TIP 2 - 7 Steps to Selling Your Home FAST for MORE MONEY

TIP 2 - 7 Steps to Selling Your Home FAST for MORE MONEY
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    Welcome back to our 7 tips to selling your home fast for more money
    Tip number 2, get your home appraised by a licensed, certified and local appraiser who knows the area
    This takes the guesswork out of pricing
    It ensures proper negotiations are held up front regarding the price and terms of the contract
    If your home appraises for higher or lower than the agreed upon contract price
    the bank won't loan on any more than the home appraises for
    It assures you don't overprice or underprice your home
    Remember, a Zestimate is NOT an accurate value of your home
    It's just an algorithm and does NOT take into consideration things
    like views, lot size, upgrades, location, age, etc...
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