4 Steps to Get Your Book to Best Seller

4 Steps to Get Your Book to Best Seller
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    ready to get your book to bestseller maybe you're in the process of thinking
    about it or writing it you just want to have the information so you know what to
    do when you get there well I'm going to show you four steps to make it happen
    I'm Vickie Gould with #easywriter tips to help you write your book and grow your biz.
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    today I'm sharing a hot topic sizzling four steps to getting your book
    to best-seller so let's jump right into that number one you want to market while
    you write it now I know a lot of people are like you know what I'm gonna keep it
    on the down low and I'm gonna like announce it and make
    this big deal when I have it all done maybe it's because you're thinking oh
    what if I don't finish maybe it's not gonna be that and you're like doing the
    whole let me hide in the corner and be a little scared writer here's the thing
    you're shooting yourself in the foot you need to market it while you write it as
    you tell people about it they're gonna tell people about it and
    they're gonna tell people about it you're gonna grow that excitement and
    you're gonna grow a following that is excited for your book and if you wait
    until when you're done and just go kaboom not as much is going to happen
    you got to give yourself time to gather those people and gather their
    excitements kind of like when movies come out they put little trailers and
    they start talking about it while they're making the next Star Wars movie
    right and we're all excited waiting than Deadspin testament and dissipation boy
    for the day it comes out and this is what you want to create for the people
    who are following you writing it as well plus it's gonna give you a little
    accountability to write alright number two gather your posse this kind of
    piggybacks on some of the things I just set but you're gonna be a little bit
    more targeted you're gonna actually ask specific people to be part of the posse
    for your book launch that means they're going to be supporting
    they're going to be sharing your book on social media and you're gonna gather a
    group of people who have committed and said yes to helping you do this all
    right number three no the Amazon algorithm all right now I say no the
    Amazon algorithm but nobody really knows the Amazon algorithm and they try to
    hide it more and more and more and more so it gets more complicated right this
    is like Facebook and Instagram and all the other social medias that you know
    there they have algorithms that we can't figure out either but knowing part of
    the algorithm for Amazon helps you out now the thing you might be asking now is
    how many books do I need to sell cuz that's always the magic thing right and
    I wish I could tell you that it's a set number in nuclear's you go whew I have
    that many sold yes I'm gonna make it it's not quite like that however it's a
    little close now here's the thing you need to know best seller on Amazon is
    anything ranking 100 and better that doesn't mean that you have 100 books
    sold it means 100 ranking or better or higher like 1 to 100 is considered best
    seller for Amazon as kind of like high school okay so the valedictorian is
    number one right and so you have all this competition going on and just like
    from school to school you don't know what you need to do like in one school
    you might not have to work as hard to get to that number one spot as you would
    with a different school where everybody else is brilliant as well and there's
    more of a competition for that number one spot you get what I mean so if you
    think of each school as a book category it's impossible to say how many books
    you need or what kind of grades you would have needed right what GPA do you
    need like it's impossible to say now if somebody tells you that they can tell
    you exactly how many books you need to sell to get to the number one bestseller
    spot run away really quick because it is impossible to predict with books coming
    out every single day all over Amazon so this
    the thing you need to do you need to do as much as possible prior to your book
    launch so that you have as many people who are knowing and excited about your
    book coming out so that you will sell enough and here's the thing in my easy
    writer program I guarantee it we have a step-by-step process
    I have 93 best-selling authors nope not not one of them has not become a
    best-selling author who has finished their book and launched it with me and I
    will say initially it was kind of you know I was asking my glory should I
    guarantee it or should I not I don't know you know so just so long as you
    follow the steps we have it figured out so that you will become a best-selling
    author guaranteed alright so number four get featured in podcasts blogs other
    media interviews stuff like that and here is the kicker
    have a way to collect names if you don't have an email list now is the time to
    start because when you're featured on blogs and podcasts and other media a lot
    of times I'll say well how can we find out more what is it that you have coming
    up you can talk about your book and on podcast you can talk about what's coming
    up with these people and then they get excited so then they want to raise their
    hands say yeah I'm willing to give you my email when you're done with your book
    please let me know oh like what could be better music to my ears that somebody's
    excited to exchange an email to have notification that your book is coming
    out and that's how you get more sales okay so the four steps one market while
    you write it to gather your posse three know the algorithm and four get featured
    all over the place now you know how to market your book but you might be
    wondering how to make sure you get positive ROI return on investment from
    writing it cuz it's not just about getting to bestseller status right it's
    about the impact legacy how many people you can help and monetizing it and
    creating clients out of these readers mm-hmm so I created
    free coaching section coaching and training section in my membership site
    for you to learn more about how to do this so you can go there the link is
    below it's also at bitly slash Vicky's free stuff so long as you can spell my
    name right just make your free login I'd love to hear now which part of marketing
    your book to bestseller you are most excited about leave your comments below
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