3 steps to a happier week (and life)! | #BattleCry s1e22

3 steps to a happier week (and life)! | #BattleCry s1e22
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    A couple of weeks ago we talked about a few things that we need to stop doing.
    Today I think we should talk about a few things that we need to start doing.
    Well, hello brothers and sisters, and happy Monday!
    Welcome to Mission: Zer0!
    If this is your first time here: my name is Shawn, and this is Battle Cry, the show where
    we give you a motivational theme to carry you through a more positive week!
    One thing I really want to do is celebrate the fact that we hit 100 subscribers this
    week, thanks in large part to Nate, and Nate: I REALLY appreciate you, man, that was super
    awesome of you to push me over the edge.
    I really hope that you get some value out of this and you can enjoy the channel going
    The things, as I said, that I would like to talk about today are 3 things that we need
    to start doing to have a more positive outlook, a more positive life.
    The first one of those is to show more mercy.
    Mercy is the ability to let something slide when somebody wrongs you.
    To just kind of let it go.
    This what the Purge movies got so wrong: there is no such thing as expressing anger and then
    being done with it.
    Anger is a boundless engine.
    Once you fire it up it just keeps going, and going, and going, and it never burns itself
    Practice mercy; the small mercies and the big mercies, just let things go.
    You will be amazed at how much more free your life becomes when you don't have to feel
    saddled with the responsibility of exacting vengeance on people.
    The second thing that we need to start doing more often to have a more positive life is
    to show grace more.
    The truth of grace is that it is a proactive showing of connection to another person.
    And I think we don't do enough of that.
    I don't know about you, but for me every time I pass by that person on the side of
    the road who has a flat tire and looks clearly distressed, I feel awful about that for the
    entire rest of the day.
    And the way to cure that is to practice more grace.
    Be the person to step in and say "I'm going to help out because I can, because that's
    my neighbor, and because I know what it is to be in a tight spot where you need some
    The last thing that I want to talk about that we need to do more of, is show Love.
    Show honest Love more often.
    And I know on social media, particularly on YouTube, "Oh, I can't show that I are
    about something because caring about things is lame and that's stu—" No!
    It's not!
    You know what's lame and stupid?
    Tearing people down.
    Saying things to people like, "You suck" or "You should go die in a fire."
    The tearing down of other people is absolutely stupid and wrong.
    The thing that we need to do more of is show Love to each other.
    And I don't just mean "Hey man, Love you bro!"
    I mean demonstrate Love and dedication to each other.
    The arguments that we have over race, and gender, and politics, and religion all stem
    from a lack of being connected to that other "side," or showing Love to that other
    person and saying, "You know what?
    You don't think what I think, you don't believe what I believe, but I still care about
    you as a person."
    Show more Love to other people!
    Not just the people in your life, but – yes – those people in your life, but everybody
    you come across.
    The barista at Starbucks, the checker at the grocery store… care about them as people.
    And I understand it takes effort, you have to really practice it, and a lot of people
    are not responsive.
    But the way that you change that, the way that you make people more responsive, is by
    doing it over and over.
    And so, there's my exhortation for us is: practice these 3 things.
    In simple ways, small ways, and big, huge, tough ways.
    Show more mercy.
    Just let things slide more.
    Show more grace.
    Be more connected, proactively merciful, to people.
    Be more kind.
    And, show more Love.
    Because -- much like anger can generate more anger – just generates more Love and more
    You will find your days more vibrant.
    You will find yourself more fulfilled.
    You will be happier.
    I truly Love you.
    Every one of you.
    Have a fantastic week, and I'll see you later.
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