01 Feb FB Live - Daily 7-steps Skincare Routine to more Beautiful Skin

01 Feb FB Live - Daily 7-steps Skincare Routine to more Beautiful Skin
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    Hi guys, thank you for joining us in our very first facebook live today.
    We are very excited to be able to share with you today the daily skincare routine that we have
    been adopting for the past few years which has significantly helped us to improve our
    face texture and appearance.
    So Ying Wei, do you remember how long you have been adopting this 7 skincare steps?
    Wow, I think is about two years that I started with this routine and it actually helped in
    improving my skin and can see that, you know, it really have that glow and radiance.
    So I am very satisfied with this routine and will continue to do that.
    Ok, Great! Same for me too.
    So by the end of the live, you will be amazed by how this simple 7 skincare steps can help
    you achieve a brighter and clearer skin.
    You can also share with us your skincare routines steps in the comments below so that other
    audience are able to learn from you as well.
    Comment, comment.
    So if we have never met before, we are the co-founders of Skinz Kaire and I am Xueli.
    Hi, Ying Wei here.
    And one more, hiding behind the scene, I am Anna.
    So we truly believe that confidence can be built by not just having beautiful skin and
    also healthy lifestyles, minds and bodies as well.
    We have done studies and have some researches.
    And studies has been found and shown that matching a good skincare regime with a healthy
    lifestyle is one of the best ways to slow down the signs of aging.
    So we will be sharing with you on tips on how to achieve beautiful skin and beautiful
    youth via just adjusting your skincare routine and lifestyle in subsequent facebook lives
    to come.
    We really love to have you here today.
    For those who are here to join us, please click on 'heart' below for encouragement and
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    For those who are watching the rebroadcast, please also continue to like and share if you think
    the video will benefit your circles of friends as well.
    Please feel free to leave your comments and share your skincare routines with us again.
    We would love to try out your routines as well.
    Without further delay, let's start the topic for today.
    Daily 7-steps skincare routine to a brighter and clearer skin.This is a tried and tested
    routine by all three of us.
    We strongly encourage everybody to adopt.
    The 7-steps skincare routine include, number 1: cleansing.
    This will be done twice a day and double cleansing is always recommended especially in the evening
    and we will tell you why later.
    Step 2 will be a toner.
    Toner is a great step to add to your skincare routine to maintain a healthy skin and also
    a clear skin.
    But this step is often neglected by many people.
    We will share more later on the importance of a toner.
    Step 3 is amouples.
    Amouples actually are developed to target ongoing issues on the skin such as fine lines,
    dullness and rough texture of the skin.
    Step 4 will be serum.
    Face serums are actually light weight moisturizer.
    They are more than your basic moisturizers because they contain ingredients that are
    very small molecules which are able to penetrate deep into the skin, into the deeper skin layer
    to deliver the necessary nutrients into your skin.
    Step 5 will be face oil.
    We believe that face oil may be one of the skincare products that still stays outside
    most of your skincare list.
    We were just like you before, for the fear of outbreaks by adding oil to our skin until
    we tried and truly understand the benefits of face oil.
    We will share with you more of the benefits in just a while later.
    Step 6 is moisturizer.
    Moisturizers are typically used to help your skin surface stay hydrated and moisturized.
    They are rarely able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to provide extra
    nutrients like the serum but they are important as well because we need our skins to be hydrated
    and moisturized.
    So moisturizers can come in lotions or creams forms.
    Step 7 is sunscreen.
    And this is the last step to our skincare routine for day time.
    Everyone should use sunscreen to help protect yourself from the sun's harmful UV rays.
    This is especially important in tropical countries like Singapore, where the sun's rays is very
    strong, almost every day.
    So for the night routine, we will usually omit the use of the sunscreen and replace
    with masks at least once or twice a week.
    Without much further delay, we will now show and demonstrate to you the daily 7-steps skincare
    routine that we are carry out every day.
    Ying Wei will be the demonstrator.
    Step 1, wash your hands clean with soap which she has already washed with warm water.
    If you have long hair, is best that you tie your hair back to get any potential germs
    out of the way.
    Cleansing is very important step as it removes all the impurities and dirt on your skin for
    the day to allow the skincare products to that we are going to apply later on to penetrate
    deeply into your skin.
    So this will make your skincare products more effective.
    So cleansing, we will usually do a double cleanse, that means two times.
    Double cleanse is actually inspired by Korean and Japanese skincare methods.
    It has been increasingly becoming the beauty ritual of choice for healthy and blemish free
    So just now Ying Wei has demonstrated to you the oil cleansing part.
    The oil cleansing part is the first part, we use an oil base cleanser.
    You can get it anywhere from Guardian or Watson.
    This is to first dissolve the make up, the sunscreen, the oil and grime on the skin.
    To carry out this step, you first apply oil base cleanser like what Ying Wei just now has
    demonstrated to you and then you can use a cotton pad to clean away the grime.
    After that, you can either choose to wash away with lukewarm water or you can immediately
    proceed on to the next step which is the foam cleanser.
    This cleansing is done with a gentle cleanser.
    For Ying Wei's case, she has a normal skin type, she is using a foam cleanser or a gel cleanser.
    Using a foam or gel cleanser is actually more recommended to oily or normal skin.
    We will recommend you to create foam like what she did earlier on your palm first
    before applying onto the face.
    Directly application of cleanser to your face by itself will cause much irritation, which
    will cause a lot of dryness in the later stages.
    Another benefit of creating fine foam on your palm before you apply it onto your face is
    that the fine foam cleanses better by penetrating into the pores to unclog those residual oils.
    For sensitive skin or very dry skin, we will recommend cleansing with lotion or cream cleanser
    which are non foaming.
    The prevents stripping off of too much natural oils on your skin.
    So to carry out the second cleanse, Ying Wei has demonstrated to you to rub the foam onto
    your skin in circular motion and after completing the rubbing, we will just wash it off with
    lukewarm water.
    So now we will proceed on to step 2.
    Step 2 is toning.
    This step is important as it helps to tighten pores and prep the skin for further hydration
    with the products that follow after that.
    All skin will benefit from toner.
    So what we do, we just pat with our fingers or apply with a cotton pad like what
    Ying Wei is currently doing.
    Traditionally, toners are used to restore your skin's ph balance of the cleansing.
    A skin toner can come handy to combat breakouts caused by sweat, sunblock and dirt blocking
    your pores.
    It is helpful especially in sunny Singapore as our skin tends to be oily and sticky in
    the hot weather.
    Toner can also be considered as the final step to cleansing as it helps to remove all
    the dirt or the stuff that is left over after washing including the residue from the cleansers
    earlier on.
    So by wiping away all these residues, the chances of breakouts and acne will be significantly
    reduce as well.
    So you see Ying Wei's face is quite clear and very clean.
    There is no pimples and no acne.
    Step 3 is to apply amouple.
    As mentioned earlier, ampoule needs to target ongoing issues such as fine lines, dullness
    and rough skin texture of skin.
    And this is possible due to the high concentration of anti-oxidants and vitamins.
    Usually, just a few drops is enough to do the trick.
    So our case, we use the Stem Cell Revital Ampoule which Ying Wei has already applied
    on her face.
    Our Stem Cell Revital Amouple contains apple stem cells extract which helps the skin to
    restructure and renew for skin cell regeneration process.
    There are different ways in which you can adopt to apply the ampoule and one of the
    most convenient way is just to tap and pat until the ampoule is fully absorbed into the
    skin as what Ying Wei has demonstrated earlier.
    We will subsequently share with you in our facebook lives, ways to how we can maximize the benefits
    of the ampoule and do stay tune to us.
    Stay tune, it's very important!
    We will reveal in our next few facebook live.
    Step 4 is the application of serum.
    Face serums are light weight moisturizers that contain much higher proportional concentration
    of active ingredients as compared to normal moisturizers.
    These are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin and the molecules of the active ingredients
    present in the serum are so small that they are able to reach the deepest layer of the
    The regular use of the serum can help to give you a firmer and smoother texture
    and make your pores appear smaller.
    However, do note that serums are only able to moisturize to a minimum extent and therefore
    it should be used in conjunction with heavier moisturizers to give your the moisturization
    and hydration.
    We will apply out serum after the ampoule because the rule of thumb to apply the products
    is we will start with the lightest and end with the thickest and this is why moisturizing cream is always the last
    to be applied onto the skin.
    Ying Wei has demonstrated the use of Hydra Pro-lift Serum which is nominated by the
    Daily Vanity's 2019 Beauty Awards as one of the best anti-aging serum.
    So ya, think the voting has already ended.
    Ya, it's already ended so I hope you guys already submitted your voting if you know
    about this award.
    Yes, do support us!
    Yes, do support us.
    It's one for the best anti-aging serums to help plump up and smoothen our skin texture.
    Okay, you see, is very plump!
    The serum contains a Sodium Hyaluronate which helps to increase the hydration level of the skin.
    In addition, this serum also help to lighten spots and brighten the skin.
    So with continuous usage, you can see that Ying Wei's skin is brighter.
    She previously has some pigmentation issue and has lightened.
    The way that we apply the serum is very similar to ampoule.
    You can either apply directly or pat gently until the serum is fully absorbed into the
    You may also have watched a video which was posted earlier where you could actually add
    1 pump of the serum into our face oil or a face oil which you have been using for a daily
    detoxifying face massage.
    If you have not watch this video, please scroll through our facebook feeds and find that video
    and you can actually know how to massage it into your face.
    You can actually leave us your comments on whether you use both ampoule and serum like
    us because we know some people only stop at ampoule or only use amouple or some people
    only use serum.
    Maybe you can also share with us if you do use ampoule and serum like us.
    Step 5 is what Ying Wei is currently demonstrating to you is to use the face oil.
    The difference between serum and face oil is that face oil contains larger molecules cos
    oils are big molecules as compared to serum and they do not penetrate as deeply into the
    skin because these are usually a blend of seeds oils while serums are mainly water based
    and molecules are very small so they can penetrate deeper into the skin layers.
    Face oil as what I mentioned earlier is a blend of different seed oils to balance your
    skin type and to nourish your skin.
    Our Franki Glow Face Oil does not only contains only blends of seed oils, ours contains a blend of seed oils,
    jojoba and red raspberry seed oil but it is also contains a blend of precious essential oils as well.
    The essential oils help to balance and improve our skin growth and improve our skin conditions.
    So you can see after application, the skin surface is so much brighter.
    We can do a tissue test also.
    Yap, you can do a tissue test.
    We can do a dab,
    You can see that the face oil is fully absorbed into the skin.
    You don't see any, there is no oil blots on the tissue paper.
    It's not sticky.
    Ya, so you see, we will do the drop test.
    It doesn't stick, the tissue does stick on the face. Not at all.
    For those who have combination or oily skin, please do not move away from oil based products
    because many people are very confused with the difference between hydration and moisturization.
    Since that they have combination or oily skin, they should avoid products with oil.
    This is a wrong concept cos we need to understand that the difference between hydration and
    Facial oil actually help to seal in the moisture and adds extra nourishment to the face.
    This will help to promote healthy glow and if you do put on makeup, the application of
    face oil will help your foundation to be applied more smoothly.
    That's right.
    So if you are prone to dry and flaky skin, it a tell tale sign that your skin is not producing
    enough oil to form a protective layer on your skin.
    Therefore your skin is not able to lock in the moisture so you will see that your skin
    is always very flaky and dry.
    So in this case you will need a heavy moisturizer or oil to lock in your oil into your skin
    So if you are dealing with dull, lack luster skin with fine lines and wrinkles, which most
    of us do, then your skin is battling with dehydration.
    In this case, we will need ampoule and serum.
    So we will be sharing with you more on our Franki Glow Face Oil in the next few facebook
    lives to come.
    So do stay tune again.
    Yes, yes.
    One news is that our Franki Glow Face Oil is currently out of stock.
    The 5 ml Franki Glow Face Oil is currently out of stock.
    You can do a pre-order now if you are interested.
    You can pre-order with us now in the facebook live, in the comment and we will take down
    your order.
    So when the oil comes in, we can send it to you.
    But nevertheless, if you like to try the Franki Glow Face Oil, if you have not tried, you
    can still cart out the free 2 ml sample from our website at skinzkaire.sg.
    Ya, it's free.
    You just need to login into the website, sign up as a member, yap. sign up as a member when
    you cart out the 2 ml face oil.
    Don't miss this opportunity.
    it is really good for your skin why not just try it since it is free.
    It is free and we are covering the postage.
    Ya.. is free postage.
    Upon receiving the oil, you can actually apply the face oil 2 to 3 drops on your skin every
    morning and evening.
    For us, we love to mix it together with the serum. You can mix these two together. If you are in a rush of time,
    you can just mix together. It works the same.
    The next step, step number 6, is moisturizer.
    As mentioned in the previous step, oil based products are very important to protect the
    it helps to seal in the wonderful ingredients within our skin and let them work their wonders.
    Our favorite is our Skin Perfecting Cream.
    It's slightly tinted and therefore, it helps to brighten up our skin after we apply.
    So what we need to do is to pump 1 pump with the pump and apply, pat onto your face.
    We will not recommend massaging of this cream because this cream is supposed to form a layer
    on your skin, a barrier layer on your skin to protect against pollution and other external
    bacteria from going to your skin surface.
    Our Skin Perfecting Cream actually has many herbal essentials to help soothe skin sensitivities.
    If you have very sensitive skin, when you can apply our Skin Perfecting Cream, it actually
    helps to calm down the skin and what we like about this cream is also the fact that it
    can help to kill pimple quite fast right.
    Yeah, it is very effective but you have to be patient because if the product is too,
    is showing the effect too immediate right, we should have some doubt about that.
    It is quite effective as it forms a layer to prevent bacteria from further attacking
    your pimple so your pimple actually heals faster, within a few days?
    We tested on one of our customers who has a very big pimple.
    We tested it and then he tried for a few days and it subsided and commented is good.
    Do try it. Do login in and try.
    We are having a promotion now for Chinese New Year Promotion.
    We are selling our whole package at $188.
    So the whole package includes our ampule, our serum, our perfecting cream and our oil,
    5 ml oil, although is out of stock, we will send you the 3 products first and when our
    oil comes in, we will send it to you with no charge.
    I mean the courier will be covered as well.
    The final step will be the sunscreen.
    So finally, this last step is to apply sunscreen before you leave your house, especially in
    the morning.
    You also do that in evening when the sun is still there.
    This is a very important step, especially during day time.
    Especially in Singapore, the sun is always up there.
    So what we prefer is, we prefer a physical sunscreen to a chemical sunscreen because
    as the name applies, the chemical sunscreen contains a whole lot of different chemicals which helps
    to capture UV rays and convert it into other forms of molecules.
    So it's not very good to the skin.
    The chemical get absorbed into the skin and does a lot of harm and damages into the skin.
    So physical sunblock on the other hand will sit on the skin surface and what is does is,
    it blocks out and shield out the sun's rays by reflection.
    That's why we choose physical sunscreen which only contains mainly zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
    That's our simple 7 steps, daily 7 skincare steps which you can adopt quite easily, quite,
    readily and quite fast you can complete the whole process within less than 10 minutes.
    Yeah, it's actually a very fast routine.
    Not to worry if you are in a hurry or you are, with time constraint.
    With just simply that 7 steps, that actually can help your skin to glow and be radiant.
    And be beautiful also.
    That's why we said this session is to have a beautiful skin.
    Yes, Yes... so if you have any other comments, you can leave us comments.
    You can also feel free to share with us your others skincare routines which you think can help
    Keep your questions coming, I mean like if you have any questions or any doubts,
    you can always let us know and we can always answer you to our best knowledge.
    We will try our best to answer you because we are helping each other to attain a beautiful
    skin also so is not just you, is also us, we also benefit from the session of sharing.
    So in the next few facebook live sessions, we will be sharing with you on other tips,
    to improve your skin appearance, as well as to improve your life styles for healthier you.
    We might be sharing tips like how to eat healthily, how to.. we can do some massage point for
    your face or body.
    Some of the tips on DIY facial.
    These are the things that we look forward to in our next few live show with you.
    Yes, I guess is like so that you can give us some comments, or some suggestions on what
    you would like to know more also.
    You can also leave your comments on what you like us to share with you, be it skincare
    tips or how to eat healthy, what food to eat healthy, how to cook.
    How to cook healthy food.
    Maybe we will cooking session next time.
    Yap, feel free to leave your comments.
    Okay, so that's it.
    That's the end for our live.
    We will see you soon.
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