Case Study: How dentist increased dental implants 1033% in 3 easy steps (Dental DOMINATOR)

Case Study: How dentist increased dental implants 1033% in 3 easy steps (Dental DOMINATOR)
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    Hi I'm Murray Hughes, founder of
    and 5-times recipient of the Clickbank Internet Marketing Platinum Award
    In this video I'm going to take you through a case-study
    of a Chicago dentist that increased his
    dental implant consultations by 1033%!
    When we met him, he was doing about 6 per month
    and now he's doing about 17 per week
    and on some days he literally does 6 dental implant consults on a single day
    The great overflow from this coming into his life
    is that he now has more time to develop his other locations
    He's enjoying his work much more than he has in a very long time
    and he's spending more time with his family
    And this is all possible because he's making much more money
    from doing much less work
    So how was it accomplished? Well..
    Let's break it down into 3 steps
    Step 1
    We created an Adwords campaign on the display network
    ok, not the search network
    the display network because the clicks are much cheaper
    and its much easier to get a positive return on your adspend
    When they click on the ad, they go to a page where we offer them
    a free PDF download ebook
    telling them everything they need to know about dental implants
    and to get that, they just need to give us their email address
    Step 2: immediately after they subscribe
    they go to a page where we offer them
    a free dental implant consultation
    If they say "Yes" to that
    then all they need to do is fill out an 11-question survey
    and from those 11 questions we can determine who is a good candidate
    to call, to book them in for a dental implant consultation
    Step 3 is, the best candidates, we call them
    and we schedule them directly into the patient software
    for their dental implant consultation
    And that's it, it really is that simple
    There's a lot more going on in the background
    but that's basically the 3 steps
    So if you want more dental implant consultations
    you want to be performing more dental implant procedures
    then I recommend you set up that
    3-step system that we've been using very, very successfully
    And I think you'e going to find that you can have success
    and really start enjoying your work more
    and make more money in your practice while doing less work
    Please leave your comments or questions below
    Like.. and I hope to be bringing you something just as useful very soon
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