6 Steps To Getting Over Someone

6 Steps To Getting Over Someone
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    Have you ever really really liked someone but for whatever reason it just
    didn't work out? Maybe they didn't like you back or maybe you liked them more
    than they liked you. It can feel like the end of the world. It can feel like no
    matter what you do or what you say you'll never feel that way about anyone
    ever again. It can feel like you'll never get over them. But fear not there are a
    few simple steps anyone can take to make sure even the biggest crushes fade into
    obscurity in no time at all. One: be completely sure that they really don't
    like you. Are you absolutely sure this person doesn't like you? It could be
    you're misinterpreting the whole thing. People often give signs that we
    interpret as them not liking us when in reality it could mean the exact opposite
    Maybe they really do like you after all. Now sure they've said that they don't
    like you and that they've filed a restraining order against you and please
    please stop talking to me Greg but are you really sure they don't like you? Ask
    again and again. Two: delete them off social media. There's nothing worse than
    having to be reminded of your crush every time you open up your phone. Go
    through and delete them off of any social media apps that you have. It will
    be difficult to do but I guarantee in the future you'll be glad you did it. Uou
    know what I'm gonna do that right now yeah yeah just uh
    next week I'll do it next week. ThreeL get rid of the pictures you have together
    Just go through and delete delete delete well I mean you can keep the ones that
    you look good in of course and the ones with really good scenery are okay too
    and you can you can keep the one that reminds you of how good of a time the
    two of you had on that picnic and you can keep the ones she looks good in too
    because you'll need that for later. Four: date other people. It's important to
    remind yourself that other people see value in you even if this one person
    doesn't. Date other people and eventually you'll forget about them entirely. Here's
    a fun tip, try comparing the person you're dating to the person you're
    trying to get over! In fact don't even compare them to the person you're trying
    to get over, compare them to an idealized version of the person you're trying to
    get over that doesn't even exist! Before long you'll be sailing your way to a
    happy successful relationship. Five: you don't. Not really, not entirely, you never
    really get over it entirely. At first it'll hurt really bad and then over time
    it'll hurt less and less but it'll never go away entirely because they left a
    scar and sometimes you'll think of a memory related to them or you'll see a
    person that you knew together or you'll go to a place that the two of you were
    at and it'll hurt again and you won't know why but it's because there's a scar
    there and maybe that's the kind of person you are, the kind of person that
    just accumulates scars and carries them around with you and maybe the reason
    that you can't get over them is because you weren't really into them, you were
    into what they represented, the idea that they could make you happy. But they can't
    Because if you needed somebody to make you happy then you probably weren't
    going to be happy with that person anyways. Maybe the only person you need
    to get over is yourself. Number six: Jump over them! because then
    you're over them! get it! Cindy if you're watching this please cancel the
    restraining order I realize jumping over you was an
    invasion of your personal space and I respect that
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