Create Your Road Map To Success Step By Step (7 Steps)

Create Your Road Map To Success Step By Step (7 Steps)
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    Success can easily become a dirty comparison game. When you aim for success without a roadmap,
    you never make enough progress and it becomes a chronic source of overwhelming stress.
    Success can be fun when you define it and achieve it on your own terms.
    That's why creating a success roadmap will not only help you get clear, but it will also
    show you how far you have come. That way, you'll be inspired to progress and still
    be grateful for your growth.
    Here is a step-by-step method to create your success roadmap for any goal you wish. It's
    best to create a separate roadmap for each goal, habit or area of life. In the end, I'll
    give you an example to further help you create your own roadmap.
    Step 1: Define The Big Picture This is the mission and vision of your goal.
    Go into details about the ultimate outcome you'd like to achieve and make sure to include
    a compelling reason for going on this journey.
    The details should be tangible and the reason should ignite a fire in you as you read it.
    Our goals often stem from things we don't want. So another thing you can do is define
    the undesired outcome you'll get if you don't follow through.
    Step 2: Define The End Of The Roadmap Nothing moves people like a deadline. So in
    order to make consistent progress, give your roadmap an end. It could be in years, months,
    weeks or even days. Once the roadmap ends, you can always create another one to keep
    making progress.
    Tip: If you're new to goal setting in a particular area, keep the deadline short because
    you're still experimenting.
    At the end of the roadmap, define 3 specific desired outcomes:
    1. Challenging outcome which is the desired result
    2. Ambitious outcome where you'll stretch your mind and make the result way bigger
    3. Tiny outcome which would be the smallest criteria for success
    Once you define the outcomes, detach from all of them. The purpose of defining the outcomes
    is to have a direction. So prepare yourself for failure and don't get paralyzed upon
    failure because you can enjoy your growth and take away valuable lessons even if you
    Step 3: Define The Milestones, Achievements And The Rewards
    There are 2 types of milestones or achievements, and you want to define both types:
    1. Outcome-based. They are under your influence, but they not in your control)
    2. Behavior-based. These are in your control. Behavior is mostly in your control while too
    many factors that are not under your control can influence the outcome, so we'll keep
    them separate.
    The number of milestones or achievements you want to define is up to you. As a guideline,
    try not to keep them too frequent or too infrequent.
    To celebrate your progress, set rewards based on what you truly enjoy doing and what is
    congruent with your goals. Spread these rewards as you wish upon reaching the milestones or
    Step 4: Define The Process Define the actions you need to take in order
    to reach the desired outcome. If you're unsure of the process, you can research or
    ask people who have reached the goals you want to reach.
    Also, define the person you need to become in order to get what you want. Then, identify
    yourself with the kind of person who has already reached the desired outcome and let go of
    the limiting beliefs holding you back.
    Step 5: Define The Obstacles Brainstorm every obstacle you can think of
    and list them down. The intention is to mentally (or physically) prepare for them.
    Even when you define everything you can think of, you'll most likely encounter surprising
    obstacles. That's okay! It's all part of the process and you'll get feedback which
    you can reflect upon in step 7.
    Tip: All obstacles are an opportunity for growth, so don't get discouraged when you
    see them. Accept them. Love them. Use them.
    Step 6: Track Your Actions Define how you'll track the daily or regular
    actions you defined in step 4. To track, you can use the good old pen-and-paper or any
    fancy app you like.
    To make it easier, you can:
    Set reminders Put it on your calendar
    Put it in your daily success checklist Commit to others or join a community (for
    accountability) Make the steps tiny (if they require a lot
    of willpower) Set stakes for not taking the steps forward
    (if you struggle with commitment) Step 7: Do A Regular Review
    The review can take place daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. The purpose of this review is to
    identify what's working, what's not working and what you can do better. Edit the milestones,
    next actions or the desired outcomes as required.
    This is the time when you'll come back to the roadmap, give yourself rewards for the
    milestones reached and see the big picture so you don't get lost in the drama of life.
    Like tracking, you can use a note-taking app or good old pen-and-paper for the review.
    But make sure you save and record them in one place so you can always look back.
    That's all. Rinse and repeat for each focus area in your life.
    Now if you'd like to see an example of how to go about creating your own success road
    map, head over to
    There you'll find a blogpost where you'll not only find an example but you'll be able
    to download a template that you can fill to create your success roadmap.
    I'll see you there. Until next time, keep designing your epic life.
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