How to Make a YouTube Video [5 Easy Steps]

How to Make a YouTube Video [5 Easy Steps]
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    How to Create a Youtube Video in Five Easy Steps
    I'm Anna Yeatts from Flash Fiction Online
    So if you've been watching this channel for a while
    you know that it's normally writing related content
    And you might also know that I'm in grad school
    And my homework for this week is to create a mini-tutorial
    And the catch is it can't be writing related
    So this week, you get to be my homework assignment!
    If you're an author or do anything writing related, at some point in your life
    you're probably going to have to make a YouTube video.
    So here are my five easy steps on how to make a YouTube video and if you stick around to the end
    I'll even throw in a bonus
    Write a script
    At the very least, outline your main points.
    Make sure you get in your hook, your intro, a call to action
    meaning where you want your viewers to go and what you want them to do
    by the end of the video. The main body of your content of what you're talking about
    And then again at the end
    what you want them to do!
    Including subscribe to this channel!
    So if you're watching this on youtube make sure to subscribe and to ring that bell for notifications
    so you never miss an episode.
    Setup your equipment
    Your equipment doesn't have to be fancy
    Basically, use what you have.
    Plenty of youtubers get started with just an iphone
    or webcam. If you have the money to upgrade, go for a DSLR.
    Light is your friend.
    Natural light is free. So it's free and your friend.
    You can also get beginner lighting kits on Amazon starting around $30.
    I use a ring light.
    which is amazing.
    I'll leave the link to that down below.
    Check your audio as well.
    If you can't afford a big fancy mic setup
    just make sure your environment is as quiet as possible.
    Charge your camera batteries.
    Format your SD card.
    make sure you've got enough memory.
    Back any important files you might need.
    Film your video
    Don't be afraid to do more than one take.
    You're going to mess up
    And that's okay. You just stop and edit it out
    And you don't have to start over again from the beginning.
    Just rewind ten seconds and do it over again if you screw up.
    You're also going to need way more energy on camera than you think you do.
    so drink coffee
    If you're uncomfortable, the people watching know you're uncomfortable as well.
    And usually that's not really endearing.
    Edit your video
    Find the editing software that feels intuitive to you
    There are lots of great free apps and software programs that you can download
    on your computer whether that's a PC or a Mac
    that you can also use on an ipad or an iphone or an Android.
    Upload your video to youtube.
    Because it's not actually a youtube video until it's on youtube.
    Title your video the same way you'd search for it if you were looking for that content
    So for this video "How to Create a YouTube Video"
    Make sure to add the links that you talked about in the video and your call to action.
    You also want to add your keywords. Think about, again,
    "how to make a youtube video" "Making a youtube video"
    Finish your video with those little final details
    Once your video has finished processing
    Go back in and click "EDIT"
    Then you can go in under "Cards" and you have a choice to have people subscribe to your channel
    or you can add links to other relevant videos
    Add an end screen with a link to subscribe to your channel and to the video you'd like folks to watch next.
    Also make sure you go in and add the closed captioning.
    You really don't want youtube to hear your Southern accent and think that you're talking about
    other things because you can't pronounce the word "HORROR" correctly.
    When you really mean you write scary stories, okay?
    So help people find your content.
    Make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already.
    And click the little bell for notifications
    And if you'd like to be a Patron of Flash Fiction Online
    head on over to and become a patron.
    And normally this channel is more writing related
    but like I said I'm in grad school
    I had homework.
    Thanks for watching. And head on over to the next video
    in the series that should be in the end screen cards
    And you can subscribe why you're there.
    Thanks again. I'm Anna Yeatts and I'll see you in the next video!
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