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3 Steps To Overcome Any Challenge

3 Steps To Overcome Any Challenge
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    Welcome back friend. Kris Krohn here. And today, I want to talk about 3 steps
    to overcoming any challenge. Because here's the reality. There's some of us
    are actually wanting to live life where we don't have any problems. But life
    doesn't quite work that way. So, it's not about avoiding opposition, it's about
    knowing how to manage it. It's about knowing how to deal with it. So, today i'm
    going to share with you my 3 life hacks. My 3 steps on what i do so
    that when a challenge comes in my world, i know how to pulverize it.
    So first of all, we just got to start with the basics.
    Understand that opposition is actually your friend. It's the key to growth. Most
    of us when we raise ourselves in a world of victimhood, we look at opposition and
    we look at challenge. And the problem with that is that we see it as a
    hindrance. We see this something getting our way. It's costing me money. It's
    costing me relationships. It's making my life harder. It's taking more of my time.
    But the reality is that without opposition, there's generally very little
    or no growth. And without growth, we actually can't actually get hardened and
    beast' ourselves into the person that has this indomitable spirit that can
    crush it through anything in life. I mean for just a moment, think about the
    challenge that you had to work through. Something that sucked a lot times 10,
    right? Like one of the painful moments of life. And when you think about this
    moment, one of the challenges, one of the hard things is that there's all this
    hurt. Or maybe there's hopelessness or depression or anger. Whatever that energy
    is, you're simply mid process because when you get to the other side, what you
    find is a lesson and you find a thank-you. Because you grow, you become
    more of who you want to become. And there's 3 steps that I leverage that
    actually help make that possible. So, I'm going to teach them to you right now.
    Grab pen and paper and here's the first one. If you want to overcome any
    challenge in your life... And let me give you some context. You join my real estate
    community and you and I are going to hobnob around the world. And we're going to help
    you become financially free. So, you're excited about that. You're stoked but I
    can promise you, you don't get to win your financial freedom without a whole
    pile of opposition. The only difference is this: I view opposition is my friend.
    So, step number 1, you got to learn to recognize the opportunity. Napoleon Hill
    said that every opposition, every challenge, every difficulty holds an
    equal or greater seed of opportunity for growth and for what you actually want in
    life. So, you got to stop actually treating your challenge like it's the
    problem. And you get to stop and recognize, "Now, wait a second here. There's
    a gift in here. There's a lesson. There's something that will actually make me
    become better." Because nothing happens on accident. Here's the sucky part that no
    one tells you. If you don't learn the lesson then you're going to read
    and carnate the challenge. It's going to keep showing up, it's going to keep
    happening in your life. Which means that you and I, we got to figure out how to
    overcome this thing rather than just managing it and feeling sucky and sucky
    and suckier about our life. Okay, number 2, learn the lesson. How do you do that?
    I asked myself this question, how is this challenge an advantage to me? Now, that's
    a powerful question that's worth writing down. I recommend that you pause and
    start reflecting some of your challenges and asking, "How is this helping me? How
    can I utilize this to my advantage? How is this making me a better person?" I'm
    telling you right now, I've had moments in my life that I thought would destroy
    me. I've gone through some crazy difficult challenges. And I've watched
    men and I've watched women that because they never overcame, it decimated their
    life. And they never came back from it. You might be one of those right now
    actually watching the saying, "Kris, hands up man. That's me."
    Okay, listen brothers, sister. I've been there. I know what that feels like. But
    there's a lesson and until you learn the lesson, the pain will not go away. When
    you get the lesson, the lesson is far more valuable than whatever the
    challenge was. And no matter how much money you lost, no matter the loss of
    relationship. If you get the lesson, this is the pearl of wisdom. This is the pearl
    of great price. This is the thing that leads to the thank you. So, here's the
    third and most important thing. We've got to create a new identity for what we
    call challenge and hardship and tribulation. For me,
    I embrace opposition. When it shows up in my world, it means that it's time for me
    to level up. Not level down. You get stuck if you want to whine, if you want to
    complain. If you want to talk about how nothing's going your way. I'm going to
    tell you right now. You have already lost. And here's the cool part,
    you're going to keep losing. And it's going to get worse. And it's going to get worse.
    And then it's going to happen again. And then you become more miserable until one
    day you wake up an old crotchety unfulfilled person who's looking at life
    wondering why you were even here. Because you went head to toe with what you
    perceived as the enemy. Embracing opposition is to treat opposition like a
    friend. Know that whatever challenge... I don't care how deep it is. If you've been
    through rape, if you've been through horrible abuse, if
    you've been through some of the worst of the worst, you listen up right now.
    You can create a new identity around your hardship and hate yourself for it
    and hate other people and become a worse human being. Or you can recognize that no
    matter how deep your trials have been, that it's an equal or greater
    opportunity for your growth. How do you do that?
    Gratitude. Thankfulness. Embrace the lesson. And just start by becoming a
    master of recognition. One of my mentors, Tony Robbins. He says that one of the
    most powerful skills in life is pattern recognition. And I'm inviting you to stop
    looking at opposition as a problem and to start viewing it as a friend with
    lessons and benefits that has the ability to help you level up your life
    where you really want to go. Because hey, if you want to get with me and say, "Hey
    Kris, I want to be financially free." Then one of the things I'm going to do if you
    come out to one of my live events or I start training you as your mentor, what
    I'm going to tell you is you've got to clean up your past. You got to clean up
    your crap. It's time for forgiveness, it's time to let go because when you do, you
    ascend. You go to that next level. That is going to be one of the requirements if
    you want wealth. So, if you're like, "Kris, I want the nice car. Kris, I want the
    nice house. Kris ,I want more of the nice things in life." I'm going to say, "Great."
    Sometimes you have to let something die to make room for something brand-new. If
    you want to give birth to new empowering results then it's time to ditch parts of
    your past and story that you haven't learned the lessons on. Get the lesson
    and emerge a more powerful version of you. Thank you for taking the time to
    watch this video. If you feel like it is time to start seizing your life's
    destiny, if you're ready to get to the top of the mountain, I'm going to invite you
    to get with me for several days at one of my life-changing full-immersion
    events. I have been doing them for years. Thousands have experienced them. And I'll
    tell you, it might be time to shake things up for you. It might be time for
    you to elevate your life to the next level. And all you need to do is click
    the link in the description below. I'll give you all the details, reach out to a
    member of my team. Get yourself registered for one of my next upcoming
    live events. And if you do, I make you this promise ,it'll not only be worth it
    but your life will never be the same again.
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