How To Use Daily Action Steps

How To Use Daily Action Steps
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    In today's video of this series, I'm going to share with you a tip or something that
    is made all of the difference in my life in accomplishing big goals.
    And that's taking daily action steps.
    So, I shared with you in one of the earlier videos of this series our experience of starting
    a residential treatment center.
    And what of the most important things that I learned in going through that process was
    the importance of having daily action steps.
    So, here's the way that it works.
    First, you need to be real clear on what it is that you're wanting to accomplish.
    You got to have your belief high that you can accomplish it.
    And then you've got to break that goal down.
    And say, "Okay, in order to accomplish this, what are the things that I need to do in order
    to make that happen."
    Again, if we look at that eating the whole elephant, it can be overwhelming.
    But if you look at it as one bite at the time, it's not as overwhelming.
    There's always something that you can do.
    And so, getting real clear on what your goal is and then breaking it down.
    So, in my case we have goals that we want to accomplish over this next year.
    Let me update you on where we're at.
    And so, it's been almost a month from when I had the idea to this.
    This videos were being filmed at the one...
    So far in the series, they're all being filmed the same time.
    So, it's been almost a month for me to be able to sit down and put together kind of
    where we're at in this process.
    And I'm at the place where I know what my goals are but I don't yet have each of my
    goals written in the format that is ideal.
    And in our next video, that's what we'll talk about, is helping you how to write that goal
    so that you have the most opportunity of using your goal statement to help you accomplish
    what your goals are.
    But where I am right now is I have my goals outlined, I know what it is that I want to
    accomplish but I'm still in the process of setting up our team and figuring out what
    are the breakdowns of when do we need to have this accomplished.
    And what do we need to have this accomplished so that I can be to the action steps on a
    daily basis.
    But even though I don't have all that in place, there are still things that I can do, every
    single day.
    And here's what I found in why the daily action steps are so important to me.
    As I said, belief is key.
    We have to know and be sure that we can accomplish these goals.
    And if you set a big goal and you don't know how it's going to be accomplished, then whenever
    you receive and information or you run up against roadblocks that are getting in the
    way of how you think that it should happen, you'll begin to have doubts and to wonder
    whether or not you can actually accomplish the goal.
    In my case, when that happens, my doubt does increase.
    My fear increases and my belief and don't want begins to increase.
    And so, I found that if I go a day without doing something that moves me closer to my
    goal, just the fact that I didn't do anything, my disbelief begins to increase.
    But if I will do anything.
    One thing, one little thing, my belief increases and stay strong.
    So, what I found in setting up our treatment center was it was important for me to do daily
    goals and to make sure I was doing something on a daily basis.
    And so that something can be when I don't know what to do.
    Well to something maybe that I go on the internet and I do some research or I pull out a book
    and I read because in reading books or listening to information, new ideas come into my head.
    It could be that I'm going to go running or exercise because for me, I have 2 places that
    most of my inspiration or my thoughts or ideas when they come and one is when I running,
    the other is when I'm driving.
    So, we live in rural area and I have a lot drives.
    And hour or longer.
    And so, driving along those roads, my mind is kind of relaxed and it's opened up to new
    thoughts and ideas coming in.
    And so, if you're at a place where you're stuck and you don't know what to do, then
    do something that will put you in a place to get new ideas of things that you can then
    put in to place.
    So, for right now, my daily action steps look like this: I have a daily power hour which
    is everyday.
    This is...
    There's 5 things that I would go through in that.
    One is that I pray or meditate.
    2 is that I read.
    Either from self health book or from scriptures or from both.
    I exercise and then I plan my day.
    That's an action step that I do everyday.
    And then with in that, there are other action steps.
    On planning my day, again, I look at where I am at, where am I going and what are the
    things that I need to do with my time today.
    Or not need but what are the things that I can choose to do with my time today that will
    move me closer.
    And what I found is that I tend to avoid doing those things that I'm afraid of the outcome.
    So, if I am afraid of getting annul or I am afraid of learning some information, some
    bad news then I'll put it off.
    So, I've learned that those are the things that I need to make priorities for me to do
    in the day.
    Because otherwise, I will.
    I'll put it off and I'll do the things that there's no fear about but are not as important
    in accomplishing my goals.
    So, I set my goals, my action steps for the day and then I prioritize them as far as which
    one is most important to get done.
    And then I go throughout the day and I check them off as I go.
    Writing them down is really important.
    2 things that happen in writing them down.
    (1) Once it's written down, I can let go but I don't have to consciously think all day
    long, now what were those things that I needed to do.
    So, I have a journal.
    I keep the journal with me throughout the day and I look at it.
    And this is what I am doing things right.
    So, there are days that I will don not do my power hour.
    Even though I know that I need to do it and it benefits me from doing it.
    You know what happens in our life.
    Life gets in the way.
    And anytime we set a goal to accomplish something, we're going to meet up with resistance.
    And that resistance is there to test us to see how bad we really want that goal.
    So, when we don't do what we say that we're going to do, do we get discourage and quit?
    Or do we learn from that and move on.
    So, one other tip on daily goals and daily actions steps is when you review your day
    to see whether or not you accomplished them or not, sometimes not accomplishing your goals
    can be more informative than accomplishing them.
    So, each day that you don't do something that you set out to do, make sure that you note
    your excuse.
    So, why did you not do it?
    And over time.
    what you'l begin to do is identify patterns in your beliefs and in your behavior of "You
    know what?
    Seems like I always avoid things that have to do with this.
    Or I struggle with doing my power hour when I stay up late at night or when I'm in a different
    So, I'm not in my home.
    So, what can I do to change things up in those situations to be better prepared.
    So that I can make sure that I do my power hour."
    Or whatever it is for that day.
    So, that's where I am at right now.
    I have not been perfect in my daily goals, in my power hour.
    I've also started running again.
    So, last week, I ran a couple of times.
    My goal is to run between 3 and 5 days a week in preparation for running the UltraMan marathon.
    And so, I'm not perfect.
    But I am doing things and I'm staying focused and committed to achieving the goal.
    And that I am striving to do at least one thing everyday that will move me closer.
    And as I am doing it, my belief is still high and I know that we can accomplish those goals.
    Thanks for watching today.
    Hopefully this has been helpful to you in your daily action steps to achieve your goals.
    And remember, in our next video, we're going to talk about how to state your goals in a
    statement that will help you better to achieve those goals.
    So, subscribe to our channel.
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