Planning And Launching A Successful Marketing Campaign | 5 Key Steps

Planning And Launching A Successful Marketing Campaign | 5 Key Steps
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    - The great war strategist Sun Tzu
    once wrote, every battle is won before it's ever fought.
    Now he wasn't talking about marketing
    but that doesn't make this lesson any less important.
    Because in marketing, in business,
    and pretty much anything you wanna be successful at
    a little bit of preparation goes a long, long way.
    And that's why in this video
    we're talking about the five key steps
    to planning and launching a successful marketing campaign
    so you can give yourself the greatest chance of success,
    right out of the gate.
    Let's get to it.
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    Hey there my name is Adam Erhart,
    and welcome to the Modern Marketing Show
    where we help you grow your business
    by making better marketing.
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    Over the years as a marketing strategist,
    I've spent a lot of time learning,
    and experimenting, and testing, and applying
    what works and what doesn't when it comes to launching
    a really successful marketing campaign.
    And where things get interesting
    is that well, pretty much anything can work,
    whether we're talking about content marketing
    or email marketing, online advertising,
    or even good old fashioned direct mail.
    So what separates the winners from the losers
    isn't the tactic then,
    but the underlying strategy behind the method.
    This is why it's so important
    to set yourself up for success right from the start
    by spending a few extra hours ahead of time
    really mapping out
    and planning your campaign from start to finish.
    I promise, the little bit of extra effort this takes
    can save you a ton of headaches, a ton of money,
    and really prevent a train wreck of a marketing campaign
    from even happening in the first place.
    Alright so with all that said,
    let's dive into the five steps
    to planning and launching a successful marketing campaign.
    Step number one is the why.
    One of the craziest things I see,
    and on a pretty regular basis too,
    is the creation of a marketing campaign just because.
    What I mean by that is marketing,
    simply for the sake of marketing,
    or in other words, random acts of marketing
    where you go out there and just do some random marketing
    without any clear goal, or objective behind the campaign.
    It's probably not hard to believe that when this happens
    you're pretty much doomed from the start.
    A campaign will get launched, it'll fail,
    and then the business owner will blame the tactic,
    or channel, or strategy, or marketing in general.
    Madness I tell you, madness.
    See, in the real world,
    it's rare that a campaign gets launched
    and has any chance of being successful
    without really clearly articulating where you want it to go
    and what success would look like.
    So here are some questions to ask yourself at this stage.
    Why are we doing this?
    What are we hoping to achieve?
    What's the end goal?
    How will we know if we're successful, or not?
    Step number two is the what.
    Alright so now that you've got your reasons all sorted out,
    it's time to take a look at what you're about to promote.
    One of the biggest mistakes I see people make
    and one of the surest ways
    to have complete marketing failure
    is to market something that you want
    rather than what the market wants.
    Basically, at this stage, you wanna get absolutely clear
    about what the best thing
    to focus on promoting is right now.
    If you're marketing to a brand new cold audience
    who has absolutely no idea who you are,
    well, then you may wanna start with something
    that has a low-barrier, and high perceived value.
    It'll make it easier to market and easier to sell.
    If you're marketing to a warm audience of say,
    people who already know you or repeat customers,
    well, you can start to move further up the customer ladder
    and market something maybe a little more expensive
    and a little more niche down.
    Regardless, some of the key questions
    you want to ask yourself at this stage are
    what are we trying to promote?
    Is this the thing we should be promoting?
    Do we think people want this?
    What might they want more instead?
    This takes us to step three, the who.
    Okay, so you've got your why, you've got your what,
    it's time to dial in the who.
    It's at this stage we want to deep dive
    into the what you're marketing, we'll call this your offer,
    as well as the who you're marketing to,
    we'll call them your customers.
    The reason you wanna do this
    is because you wanna find the overlap
    between your offer and your customers
    and find a way to match them together
    in a way that uniquely solves their problems.
    This part's really important
    so let me say that again in a different way.
    The goal at this stage is to uncover
    your customers' miracles and miseries, their wants,
    their dreams, their fears, their desires, their needs,
    their problems, their frustrations,
    whatever it is that they're going through
    and then find a way that your business
    or your offer uniquely solves this problem for them
    and then demonstrate how you can bridge the gap
    to get them from where they are to where they wanna go.
    Questions to ask yourself at this stage are
    who are we trying to serve?
    Do we know their basic details like age,
    gender, occupation, and where they live?
    What about the deeper stuff
    like attitudes, interests, and beliefs?
    Step four is the where.
    By this stage, you should have a pretty clear understanding
    of why you're running your campaign,
    what you're gonna be promoting,
    and who you're promoting it to.
    So it's in step four that we begin what most consider
    the actual marketing part, because this is where
    we're gonna begin actually putting your message
    directly in front of your customers.
    But to do that, we first need to find out
    where they are so we can meet them there.
    Fortunately, armed with all the information
    that you've just collected
    by going through the previous steps,
    finding out this information is really pretty easy.
    It just takes a quick Google search
    on which demographics tend to be using
    which social media platforms,
    and you'll have a really good baseline on where to start.
    Some good questions to ask yourself at this stage are
    where do my customers spend their time, online and offline?
    What social media networks do they use?
    How do they prefer to engage with online content?
    And what kind of content do they prefer?
    Step five is the how.
    Finally we get to the how.
    Now mistakenly, this is where most people start
    and it often leads to haphazard campaigns
    that are built on shaky foundations
    and no real strategy at all.
    After all, how can you possibly know the best how
    until you've clearly identified the goals,
    the customer, the offer,
    and where you're gonna be running the campaign?
    The answer as you know is you can't,
    which is why most marketing fails.
    The key then is to go through the steps
    that we've just covered,
    and then by the time you get to this stage,
    well, you just need to decide on what tactic to execute on.
    As an example, let's say that you've determined
    your market is on Facebook and Facebook Ads
    are gonna be the best way to reach them there.
    Well the how really just comes down
    to then figuring out how to run Facebook ads
    or finding someone that knows.
    Or, if you've determined that your audience is on YouTube
    and so the best way to reach them there
    is a YouTube content strategy.
    Well, the how then just becomes researching,
    what's the best way to run a YouTube content strategy?
    Or should you be running YouTube ads
    to put a little gas on the fire?
    In most cases, some good questions to ask yourself
    at this stage are how are we gonna do this?
    Should we do it ourselves or find someone to help?
    What do we need to know, have, or do to make this work?
    Bonus tip, the when.
    No strategy that covers the why, what, who, where, and how
    would be complete without at least addressing the when.
    But I didn't want to include the when
    in the main five parts because one of the biggest mistakes
    I see businesses owners making
    is putting off marketing until.
    Until the business generates more revenue,
    until the business declines and needs to,
    until next month, until next quarter, until next year,
    until we get our staffing issue sorted,
    until we hire an intern, until, until, until.
    And well, as you can imagine,
    nothing ever ends up happening.
    As the Chinese proverb says,
    the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,
    the second best time is now.
    So the when is now.
    Alright so thanks so much for watching,
    I hope you enjoyed the episode.
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    So thanks so much for watching
    and I'll catch you next time on the Modern Marketing Show.
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