Lectio Divina: Steps to Hear God in Prayer

Lectio Divina: Steps to Hear God in Prayer
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    - Do you wanna go deeper in your prayers?
    Do you want to experience the living word of God,
    and hear God whispering into your heart?
    Well, Lectio Divina is one of my favorite methods of prayer.
    One that's been around for centuries,
    and has helped people really dive into God's word,
    and open up their heart for him to speak into your heart,
    through the words on those pages.
    In today's video we're gonna dive into Lectio Divina so
    you can experience it for yourself.
    I'm Kathryn Shirey and thanks for joining us back here
    at Prayer & Possibilities for another episode
    in our How To Pray series.
    Keep watching and you're gonna learn all about Lectio Divina
    and how you can use it in your prayer life.
    So what is Lectio Divina?
    Well those words translate as Divine Reading,
    and it's a form of meditative prayer,
    focused on God's word.
    It's taking a passage in the Bible,
    and not reading it for study or deep understanding,
    of the words,
    rather letting the words speak to you.
    It's praying and meditating over a passage,
    reading it, so that God can speak
    through it into your heart.
    And it's a form of prayer that's been around over
    the centuries made popular by St. Benedict
    and Pope Gregory back in the 6th century used
    in many, many monastic communities,
    as well as across the denominations today.
    This prayer form is used widely across the Catholic
    and Protestant denominations,
    and is a fantastic way for you to go deeper
    in your prayer life.
    We're gonna go over all of the steps to Lectio Divina so
    that you can experience it for yourself,
    in your prayer life.
    So Lectio Divina has four basic parts to it.
    It's been described as a way to feast on God's word,
    that you first, you take a bite.
    You're going to read the passage.
    Second, you're gonna chew it up.
    You're going to meditate over the words in the passage
    and see what God has in there for you.
    Third, you're gonna savor its essence.
    You're gonna pray through that passage of whatever word
    or phrase God has laid on your heart,
    and lastly you're gonna digest it,
    you're gonna make it a part of you,
    deeply reflecting, and responding to God,
    with how you're going to take what you've heard
    and make it a part of your life.
    I love this quote from St. John of the Cross,
    as he explains the different steps of Lectio Divina,
    he says, Seek in reading,
    you will find in meditation.
    Knock in prayer and it will be open to you in contemplation.
    So reading, meditating, prayer, and contemplation.
    Those are the four steps that we're gonna talk through
    of how you can pray through Lectio Divina.
    First you're gonna go find a passage to read.
    Now we're not looking for a whole chapter,
    or something long that you might go pick to study.
    Really a couple of verses is enough here.
    So for our first step,
    we're going to start by reading the passage.
    And you're gonna wanna read it a few times.
    Read through it first, slowly,
    then read through it a second, a third,
    maybe even a fourth time, until those words begin
    to just roll around in your head.
    Listen for which word or phrase begins
    to bubble up out of that.
    Now we're not looking for something like the main point,
    or the summary of the passage.
    You're looking for what word or phrase God catches
    in your heart.
    It may not be the main phrase in the passage.
    It might just be a word that God needs
    to speak to you about today.
    So be attentive as you listen,
    as you roll these words of this passage around in your mind,
    listen, and see what catches in your heart.
    One other way I love to do this is to use an app,
    so you could use the Pray as you go app,
    or use an audio Bible app,
    and listen to somebody else read it,
    it's a fantastic way to open up your mind
    to really hear the words, if someone's reading it to you
    while you're in a quiet state.
    After you've read through the passage,
    now you're gonna sit and meditate for bit on this passage.
    On whatever word or phrase God really placed in your heart.
    Spend some time in the quiet.
    No words, you may have some soft music on,
    if you really need help to fucus,
    but this is a time to sit quietly and meditate
    and think about what is God saying to me through
    this word or this phrase?
    Let it roll around in your mind,
    and think about what is God saying today?
    How is he speaking into your heart,
    and what could that mean for your life today?
    After you've spent some time meditating and pondering
    on the word or the phrase that God has placed in your heart,
    now it's time to pray
    and offer that back to him in response.
    So pray through what that word or phrase means.
    What you've heard God speaking into your heart,
    and how you think you need to respond to him.
    Offer up your thanksgivings, your confessions,
    ask questions to God.
    This is your chance to get into conversation with him
    about what he's speaking to you about through this passage.
    So as you close in your prayer,
    sit in the silence.
    Just be with God.
    Enjoy this moment with him,
    really taking to heart what he's spoken to you,
    through his word,
    and how you've responded.
    Consider what you'll do next after this prayer time.
    How will this impact your life?
    How will this impact the next steps for you?
    Will anything change in your actions or your behaviors,
    or your thoughts?
    It's a time to be with God.
    Enjoy his presence,
    and contemplate what this prayer means for you.
    So there you have it, the four basic steps
    to pray Lectio Divina,
    it sounds complicated.
    It sounds all of these formal Latin words,
    but it's really just praying through scripture.
    Letting the words of scripture speak
    into your heart.
    So find a small verse.
    Read through it a few times.
    Let God put a word or phrase out of there on your heart
    and then listen to him.
    Listen to what he wants to speak into your heart,
    through that word or that phrase.
    Respond back to him in prayer,
    and contemplate what that means for your life.
    This should be a quiet meditative prayer.
    A way to just spend time in God's presence,
    in God's word.
    I hope you've enjoyed it.
    I would love to hear your experiences with Lectio Divina.
    What are some of your favorite verses to pray?
    I'm gonna put some of my favorite verses down
    in the comments,
    so you can try it out for yourself.
    I'd love to hear some of yours as well.
    So will you comment below with what verses do you
    love to pray with Lectio Divina,
    and what other tools or sites have you found
    that help you pray through Lectio Divina?
    Again, I'll leave a few of my favorites down in the comments
    but I wanna hear from you, too.
    Thanks for joining me here today
    on Prayer & Possibilities for this video
    on how to pray through Lectio Divina.
    This is one of my favorite ways to pray,
    and I hope that you'll give it a try, too,
    and let it bless you in your prayer life.
    I hope you've enjoyed this video.
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    I have new videos that come out every week
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    each and every week.
    I'll see you next time.
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