How To Make Yourself Desirable In 4 Steps - Using The Law of Covetousness

How To Make Yourself Desirable In 4 Steps - Using The Law of Covetousness
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    We're told that people want truth and honesty
    When we're getting into a relationship, we should show our likes, dislikes, insecurities, and availabilities.
    We should put all the details about us in front of people so they can make a logical decision.
    The Law of Covetousness exposes this as a lie.
    Understanding this law will help you in your relationships, career and business.
    As humans we are affected by the Grass is Always Greener syndrome.
    Never satisfied with what we have, and always wanting something different.
    We are marked by the continual desire to possess what we do not have.
    If you give everyone the facts, they will quickly grow tired of you
    and search for the next shiny object to entice them.
    We don't want to possess, we want to pursue.
    This is why men are desirable when other women desire them.
    In relationships, if we follow the advice of honesty and just reveal everything about ourselves,
    we take away any mystery.
    Once someone thinks they know everything about you, their value and respect for you begin to lower.
    Your task is to create an air of mystery around you and your work.
    Focus on others repressed desires and exploit their fantasies.
    Strategies for Stimulating desire
    Know how and when to withdraw
    Presence / Absence is one of the strongest ways to stimulate desire.
    Too much presence suffocates, a degree of absence spurs our interests.
    Once you have people's imagination, you must strategically absent yourself.
    Spark stories and rumours, but nothing concrete.
    Think about the rumour we all heard as children about how Marilyn Manson had a rib removed
    so he could suck his own d**k.
    Where did this rumour come from?
    No one knows, but we all heard it and it had all of us talking about him.
    Create rivalries of desire
    Make it clear that others desire you or your product.
    Be indirect in this, never appear to be bragging.
    In business negotiations, bring in a 3rd party to vie for your services.
    Dangle in front of people the prospect of grasping the unattainable or the impossible.
    Life is full of difficulties and obstacles.
    Letting people imagine their goals is almost like reaching them.
    To conclude, we need to focus on people's desires and fantasies, and create an air of mystery around us and our work.
    Think about yourself objectively so you know what kind of emotions you and your work inspire, if any.
    Present a mysterious front to people to have them wondering about you.
    Make it so others have a puzzle to solve when they think about you.
    This is exponentially better than laying out the facts, and leaving no room for imagination.
    Recognize this in yourself when you're thinking about leaving your partner or starting a new career.
    Are you just suffering from Grass is Always Greener syndrome?
    This has been a summary of The Law of Covetousness from Laws of Human Nature
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