Corporate Training Videos: Our (Simple) 5 Step Video Production Process | Sharp Eye Animation

Corporate Training Videos: Our (Simple) 5 Step Video Production Process | Sharp Eye Animation
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    Are you looking to make training videos for your business?
    Do you want to them to be powerful, memorable and make a difference?
    Hey everyone, I'm Daniel Bales, Founder of Sharp Eye Animation.
    And today you're going to learn the 5 step process to make killer training videos.
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    So getting the right information from people in the know is the most important task in
    making a training video.
    The challenge is that the people in the know don't often articulate what they know.
    Find a subject matter expert and interview them to find out the key points you want to
    Spend some time with them discussing which steps are crucial.
    Most complicated processes are easier to learn when they're broken up into a shorter steps.
    So if your steps are long, you might want to consider creating a separate video for
    each one.
    When all of your steps are similar, viewers have a hard time differentiating them.
    Figure out the key elements in each step in your process, and make that the focus of each
    A process with too many steps can be hard to remember, no matter how many times someone
    watches your videos.
    Make every video stand out on its own by finding a key phrase – or acronym – that's specific
    to that step.
    Making every video memorable is important but you want to tie it all together to distinguish
    the process.
    Check out our video here, for ideas on how to do this.
    Over all, we recommend using animation to make your video stand out, like this:
    If you want a training video like this, contact
    the email address in the description below.
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    Now I want to turn it over to you.
    Which of these steps did you find most helpful?
    Let me know by leaving a comment, right now.
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