How to get Over a Breakup Fast- 3 Simple Steps | Motivational Video | 2019

How to get Over a Breakup Fast- 3 Simple Steps | Motivational Video | 2019
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    Hello and welcome in this video I am going to talk about how to get over a breakup fast
    three simple steps but if we haven't met already I'm Mona Vayda
    I'm a motivational speaker a business growth strategist and a life coach and if
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    new videos how to get over a breakup fast three simple steps now
    breakups divorces separations unfortunately these these scenarios will
    become commonplace in today's society you know what the grass is always
    greener mentality something doesn't work out you know what let's just move on is
    the attitude and unfortunately a lot of people suffer through this process
    now I'm sure we've all experienced breakups at some point our lives which
    is unfortunate and if we're one of those if we have select few people who haven't
    then we envy you people but otherwise how to get over a breakup fast three
    simple steps but before I go into that you know I know what it's like to
    get over a breakup I've broken up then I was a pincer divorced as well and I know
    it came extremely hot and these are some of the most stressful times someone can
    possibly go through in one's life and especially for me you know I thought I
    was going the other way that you know we're about to start a family and
    instead I'm getting a divorce so as you can imagine in my head just you know was
    completely spun 360 degree and life just went in completely the opposite
    direction you know out of all of that what I've learned is that what we need
    to understand is that everything happens for a reason and I know most of you have you
    probably heard that statement before but it's true look everything that happens
    in our lives happens for a reason nothing is random
    nothing is chaotic unsystematic in fact it's completely the opposite and yes
    people are walked into our life for a reason there's always reason whether it
    is to teach us something about ourselves teach us about the world or teaches us
    about how things work in ways that we probably didn't know or didn't see or
    did not anticipate how to get over a breakup fast three simple steps step
    number one grieve
    yes grieve you know you're not Superman or superhero or someone that needs to
    hide all the emotions and pretend that is breakup or divorce or separation or
    whatever it is is not painful whichever side is coming from something like this
    is always painful so as a human being we need to grieve this is just one of our
    emotions that we go through in order to move from one stage in life to another
    so don't deny yourself the luxury of grieving grieve but this is the key now
    grieve for a certain time because we don't want this grief to continue to
    such a point that after so many days of grieving as we all know if you do
    something more than 21 days it becomes a habit the last thing you want is a grief
    to turn into a habit very very important so grieve cry if you need to do whatever
    you need to in terms of however you deal with your grief but don't drag it on
    forever because you don't want this grief to become a normal part of who you
    are no this is just something you need you it's like it's like a snake you just
    need to get rid of this the old skin you need to start fresh and you can move
    into happiness and joy and prosperity and everything that is that's waiting
    for you again it's like the skin you need to shed that's it the grief is the
    skin you need to share it is not your new skin very very important so step
    number one grieve for a certain period how to get over a breakup fast three
    simple steps step number two let go I know it's easier said than done but
    let go you know after you've cried a thousand tears and you have pounded
    yourself and punished yourself a hundred times and you have asked the question
    why why why countless numerous times stop and let go
    it's done no more self punishment look forward I want
    you do a little exercise point I want you to close your eyes right now
    will you close your eyes and I want you to imagine this big suitcase throw it on
    your bed open the suitcase up is empty right now in this suitcase I want you to
    throw all your negative emotions and feelings that you have after this
    breakup so disappointment throw it in anger throw it in frustration throw it
    in depression throw it in fear of the unknown now throw it in worry throw it
    in stress throw it in anxiety whatever other negative emotion you have right
    now after his breakup throw everything in alright say to yourself whatever
    you're throwing it in say to yourself in your mind I'm throwing in this I'm
    throwing in this I'm throwing in this say it do this process alright just keep
    throwing it in and it's a lot more than well you don't give yourself another
    five minutes don't worry no one's watching throw it in throw it in throw
    it in and once you've done oh yeah there was the last one day throw that in as
    well okay everything in that suitcase now I want you to close the suitcase
    how will you lift it up your eyes are still closed I want you to lift it up
    it's heavy it's like really really heavy but I want you to imagine that you can
    just muster every bit of the strength that you have and you're going to lift
    this suitcase right you're lifting it it's heavy but you can manage it it's
    just just enough to scrape it by right now when you walk out the house outside
    your house there is a river this river is like a gushing flowing river fast
    gushing going downstream how will you walk to this river remember
    your eyes still closed walk to this river
    with every bit of strength left within you lift that suitcase over your head
    lift it it's hard but lift that suitcase and with one strong swoop up everything
    throw it in the river throw it in the river now your eye is so close but I
    really imagine seeing that suitcase going down down down underwater it's
    disappearing out of your sight slowly slowly slowly gone now you're standing
    there you're hearing the water you like the water sound what it sounds nice now
    I want you to move your shoulders up and down twist your neck around you know I
    just feel feel the way it's gone take a deep breath feel that weight just
    lifted off your shoulders and it's gone yeah you can smile it feels good you can
    smile you can laugh if you want but you can definitely smile only open your eyes
    now I want you to feel this when you let go that relief that it's gone never to
    get back but never it will it come back to you because it's gone in the water
    and never will you have the courage to go back down to get it it's gone forever
    gone so let go you need to move forward life is too short and I go this into a
    lot more detail on my video life is too short motivational video don't miss out
    on that one I got a little more detail in terms of what you need to do
    how to get over a breakup fast three simple steps step number three believe
    you deserve the best you deserve the best
    you are amazing yes you you the one that is just broken up and all the tears and
    worry and stress and fear you are amazing and you deserve better
    in fact you deserve the best but the best will only come if you are in complete
    belief with yourself that you deserve it and you do and you need to work at that
    to believe you deserve it so if you need to repeat that to yourself a hundred
    times a day that I deserve the best do it this is not point in compromising
    life is too short there is no point in compromising and looking back believe
    you deserve the best and the best will come to you
    just remember you are not someone's doormat or someone that should
    compromise and settle for second best or someone that should put up with things
    you don't want to put up because you too worried about what might happen if you
    leave this person or the person leaves you and whatever the case might be you are an
    incredible human being you are a human being here on this earth to make a
    difference to live an incredible wonderful happy life don't put yourself
    through substandards in terms of your emotions and feelings give yourself the
    best chance of happiness because you deserve the best in life and if you need
    to say 50 times a day I deserve the best I deserve the best I deserve the best
    I'm not compromising anymore I deserve the best say it repeat it these
    affirmations are extremely powerful in times when things are so dark
    trust me repeat that yourself every day fifty times and you will see that you
    start believing that you deserve the best and when you start believing you
    deserve the best guess what the best comes along so in summary how to get over a
    breakup fast three simple steps step number one grieve but not forever
    step number two let go let go you can only move forward if you let go step
    number three believe you deserve the best and the best will come to you thank
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    know in the comments section below remember you can live an incredible life
    why because you deserve it thank you for watching take care of yourself I am Mona Vayda.
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