How to organize your bathroom cabinet (4 steps)

How to organize your bathroom cabinet (4 steps)
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    I get a lot of requests for a video on how to
    declutter a bathroom cabinet.
    So that's what I'm going to do in this video
    and this is my bathroom cabinet, behind me.
    Now, I'm going to confess: I've actually messed it up
    for this video. It's not in its usual state.
    What I've tried to do is replicate the sort of thing that I
    see when I work with people in their bathrooms.
    So let's have a look.
    So you'll see that it's kinda messy inside.
    There's a combination of medicines and toiletries and
    cleaning materials and so on
    and something fell out when I opened the door,
    and it's all messed up inside,
    and we need to sort it out.
    So the first thing to do, as always,
    is to get everything out, so let's do that now.
    So there we go. It's amazing how much one bathroom cabinet can hold.
    I've left this one thing in it because it's leaked a bit
    and it needs a wipe, and the second thing to do is
    to give the whole thing a wipe out
    so it can be drying, ready for stuff to go back in it
    once we've sorted it out. So I'm gonna do that now.
    Alright. Now let's start going through all this stuff.
    Space is a little tight here so I hope you can see what I'm doing.
    I'm gonna use these two baskets to corral
    some of the items.
    It's a really good idea to corral some of the items inside the cupboard.
    I'm going to use one for medicines
    and I'm gonna use one for some of the toiletry, cosmetics
    items that I can lie down.
    What I'm doing here is I'm going through and sorting out
    the medicines and putting them into this red container.
    I'm checking each one to see if it's still in date
    and, if it's badly out of date, I'm gonna get rid of it.
    I'm gonna take it to...for example, that is
    very badly out of date.
    So I'm gonna take that to a pharmacy.
    That's the best thing to do with them in the UK
    is to take them to a pharmacy for disposal.
    It's a bit different in The States.
    You need to look that up on the FDA's website
    as to the best way of disposing of medicines in your area.
    This one is one of those - you're supposed to take it
    and it stops a cold starting
    and I don't actually think it does anything,
    so I'm actually going to get rid of that.
    It was a bad buy so that's gonna go.
    That can go over there.
    And now, in the yellow crate, which is here -
    it's a bit short of space here but the yellow crate,
    which is just off camera here, that's where
    I'm starting to put toiletries rather than medicines.
    And I've also got lots of toilet rolls.
    Now they're gonna go - I'm gonna put them in a section
    of the cupboard there, once it's dried out
    so I'm just gonna move them to one side so that
    when that's dry, I can put them all in one shelf
    of the cupboard.
    I've got several containers of talcum powder here.
    You only need to keep one spare of each thing.
    I'm gonna keep these 'til I've used them up.
    But I'm not gonna buy any more talcum powder
    until I'm down to the one that's in use
    and one spare.
    And then, when I start using the spare
    I'll add talcum powder to my shopping list
    so I'll always have one spare so i don't actually run out.
    Well I changed my mind as I was going through there
    and I've ended up putting, in this container,
    Most of my medicines are in there
    and that container's gonna go up there.
    And then in THIS container
    is - it's still medicines but I found I had an awful lot of -
    I had too much for one basket and I had a lot of
    the same kind of thing.
    This front section is all, kind of, painkillers:
    ibuprofen, paracetamol and so on
    so that's all at the front there
    and, at the back there, is spare tooth things like
    a spare toothbrush head, toothpaste and floss.
    And that's gonna go there.
    OK, and then that leaves me with the toilet rolls, which
    I'm gonna put back in that bottom left-hand corner.
    And the other stuff that I'm left with is stuff that I use
    often, so I'm gonna put that at the front of the cabinet
    and stuff that needs to stand up
    and so it needs to go in a high section like that.
    And I'm gonna put right at the back
    the stuff that i don't use very often.
    So, for example, I don't use cough mixture very often
    but I want it when I need it so it's gonna go
    at the back behind this pipe
    where it's not that accessible
    but I can get it if I need it
    and it'll stand up safely and won't get knocked over
    as I get other things out of the cupboard.
    Again, as I fill this section, I'm putting
    towards the back the things that I use less often
    and the things I use more often
    are gonna go toward the front
    There we go. I'll tilt the camera back up.
    Right, there we go. You can see that's much neater now.
    I can access things much easier.
    When I need to get medicines,
    I can go to one of these two containers.
    When I need toilet rolls, they're easily accessible.
    Other stuff is easily accessible:
    the stuff that i use there on the top right.
    And I've got a few things to get rid of
    and that's my bathroom cabinet all organised.
    In terms of moving on toiletries and cosmetics.
    So, for example, if I don't want this bubble bath,
    if it's completely sealed, if it's got a seal across the top,
    then you can give it to a charity shop or a thrift store.
    But if, like this one, it's actually open inside,
    they can't sell them. They can't take them usually.
    So the best thing to do with those is to put them
    on your local Freecycle group.
    I find a mixed bag of toiletries and cosmetics
    tends to go really well.
    So there you go!
    Toiletries and cosmetics in your bathroom cabinet,
    and medicines, all organised.
    I hope you found that video helpful.
    Like. Share. Subscribe. And I'll see you in the next video.
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