House Call 7 Steps To Reverse Acid Reflux

House Call 7 Steps To Reverse Acid Reflux
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    Hi I am dr.
    Mark Hyman Welcome to my weekly house call
    Your chance to ask me, your question.
    This week question, "What Do I Do About My Acid Reflux?"
    Well, It's a big problem, 44% of American, has heartburn, at least once a month.
    25-35% has acid reflux, It's the third lining consume drug, acid blocking drug, we called
    ppi, like nexium, prevacid, prilosec, little purple pill.
    And It's caused tremendous amount of problem.
    And nobody asking, why are we suffering from reflux?
    What's the cause?
    Infact, you have to ask yourself, Gee were we defected, something happen when God design
    us, so we're all suppose has heartburn all the time.
    Or... is it something we're doing.
    Is it something we're eating?
    Is it some other factor is driving, in this epidemic?
    Infact, that was a medical insurance company, and they we're telling you, that the third,
    most expensive condition after heart disease and diabetes, for their population, was reflux.
    Because of all scope and pills and all procedure, and no body was asking, how we deal with root
    And functional medicine, we ask what is the root cause?
    So, for reflux, we had to figure the cause are.
    Sometimes, they are straightforward, may what we were eating.
    So, It could be fry food, spicy food, processed food.
    It could be alcohol, caffeine, smoking, all which triggered reflux
    It could be tomato-based foods, spicy food, citrus foods, all was in different people
    can triggered reflux.
    Or could be other fact, like eating right before bed, if you eat with a full stomach,
    guess what it's gonna go up.
    Overweight, you have a big belly, it's gonna push your stomach up, you get reflux.
    If you're a chronic stress, you gonna affect this, neuro in your stomach, you're not gonna
    be ablle to process the food properly.
    And things are gonna up, instead it's going down.
    Infact in order to digest your food, you have to relax, so breathing for eating, very important
    to us.
    Infact if you are stress, you lose magnesium, and magnesium is needed to relax the sphincter
    the bottom of your stomach to actually let the food go down and when you dont have magnesium,
    the food goes up.
    So all this fact are cause reflux.
    As another fact there is two for example, food sensitivities, that may not be diagnose
    by your physician including gluten, dairy, other fact can trigger reflux.
    And other fact are also problem.
    For example, bacteria, yeast growing in your stomach, if you been on alot antibiotics,
    and hormones, if you eat a lot of sugar in processed food, you grown bad bugs in your
    And they fermented it, push thing around caused reflux.
    And they cause reflux.
    Sometimes clearing out the bad bugs, is really key.
    There's another bug we call H. Pylori, which is bacteria that affect a number of people
    of population infact quite a few, and this is sometimes be link to reflux.
    So sometimes there a testing for this, breath test, or blood test, we will find what you
    have which bacteria you have, and you need to treat it with antibiotics.
    So the whole serious cause from everything from what you're eating, your lifestyle, to
    when you're eating, to stress, to smoking, caffeine, alcohol, to bacteria in your gut,
    to food sensitivity, all this things, can trigger reflux.
    So the key to solving it is not to taking a little purple pill, which cause all sort
    of problems, but finding the cause.
    And you can get symptomatic relief if you taking acid blocker, but there problem with
    these drugs, for example, acid-blocking drugs may cause increase in penumonia, in bloating,
    in overgrowth of bad bugs in your gut, they prevent mineral absorption.
    Cause you need acid in your stomach, to absorb your food.
    If you don't have enough acid, then you can't digest your food and you're get abnormal mineral
    and vitamin deficiencies.
    For example B12 deficiencies is really common, if you've been taking acid blocker for many
    Then you can get B12 deficiencies, which is cause depression, which is cause neuropathy,
    it can cause memory problems, and much more.
    You can get zinc deficiency, you can get other mineral deficiency, because, you're not absorbing
    the mineral, because you don't have acid in your stomach anymore.
    It can also cause, pneumonia and even osteoporosis you can't absorb calcium.
    So we found this drug can link to osteoporosis, to vitamin deficiency, to pneumonia, to digestive
    to beyond, just a reflux.
    So the key isn't taking the drug, it is finding the cause.
    Functional medicine is medicine by cause not by symptom.
    And that's exactly what we do to reflux.
    Now you probably want to know what you can do to fix your reflux.
    There is really simple thing that you can do by yourself, to see if there any specific
    trigger that cause your reflux up.
    Number 1, fix your diet, so the thing that common and easy to remove our spicy food,
    citrus food, tomato-based food, fried food.
    Simple Second, get rid of food allergens, is for
    sure period of time, like 2 weeks, gluten and dairy are the most common one.
    Three, Try to get rid of the triggers for few weeks, like alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine,
    all which trigger reflux.
    Not for everyday, but try for a little while and see if it cause for your little problem.
    Number four, change your lifestyle, so that you actually don't have reflux.
    Don't eat three hours before bed.
    Give yourself a chance to digest your food.
    Next, deal with stress before you eat.
    Very simple technique I called take 5 . Take 5 breath before each meal.
    Count in count of 5 and out of count of 5, and breath deeply .. and you just notice huge
    relaxation in your nerve system and you digest your food better.
    And you can try specific supplement to help.
    My favorite is licorice, deglycerized licorice or DGL, to cool the stomach to prevent reflux.
    And chew 3 tablets, before you eat.
    I also like use a powder, glutamine, aloe, and licorice.
    They can be taking in as a powder teaspoon in water, 10-15 minutes before you eat, really
    cold the stomach, help you digest your food.
    Next, try probiotics, like achidophillus, also you can use digestive enzymes, it help
    breakdown the foods, and also, magnesium.Magnesium is very powerful relaxation mineral for digestive
    system and help prevent the reflux.
    And last, you can add something called zinc carnosine, which is been shown to help reflux.
    So this is very simple thing you can do by yourself to help fix your digestion and help
    the reflux.
    If you're not getting better, then you wanna do some testing, and you could do that with
    your functional medicine doctor, first Test for H. pylori, Second check for celiac and
    gluten sensitivity.
    Third, check for food sensitivities, and last check for abnormal bugs in your gut.
    Bacterial overgrowth, paracytes, all those thing can causes.
    And with good functional medicine doctor, you can find what is going on.
    So now when we're hear from you, you have reflux, what have you tried? the little purple
    pill, did you got side effects?
    What have you tried is works?
    Have you figured out the cause of your reflux? share your thoughts,, share your experience,
    let us know.
    Join on comment section and you know what? you gonna find out solution that you may never
    thought of.
    Also i encourage you to sign for a weekly newsletter.
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