How To Burn Fat DIRECTLY From Your Belly (3 steps to science-based spot reduction)

How To Burn Fat DIRECTLY From Your Belly (3 steps to science-based spot reduction)
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    Hey, hey, everybody, Shaun Hadsall, here.
    Over 40 Stubborn Fat expert helping people in their 40s,
    50s, or 60s re-optimize declining hormones
    to maintain a healthy weight and boost metabolism
    to fight disease.
    In today's video, I going to introduce you to a 3 step
    sequence, that research shows can help you
    target calorie burning in a stubborn body part.
    So I'm going to do 3 exercises, here, back to back,
    and this is going to be the first 2 steps.
    So in this first 1, here, I'm creating blood flow
    to my upper abdominal region by just doing 10 to 15 reps
    targeting my upper ab region.
    Then you're going to see, I'm going to move directly
    over here to this AB machine, and I'm
    going to do leg lifts targeting the lower abdominal area.
    So now I've created blood flow in the upper and lower
    abdominal region.
    This is step one of this three step process.
    Now the third exercise in this circuit
    is going to be over here on the stepmill.
    What I'm going to do is, I'm going
    to go over to the stepmill, and I'm
    going to crank that stepmill all the way up to as high
    as it can go, level 20.
    And obviously you can apply the intensity
    based on your current condition, your age
    category, all that stuff.
    So I'm going to crank this up to 20,
    and I'm going to start double stepping for 15 to 20 seconds.
    And then I'm in a single step.
    And what this does is, because I'm in a fasted state,
    it kicks up the sympathetic nervous system.
    This forces the adrenal glands to release
    hormones called Catecholamines.
    So these catecholamines convert into epinephrine and then
    norepinephrine, and they travel to stubborn body parts
    to release fat cells, from stubborn body parts.
    So, when I release these hormones,
    the blood flow, that I've created in my abdominal region,
    allows those hormones to travel to that particular area.
    And the study that I'm going to post
    in the description of this video shows that calorie burning
    will be accelerated in the body part that's
    adjacent to the muscle that has blood flow, a.k.a.
    targeting calorie burning in the upper
    and lower abdominal region.
    Now, there's also a third step in this process,
    and that third step is crucial, especially,
    if you're in your 40s, 50s, or 60s.
    So research shows that, when you follow this three step process,
    you release these fatty acids into the bloodstream
    from those stubborn body fat areas, where
    they need to be burned off.
    Now, if you're not careful and you miss the third step, which
    you'll find at the link around this video,
    those fatty acids can restore into another area of your body
    and be restored as fat.
    So there's a third step that you need
    to take that will finish off these fat cells
    and permanently remove them from your body,
    helping you maintain a healthy weight,
    helping you boost the metabolism.
    I call it metabolic zone training,
    and you can learn all about it at the link around this video.
    It's all part of my system called the Over 40 Ab Solution.
    Now, this isn't a magic bullet to maintaining
    a healthy weight, and living longer, and boosting
    the metabolism.
    It is a small step in the process,
    because you need to make sure you have a nutrition in line.
    So over at my website you're going
    to learn all about my hormone optimization diet manual,
    that comes with this system.
    It teaches you how to strategically use food
    timing, food combinations, and high carb cheap meals
    and re-feeds to optimize hormones using hormone
    boosting foods.
    So hopefully you got something out of this video.
    If I, kind of, look like a hot mess,
    it's because I just got done doing this workout.
    I wanted to quickly film it for you.
    If you got something out of it, share this with friends.
    Like this, drop a comment below if you have questions,
    click the link, go check out my Over 40 Ab Solution System.
    Time is our most precious commodity.
    So thank you for taking time out of your busy day to check this
    out and God bless.
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