Steps to take following a collision

Steps to take following a collision
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    So you've just been involved in a collision. Many people don't know what to do.
    The first thing to do is stay calm and check your surrounding.
    Assess the situation and make sure you're safe.
    If any person appears injured remember not to move them unless there's immediate risk
    to their person including a fire, downed power lines, or further injuries.
    Once you've assessed that, move your car to a safe place or stay in your vehicle until help arrives.
    If you can, turn on your four-way flashers, set out flares or reflective cones.
    Also you should check the drivability of your vehicle. If it's not drivable you should contact the police.
    If safe to do so mark the position that the cars were so it can be part of the report
    and assist both the police and your insurance with the investigation.
    A collision should be reported to the police when there's an injury or
    suspected to criminal activities such as impaired driving.
    If the collision is minor in nature contact the police and they may directly to a collision
    reporting centre, if available in your area.
    If you're involved in a collision you should collect the following information:
    If there are witnesses scene, take their names and information as well.
    This may assist both the police and your insurance company with this investigation.
    Remember, your safety is the biggest concern of all.
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