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    in this video I'll be talking about the law of attraction and three steps that
    you can take to get everything that you want in life I'm Andrea Jean and on this
    channel we talk about all things motivation if you're interested in that
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    your way I post three days a week let's jump right on into it what is the law of
    attraction you may have heard this thrown around it is some powerful stuff
    at the end of this I'm going to share with you two examples in my life I have
    lot more examples than that but I'll be sharing two with you about how this
    strategy has produced some pretty wonderful results let's break down the
    law of attraction really quick first essentially we have a belief we take
    action we get a result a desired result and it reinforces our belief it
    essentially starts to become this really powerful loop of belief action results
    reinforce but let's get into some practical ways that you can do this in
    your life to get everything and anything that you want yes I said it
    step number one you have to get crystal clear on what it is you exactly want is
    it building a business is it losing 10 pounds is it getting a computer is it
    owning a particular car it could be anything it could be superficial
    it could be non superficial what is it for you that you want get so clear on it
    it can be things that are small it could be things that are big it doesn't matter
    but get very very clear and concise about what it is that you exactly want
    in fact if you could put a picture on your wall of it I want you to visualize
    that so now that you've gotten crystal clear on what it is that you want from
    something tangible like a computer or a car or maybe you want to attract a
    proper mate for yourself someone that treats you well some
    that respects you you name it it's up to you the second step to help you get
    whatever you want using the law of attraction is you have to go into
    full-on manifestation mode what the heck does this even mean in fact what does it
    even mean to manifest I've heard that term thrown around
    well in fact I look this term up I wanted to know how the dictionary define
    this term manifest clear or obvious to the eye or mind sometimes a relationship
    isn't something that you can exactly see physically but in your mind you can have
    a clear representation of what that would mean as a verb display or show by
    one's acts or appearance to demonstrate well let's break it down in step 2 we
    need to go in all-out manifesting mode essentially what needs to happen is you
    have to feel as if your manifests your goal whatever you want to call it has
    already happened crazy I know so that relationship you want that car you want
    that computer that you want the business that you want you have to act and
    believe as if it has already happened you want to be a director at your
    company you are going to act as if you are already the director at your company
    in your mind you need to visualize what this would be like you need to live it
    breathe it journal about it you need to get laser focused on this thing that is
    so important and clear to you and act and live as if it has already happened
    you are essentially conditioning yourself and your mind that whatever it
    is that you're wanting to obtain or achieve has already occurred in
    psychology terms we tend to refer to this as your environment is responding
    to what you are putting out there so if you are acting like the director of your
    company you're acting like you own a computer
    you are gonna invite certain things from your environment that's going to
    reinforce what you want and when you talked about our circular effect here we
    have a belief action result reinforced you can see how this can become some
    pretty powerful stuff in step two I want you to all out manifest mode the crap
    out of whatever it is that you want and there's no set time period for this sort
    of thing you do whatever seems feasible until you have met your manifest or your
    manifest has come to life but in your mind it has already come to be you are
    living your life as if you have the thing that you already want as if you
    have the relationship that you've been striving for that you've been trying to
    invite into your life things that can be really helpful in the manifestation mode
    podcasts books journaling having mantras writing things out to consistently
    reinforce the manifest that you have for yourself so believe as if it has already
    occurred as crazy as this is you have to believe that it's possible if there is
    no belief in this this isn't going to work this is not going to be effective
    so believe it and live as if it has happened well you are in manifesting
    mode it is important to express gratitude and be grateful for where you
    are currently at if you are not grateful and you do not have gratitude for where
    you are and the things that you've already achieved or obtained resistance
    is going to build up and that is going to hinder the ability for your
    manifestation to come true or your goal whatever term that you want to use to be
    relatable but in the terms of law of attraction we want our manifestation to
    become true think of someone successful in life who do you admire think of it in
    your mind this particular person likely started
    from nothing and they something fabulous something that you
    yourself admire are something that you yourself want to obtain how did they get
    from point A to point B they believed that they could from the beginning and
    they act as if it had already happened they were grateful and had gratitude for
    their current situation so it allowed them to appreciate and invite these
    positive things into their lives so you have to believe that something has
    already happened for you before it has actually happened and my third step how
    you can use the law of attraction to get anything and everything you want in life
    your actions have to align with your manifest your actions what you do day in
    and day out have to be consistent and aligned with that thing that you want so
    if you want a healthy relationship you want to attract someone into your life
    that complements you and treats you well your actions have to be that would
    attract someone like that so don't get all on your crazy train doing all that
    crazy stuff treating yourself like crap because you are going to attract someone
    in your life that validates that so you have to display the behaviors that align
    with what you want you have to get so focused so determined on that thing that
    you want if it's a brand new car your behavior is day in and day out have to
    be doing things that are going to help you get to your manifestation so this
    isn't just about wanting a goal thinking that it happened and then you can wash
    your hands up and it's done no no no there is some work behind this but I am
    Telling You you can honestly obtain anything and everything that you want
    and in the process being grateful for where you are right now is so important
    you've heard this thing before that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
    but I want you to use the law of attraction to think about why that might
    be the case there are a lot of variables and
    politics involved in it but using the law of attraction if you have a belief
    about something and you take action that's consistent with that belief it's
    going to reinforce the belief so you continue to do the things that puts you
    in the right direction if you think you're a hopeless person
    and there's no success for you and you hate yourself and your life you are
    gonna take actions that will reinforce that and it's also then gonna reinforce
    the belief that do you feel crappy and that you're an awful human being so we
    get crystal clear on what it is that we want we manifest the heck out of that
    thing and our behaviors align with the thing that we want we act as if this
    thing that we want has already happened all and being grateful for what is
    currently so if you have not tried this I want you to give it a try
    it could be something so simple as a cup of coffee
    it could be something great and huge whatever you want to do for yourself but
    believe that it can happen our minds are so powerful if you know someone or if
    you are someone yourself that struggles with anxiety and depression more often
    than not you may find yourself physically sick physically tired
    headaches gastrointestinal problems the mind is powerful stuff
    so we can use these strategies and tactics to help us for good to get good
    things that we want in our life but you got to believe it and your behaviors
    have to line with what it is that you want so now let's talk about two
    examples in my life and these are powerful examples of how this has
    actually played out and this is what keeps me going
    remember we talked about the reinforcement piece mm-hmm building this
    YouTube channel same concept applies here start from nothing and I have a
    vision of where it's gonna go and I am acting as if it has already happened
    so if you keep watching for the next year or so let's just see what happens
    it could be our own little experiment if you will so the first example that I'm
    going to talk about is when I was in college I remember I was a freshman and
    I had a specific manifestation goal if you will of meeting my future husband as
    a sophomore I don't know why I got so particular about that but I said I want
    to meet my future husband my sophomore year of college
    we'll have those college experiences together and then we'll go off and live
    happily ever after well I ended up meeting somebody my
    sophomore year of college and we were friends first and I didn't particularly
    think this is someone that I was gonna date or anything that was gonna be long
    term he was like the nice guy he was so different than other guys that I had
    dated but I remembered this goal and I would keep it the forefront of my mind
    so anytime we were together I would think of him is is he the one that I'm
    supposed to marry and have these college experiences with and eventually have a
    family with someday so things started going well we were friends we started
    dating things started to get a bit more serious we dated for several summer
    months and I just wanted to see if if this was actually true was this the guy
    that I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with and we ended up breaking up
    and it was pretty devastating and I kept thinking about this goal that I had or
    this manifestation that I had and we still kept in contact we still kept
    hanging out something still kept drawing me to him and you know what I am married
    to this man we've been married for three years and together for 15 so there you
    have it all right so my second example of how
    the law of attraction has played out in my life more recently is when we went
    through our debt free journey what I started doing I went onto YouTube and I
    watched a free screams day in and day out
    I have probably seen every debt free screen that he has on YouTube at that
    time when those people our family would go on there to do their debt free scream
    and talk about their journey I could physically feel it like that was me I
    could feel the energy the excitement the that they had experienced and I wasn't
    even the one that had accomplished it but I was acting as if it had already
    happened I had my spreadsheets I had it very
    clear and concise in my mind what I wanted to happen and that was to be
    debt-free before I had our first child my actions day in and day out aligned
    with that manifestation I worked 80 hours a week
    it was crazy being pregnant yes I know but you know what I knew it was going to
    be a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain I believed it I act as if
    it had already happened I had gratitude for things in my life
    currently that allowed me to keep going and invites certain things into my life
    to continue to reinforce the belief that I had or in the manifestation that I had
    had and lo and behold we are debt-free other than our home the student loans
    are gone the car loans are gone we have relief and you know what several months
    later after we became debt-free my husband lost his job but it wasn't a big
    deal we had choices you could either go get another job you could stay home with
    our kids what do you want to do to this day he continues to stay home and now he
    has an opportunity to build something for himself that he wants but if I had
    never believed that becoming debt-free was a possibility and my actions did not
    align with that and I got crystal clear about what I wanted this would never
    have happened especially those around me are like
    you're crazy like living with student loan debts but I mean everybody does
    that oh yeah everybody has a car loan - you're nuts like who do you think you
    are that you're gonna be debt-free and not have student loans and by the way we
    had about seventy thousand dollars of debt and we paid it off in two years
    because we got crazy a little bit crazy for a long-term game so this is powerful
    stuff people I want you to use these strategies that I've talked about these
    three strategies today now what is something that you want for yourself in
    this life I want you to manifest the out of it believe that has already
    occurred in your actions you cannot do this without work hard work is going to
    be key when your environment is not reinforcing the belief that you have it
    has to come from 100% within you have to condition yourself that it has happened
    I hope that you found these three strategies helpful and how you can use
    the law of attraction to get everything that you want thank you so much for
    watching we'll see you next one