MDE19 001 First Steps Parents English

MDE19 001 First Steps Parents English
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    A child's first steps are an expected part of their development,
    but the parents first steps are the most important ones.
    Because ages zero to three are when most of a child's brain develops.
    The steps parents take to provide early learning during this time form the foundation that shapes a child's future.
    It makes your child happier. Healthier.
    More likely to graduate high school
    And go to college.
    More likely to be employed and earn a higher wage.
    It all starts with those first steps you take as a parent.
    Simple steps. Like talking to them. Interacting with them. Reading, singing and playing with them on a daily basis.
    If you're a parent of children zero to three, take your first step towards building a brighter future. Go to, to learn more
    and celebrate each step along the way.
    Steps. Great strides begin with small steps.
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